Monday, December 25, 2006

Thank You People!

Happy 18th birthday!

Sad 18th Birthday.

Unforgettable 18th Birthday.

18 is a wonderful year. (says the Chinese - 18 is auspicious to them)
18 is the official clubbing age. (says everybody - but who really goes)
18 is freedom. (says the law of the United States - its 21 here)

So what the heck is so great about being 18?

Guys. Seriously, thanks so much for taking the effort to celebrate my birthday. I really, really appreciate you guys doing it for me. *wipes water off eyes* So touched. And thanks to my bragging about how I dont have a watch and how cheap are they are from Petaling Street, I now am the proud owner of 3 beautiful watches.

I got everything I wanted this year and so much more.
Even things I didnt want.

So you want to know what is so great about my 18th birthday?

Imagine being really happy celebrating with your friends and then getting hit by a drunk driver.
Or maybe just someone you really care about stop caring for you that moment and then and there was no way you could plea for forgiveness.

Imagine planning how to celebrate your birthday for weeks with someone you really love and just have all your plans sabotage in the snap.
Imagine your favourite collections of barbie dolls got burnt when someone just gave you a whole new set of barbie clothes.

Imagine not only having to do everything you dislike on your birthday but also having the love of your life ignoring you by talking to someone else for the entire day as well.
Imagine it's Christmas and someone kidnap Santa.

Imagine being trapped in a box.
And someone just keep poking at you.
Laughing at you.
Spitting at you.

Imagine getting the best gifts in the world on your birthday but it was the things you presented to someone else before.
Every single little thing.
Even a tiny calendar we share together.
Not even a birthday song.
A giant package of sorrow.

Imagine doing nothing but cry. 3 days 3 night. Non-stop.

So what is so great about my 18th birthday again?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Missing you. Wanting you. Dismissing thoughts of you.

I'm simply blogging to kill time and to keep my mind occupied. Jo has taken the camera and currently on her way to Penang. Probably happily chatting and laughing with her bf. So I won't be having any up to date pics in this post. DON'T BE MISTAKEN. I DON'T MISS HER AT ALL.

So Friday was the last of my tuition classes for the holidays. Somehow I've already gotten use to the rhythm of the whole tuition thing, I'm inevitably turning into a kiasu pig. I look forward to seeing Mrs Gooi and listening to her 'stories' every week. She scares us every week about how very tough, susah, sesak nafas upper six is gonna be. Frankly, I'm freaking out and close to having a panic attack. Not to mention when you have to miss someone so much for a whole 6 days 5 night camp!

Thus, my beloved friends, here's your chance to cheer me up!
As you all know, my birthday and Christmas is coming, very very sooooon.
And most of the kiam-siap fellas I know always give the 2-in-1 gift.

Kiam Siap Guy : Nah Jess, here's your present.
(notice how he conveniently failed to mention birthday or Christmas)

Me : Wow! Thanks so much. memang kawan yang baik le..
(starts complimenting my friend upon receiving a gift)

KS Guy : Haiyoh..don't mention it le...*starts to blush*

Me : So huh...what are you getting me for Christmas? *smiles brightly*

KS Guy : *stunned* *smiles silly back at me and shrugged*

Me : *burst into laughter* HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH joking only le..

KS Guy : Err..ha..ha..ha

Me : *whispers* Cheapskate

Anyway, let me make your job of picking me a gift easier by pointing you at the right direction.
If I had the camera right now, I would have taken pictures of my 'close-to-falling-apart' car. At least that's what my friends call it. I just call it my made-in-Malaysia mobile saviour. I've had about 6 accidents up to date (I lost count) . Last Saturday went mamak after bug catching duties and hit the curb of the parking so can add one more become 7 lah.

Here are some pics from our bug catching trip for your entertainment.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ley Yeem aka Kayu was like, OMG! How can you hit the wall in front of your car?
And I was like, Aiyah...cannot see mer..
And she was like, now you know why I parked at the opposite lane far far away from your car hor..
(the whole parking lot was empty)
And I was like, (nothing to say) (because it's so true).

Yes, I gotta admit I don't have the best parking skills, but boleh tahan wert.. Only 7 after I got my license in mid March, so it's like 7 devided by 9 = 0.7777777777777778 accidents per month. My beloved-friends-who-are-gonna-give-me-TWO-presents, even took the novelty to memorize my number plate so they wouldn't park beside me. Maybe I should like buy one of the 'NO PARKING' signs and embed it on my car's rooftop.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Then all of you will know to not park beside me right?! Jess is a genius. Of course I'm not stupid enough to put my number plate online le.. Given you a clue already. See? My car is black in colour. Hehe. Like my phobia for needles, all of you reading this shall have phobias of black cars! Muahahahhahahha... I certified tak waras already...

Back to the main topic. If anyone is willing, the bestest present for me is to,
Or we Malaysian can call it,

Or the least you can do is buy me a left side mirror for Proton Wira's, cuz' mine is broken when a stupid tak tau pandu kereta punya lori knock it off and shattered it to pieces.
This one seriously not my fault okay.

Next stop. The best gift for me would be a new handphone. Any handphone will do!
Anything other than.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So 'geng' right. In this modern era, a girl like this can tahan using this phone for about a year now, should be highly rewarded. Even my 70 year old grandmother is not using this model. I'm serious. C'mon's not that difficult.. An average normal people phone would cost only an average of RM800. Got 80 person each person pay RM20 can already mer..
Understood my fellow buddies? Good.
I really wanna hear another ringtone other than the 'mary had a little lamb' my bro composed on my phone. Preferbly mp3 okay.

If you don't think you wanna blow your life-savings on those gifts above for Jess the Great, don't worry, I have cheaper alternatives for cheapos like you. (joking joking..hehe..where got are gonna give me 2 presents after all right?)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know I've watched it, but I really REALLY LOVE ONE TREE HILL AND MUST HAVE THIS DVD BOX (to prove my loyalty and fanatic-ism for the series!!!)
And you guys can get it from the pasar malam or Summit for a good price!
By good price I mean ONLY RM50!
If the fella trying to sell you for RM 60 tell him next door selling at RM50.

And I also want this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sleek and slim. Suit me right?
Forgive me for blasting my original headphones until it went 'BOOM'. Now I'm resorting to using my computer speakers for entertainment.
Kesiannya budak ni...

I think this is one of the longest post I wrote. Being the good girl I've been for the whole year, Santa, I want my prezzies! Anyone who just happen to bumped into my blog and feeling generous can send my the gifts signed secret admirer to make me happier okay?

It's the season of giving people. So give with all your heart and soul.
*feeling dramatic already*
Thank you people. Thank you all.
*wipes (fake) tear/water off eye*
*waves like a pageant queen*

The End.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Wait

This holiday, I've spent tons of time waiting.
Waiting for my tuition class to start.
Waiting for my tuition class to be over.
Waiting for my ride to come.
Waiting for the next One Tree Hill episode.

Now you must be wondering. How come Jess have to wait for her tuition class to start?? Don't most poeple just get changed, sit in front of the television surfing every single channel, and won't leave until you can make sure that the minute you step into the class teacher will start teaching so you wont have to look like the idiot who goes there even 10minutes before the class begin plus still manage to catch a few minutes of your favourite wah lai toi drama series before attending class?
*phew* Wow. That is such a detailed description on what I used to do before tuition.

Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to do so anymore after we enter form6. Remember how I told you about the kiasu-ness spirit that is flying high among the form sixers? It only grows stronger as time past. For example, I attend this tuition class in KL. Mr X is a very well known X subject teacher in the Klang Valley and some say Penang too. He gives about 12 classes a week with an average of 150 students each class.

We were told by our seniors to reach there at least half an hour earlier or else there wont be any seats left for us. So, we would usually depend on Malaysia's (not so dependable) public transportation to bring us there straight after school. Mr X tuition centre has specially prepared this 'waiting room' for us. Our aim everytime there was to be as close to the door of the class as possible in that 'waiting room' just as the last class leaves SO WE CAN RUN IN AND GRAB THE BEST SEAT POSSIBLE BEFORE THE BYATCH IN FRONT OF YOU PLACE HER BOOKS DOWN ON THE TABLE CLAIMING THAT ITS HERS NOW.

It's tough work, having to beat extreamly fierce kiasu competition.

HOWEVER, this holiday, things took an even worst turn. When the kiasu-ness attacks, people realise they can be there EVEN EARLIER without school.

This is a sample of the class plan.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The two small rectangular thingy are the doors for the class. The longer one is the blackboard. And the long black lines are the tables in the class. There are all suppose to be of the same lengh but too lazy to draw so nice lah..
The scenario last Thursday. We arrived there at 12 noon when the class was suppose to start at 1 pm. When we enter the class.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stupid kiasu people... Got no life is it?!!
I'm already one freaking hour earlier you know!
For Jess it's a damn great achievement that deserve at least a noble prize of some sort!
Anyway, disappointed, I chose to sit in front on the side while some of my friends chose the back seats because they say they couldnt see from where I chose to sit. And its pretty true.

At 1pm...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
5 minutes later....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Those tiny black dots are suppose to be people. I'm the violet colour dot while my friends are the pink ones. And as you can see, even the teacher doesn't have anymore place to move around. Although you see little white spaces in my oh so beautiful drawing, reality, we have no space around at all to spare. And there were still over 10 people outside wanting to attend the class. Poor us. I wonder if someone farted continuously in the middle of the class will we be able to walk out of the class alive with our noses still attached.

So me and my other friend decided to just retrieve our bus fare from Mr X and come back another day. We came back Thursday. This time WAY earlier. We were there 11am when the class only starts at 1pm. We thought we would be the earlier ones already. Oh we're wrong. Although the place hasnt even open yet, there is already people waiting outside by the door...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Okay, without the homeless cardboard and coins on the floor but the position of how my friend is sitting by the door can be somehow related to this picture. She was burned out, tired, so we asked her to sit closer to the entrance to block anyone from entering before us. We waited outside the door for an hour, together with a whole bunch of damn bloody kiasu people.
Can you imagine that?!!??!
That Jess is THAT rajin to be there 2 freaking HOURS before the class starts!


The class lasted for 3 and a half hours. Half of my friends are already sleeping before the first session ended.

So much for getting the best seat in the house...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Miss Jess Loke


1. On school holiday with lots of extra classes
2. Addicted to computer games
3. High on cafein
4. Has a pet insect named 'Dengue' by shin yeen
(it's not even a mosquitoe, shin yeen's gonna name her daughter toolbox or sth)
5. plannig to take over the world..

Let's talk about One Tree Hill. It's SO FREAKIN AWESOME! Words can't describe how FREAKIN AWESOME it is!!! It's really not your average teen-drama crap! If you haven't caught the One Tree Hill Fever, NOW IS THE TIME! Satisfaction guaranteed!
(I should get paid for promoting the drama with burning passion!and then i'll get to meet the cast and maybe GUEST STAR in one episode!! or two.. )

So I was suppose to post the story about my beloved summary. But... You know the feeling where you wanna do something then eventually you start losing the drive to do it. It's kinda like that. So now that post is like dangling in mid air waiting for a miracle to happen.

writer's block. enough said.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tired. Stressed out. Taking STPM. 2007. Smile.

You see us smiling happily and playing cheerfully and acting borderline psychotic-ly.
You see us laughing at the lamest jokes that we crack ourselves.
You see us digging soil under the bloody hot sun and wonder whether we're crazy.

We're really not.
We're just FORM SIX-ERS!

Yup. Today I'm gonna talk about what has lower six been like. It's been six months. My class never got the extra holidays like pmr hols, spm hols, worst thing is we even have to go back to school for extra classes during the end year hols.
Weird thing is, we actually enjoy it. And no one is skipping any of the classes.
I can't believe it.

I've been thrown into such a kiasu class.
I'm dying from the attack of kiasu-ness.
Even my blogs are so lame and filled with kiasu spirit now.

The one thing that amazed me was how quick time flies in lower six. It's faster than speed of light, faster than the speed of superman takes out his underwear from inside and put it outside with those tighter-than-tight spandex.
I remember as if it was only yesterday when I stepped into Seafield once again, filled with semangat-ness, with a tight grip of my fist, saying :
" I shall not leave Seafield this time without my straight A's. "

As times fades, so did my semangat-ness, being in a kiasu class can really drain all the kiasu-ness out of you. Our class consist of 47 students, with the much higher than average percentage of kiasu students of at least 80%. For non-form sixers, its the few kiasu fella in class who is always kissing the teacher's ass. My class is filled with them. So if you are planning to go for form 6, do take the high spirit of kiasu-ness (and ass-kissing) into deep consideration.

Boys and girls, if you think 4 PEKA per science subject is too difficult for you. Do PONDER LONGER before deciding to pack your back and come back to visit Pn Chong. We have to endure 15 PEKA PER SUBJECT. And this time, it's all individual work.

Student A : Oh f. What to do now...(tries to see what other friend is doing)
Eh, what to do next ar?
Student B : *whispers* just mix this with this and take out and put into that then mix back into this then mix everything together then seperate it back then can d..
Student A : Oh.....
(Confused over what chemical to use)
Mix this...and this....together with this.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Student A : F ! (turns to teacher) Err.... teacher.. Are.. you gonna minus my marks?
Teacher : HELL YEAH!

Those are truly tragic moments.

But honestly form 6 has been fun so far. The torture only truly start when you are in upper six. Plus as form 6 students, we receive more privillege than normal students.
- We get to dig soil from school without Pn Chong yelling at us.
And school life is really more enjoyable than college life.
- We don't have to think of what to wear everyday.
I'm proud being a Form Sixer!

Since it's like the last day of school tomorrow. I'm gonna post a blog about school tomorrow.
------------> The story of the S U M M A R Y.
Coming soon to a computer near you.

To end today's really lame post, here are some pics from my cousin's wedding which I stole from my sis's blog.

NOTE : *pissed off* There were no pics of me and my cousin cuz dumb jo don't know how to handle a simple digi cam!

The Wedding - At Cousin's Place fun so fun...

Five Minutes Later.....

waaa.. ah korr so long wan...

A Decade Later...

two decades later...

my cousin & his wife & dumb jo

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Procrastination 101

*poses in a deep-in-contemplation manner*

Dear WebLog,

I've been quite reluctant to give you an update on my life without pictures. Life has been pretty much the same. Routines. Television. Politics. Car accidents. Gosh I make my life sound so dead.

Let's see what's been going on,
1. Been tv binge-ing - spent practically 80% of my time aimlessly surfing the channels
2. Been 'thinking' of picking up my exercise regime again - note : I typed 'think'
3. Been 'thinking' of studying - And note : I typed it yet again
4. Been 'wanting' to get out of bed - Note : Here it's 'wanting'
5. Been 'considering' about getting a shower soon after 2days
- Note : 'considering' - NOTE : i'm kidding

Are you one of those people trapped in the 'wanting', 'thinking', 'going to'...... loopholes?
C'mon.. I know 99% of you guys reading this will go


And guess what guys? This is your lucky day!
If you dial 1-800-Jess-is-so-beautiful right now and order, you'll also get an extra FREE signed poster of me thrown in for you !! And it's all only for RM 99999999999. 99!

Akibat asyik dengan televisyen! Man.. I miss watching those smart tv advertisements... hehe

Okay. Serious.


Since when is Jess S-E-R-I-O-U-S ?

So, let's start Procrastination 101. Trust me when I say, I've tried a zillion ways of trying to get rid of procrastination in my life. Truth is, you can't totally get rid of it. You gotta constantly fight it. I've tried reading about it (yes people, another self-help book), praying to God about it, chants and even trying to hypnotise myself. haha Don't mock me. Yes, it's true.

"Procrastination is the thief of time"
"A good habit is as hard to break as a bad one"
"Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer YOU"

These quotes are on my bedroom wall. They haunt me sometimes, reminding me the crazy load of work waiting to be done. But, not really motivating me to go do it.

I think one of the best quotes I've heard for all the procrastinators out there is,

Don't think, Don't try, JUST DO

So far, this is the one that works best for me. Try it yourself. Don't think about what's gonna happen in the next one tree hill episode. Oh! By the way, I just watched the latest episode and it's freaking awesome! It turns out that guy who claims to be Peyton's bro isn't really her bro but a psycho who's obssess about her ass and other body parts. Freaky huh.. Wonder whether Lucas and Peyton will get back together.. Maybe if I pray real hard and go to sleep now, I will dream of what's gonna happen in the next episode.

There, see that's what happens when you think too much.
And your plans of studying biology will be - later lah..... nanti lah....
Bio books wont grow legs and run away one lah..

So the next time you 'think' wanna do some math work or read up on your biology, just grab your books and sit at your study table and start. Stop thinking. Start embracing the wonderful world of biology.

Guidelines for building timetables. When it comes to this part, I know everyone will go, ' later sure won't follow oledi one lah... ' Here is one important tip to help make timetables a success - Prioritise.
Elaboration :
Say in your life, your priorities are eat, sleep and poo poo. And study of course.
So only insert your priorities inside your timetable. Leave the other time slots free.
The timetable become much easier to follow this way. Hence, you won't get frustrated about not being on time to throw smelly eggs at neighbour, thus abolishing your whole timetable plan.

Another way is to visualize your goals every night before bed. Visualize it with details. Feel the emotions from it. Hear what is in the scene. Main thing is just totally immerse yourself in it until you can almost taste sweet success yourself. It's suppose to motivate you to just do what you really gotta do. Yup. Cheesy.
But it just might be crazy enough to work.
Rumours has it that even Arnold Swarzenneger (spelling?) does it.
Think he might have pictured the hasta la vista baby scene millions of times.
*squint maniac-ish face* hasta la vista baby... No no no.. hastaaa la vista babe...
No.. Pasta la vista baby?

Gosh.. I'm getting delirious...seeing pigs fly...toilet cry...Jesus giving me pasta....

Alrighty. That's all the word's of wisdom Jess can offer you for now. She has run out of mana and became cuckoo. Not that she is not cuckoo normally. hehe

So that's RM 99999999999999.99 people. You may pay me in form of cash or credit card or touch and go, just flash it pass my forehead. Great doing business with you.

Hasta La Vista Baby...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday ShenShen !!!

A post dedicated to :
-My 5'10' sharp-into-your-face chic, tendency to be violent, with an unfathomable fanatic-ism for Harry Potter buddy-
By the way, HP new movie is coming out in July2007 -shen threaten into writting this-
Just joking..hehe...

me and shen

Okay.. So I dont have a pic taken with Shen.. This is photoshop and obviously the original girl have long hair which I dont.. My neck is too yellow and my face cant be bigger than Shen's.. However, a believable pic right guys? hehe

I chose the blood red and ugly green colour because they are Shen's favourite, at least those are the colours she always use for msn no matter how much me and KehLen express our disgust towards it.

Shen : EH! EH! EH! Got one new HARRY POTTER site! Go see faster !!!

KLen : Dont want le Shen.. (obviously uninterested in any HP materials)


KLen : (sits up straight immediately) Yes yes Shen! I'm checking it out right away!

Shen : If you had went the minute I told you to then I wouldnt have to shout at you right ?!!

KLen : Yes Shen! I apologize for expressing my lack of interest in such a magnificent HARRY POTTER website.

KehLen and I have always been victims of Shen's fanatic-ism for Harry Potter. We have also learn a couple of magic spells that according to Shen might help us get out of trouble with the teachers.

Teacher : Jessica! Why didnt you finish your essay?

Jessica : I... I.... lumos!

Teacher : What the... Ahhhh....... (balloons up and float up to the sky)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All images copyright © 2004 Warner Bros.

Well.. Of course now Shen will go on saying lumos is for creating light on the tip of the wand or whatever crap, but that's the only spell I can remember.

Shen always nag me for not finishing my homework. While KehLen.... KehLen will start singing songs with lyircs altered from Backstreetboys songs like incomplete matched with ALL my English homework.

Shen, KehLen and I spent two years sitting together. In our office like seating of tables.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I can never doze off during a class or Shen will practice her 'Buddha Palm Slap' right onto the back of my head. Either that or she will keep poking at my ribs making it impossible to sleep in class. With her height and long arms, its extremely easy to reach to the front where I'm sitting.

Frankly, when we see Shen, a very confident person, almost cocky but in a better way. Shen is just a girl who is very sure of herself and stands on her ground no matter what.

Shen : I told you idiot! Do it this way!
Jess : NO! My way is better you dumb girl!
KehLen : Uh oh.. Jess do you need me to call the ambulance now?

Over the years, we have suffer our share of trauma. Pencil box flying into the drain, big 'blue black' mark on my leg, lopsided head....just to name a few here considering the weak hearted....

Our favourite words are :
- Do you need an ambulance?

Or in more serious cases,
- Jess, what kind of coffin you want?

Other more mundane ones are,
- Ich Bluteh...... (which in German means " I'm bleeding......" )

However, of course, there is a softer side to Shen besides the one which greet me with the word 'IDIOT' whenever she sees me. Shen loves shoes. Especially strappy ones. If you ever crossed-path with Shen, take her shoe shopping and pay for it. She will be too in love to get you anymore. In love with the shoe of course.

Deep, deep, deep down inside, Shen is really a sensitive soul who actually cares. She is just as good a listener than as a HP FAN. If you want to meet a 100% real, true person, meet Shen. Everything that comes out of her mouth, comes straight from the heart. somehow that doesnt sound right. If she hates something, she will say it right into your face. And if she loves it, it's just the same thing she'll do.

Sincerely, I really thank you - Ng Shen Ni, for listening to me and motivating me to study and listen in class and nagging me like a mom and just truly being a friend. Thank you! *sniff sniff* *tearing up*

We really truly love you ShenNi !!!

And thanks for being YOU !

Sorry the post came so late, my com is having some adware problem. Porn [pops out] every 5 seconds. I have to go wash my eyes now. No not for crying. For the porn.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick Report on Jess's Life..

Hmmm.. If you read that right, you have to pronounce it as Jazzus Life...Jazzus..Jesus...
JESSICA! You're not comparing yourself to God right...

News item #1-The desperation of Form Sixers for F-O-O-D

Form Sixers are a whole lot of hungry people. We eat all the time. It's VERY true. Just head to 6 Elok of SMK Seafield. Whenever the class is without teacher, we will be munching away. ( No wonder I've gain weight...)

This crime scene was set last week. The week where only the Form Sixers are required to attend classes for each and every of the five days during PMR examinations. As it was ramadhan month, food was scarce. The koperasi is closed. The Form Sixers are starving and aggravated by the smallest thing.

So rumours has it, a few student stood up for justice!
No they did not bang on the principle's door and demand for food. We are not that barbaric / uncivilised.
Three particular students, namely A B & C made a dash to the nearest petrol station during recess.

Let me introduce these people to you.
A : the pretty one
B : the prettier one
C : the prettiest one

Crap..I can't decide who's prettier.. I'll just use X Y & Z to resemble A B & C..

X : (on the phone) Wei, we are going to the petrol station, you want anything?
W : (alarmed that her phone ranged during recess when she's in the middle of the canteen) (looks around)
WAH..YOU GILA AH??!! I want chocolate, Kinder Buenos.

So X & Y went to other Form Six classes out of courtesy to provide them with some food so they wont turn into a grouch.
Y : (seeing poor Z lying on the table lifelessly) Z, you want anything? We're heading to the petrol station.
Y : (looks up to the sky) (hands on hips) Another life saved, thanks to the MASKED FOOD WARRIOR!
Z : Can I come with you guys please please please?
X : That shouldnt be a problem. Our FOOD MOBILE sure can fit another.

And so the three musketeers head off in the made-in-Malaysia food mobile.
The entire journey the radio was singing, I want you back, want you back, want you back....
Z : (background music - want you back, want you back....) Wah this song very long hor..
X : (getting uneasy) Yalor...

Once at the petrol station, they hungrily grab every snack they could possibly afford.

Meanwhile back in school,
Pn U : Where are the two Jennifers*? (*name changed to protect privacy)
Student L : (turned back and mouthed to the back row) Not back yet??
Student K : (mouthed back) Nooooooo.....(waving both hands frantically)
Student L : (turned back to the front) They are at the toilet teacher. (wipes of sweat on forehead)

The FOOD WARRIORS are back. But how are they gonna sneak the food past eagle-eye Pn U?
Y : Alright. This is the plan. I will diverge Pn U's attention while you, X run in the back with the food.
X : CRAZEEE AH YOU?!! How to go in with these?!! (waves the 3 bag of snacks and junk food in front of Y)
Z : Yes, yes. Just ask her about some prefect stuff.
Y : Like maybe got students smoking at the back...
Z : EH, no..dont lie la..

SUDDENLY, out comes En E out of nowhere!
All three X, Y & Z froze their tracks.
X Y & Z : (nervous) (trying to hide the food) Good morning teacher.
En E : Good morning girls. (stare at us suspiciously)
X Y Z quickly brisked walk up the stairs.
X : You think he heard us ah?
Y : Who cares.. We got food...

They somehow manage to escape Eagle-Eye Pn U and generously pass their food around to other Form Sixers. And they all lived happily ever after.
Once again! The day is SAVED, thanks to THE MASKED FOOD WARRIORS!

And then once again, these are just rumours I've heard.

News item #2 - Exams

Yes boys and girls, THAT time of the year has come again. Yours truly wrote two essays which she could barely understand what-the-hell she was writting. Heck.. At least I got the graph right this time.

All I can remember ringing in my head was -

Student : Cikgu, macam mana nak tulis bahagian itu dan ini dan sebelah sana?
Cikgu A : Er...erm.. Sebenarnya saya sendiri pun tak berapa faham.. Lepas saya hadiri seminar, baru saya tau semua yang saya ajar dulu salah la...
Student : OMG CIKGU! (faints)

News item 3# - INJECTION

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica...tsk tsk tsk...
I think there's nothing much I can say about this section other than

3 MORE DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reported from the haze-stricken town of Subang,
The girl who is petrified by any sharp pointy objects,


Sunday, October 01, 2006

~tagged~ by shenShen

Alright. I know I'm suppose to be studying instead of blogging aimlessly now. (jess..jess... tsk tsk tsk)
Carol is gonna call me anytime on the phone again to get me off the com.
Gotta make this fast. *scoff* hehe

.:start to:.
1.) Put your music player on shuffle.
2.) Press forward for each question.
3.) Use the song title as the answer to the question.

Warning: The match of questions and answers may not make sense...

1) How am I feeling today?
Blink 182 - I miss you (hmmm..I think so...maybe...) *get off the com to check for msgs on my hp* msg...

2) Where will I get married?
Vertical Horizon - Everything you want (so i guess it depends on other person..personally i would want Italy..)

3) What is my best friend's theme song?
Butch Walker - Mixtape (eh..this is a love song title doesnt make sense..meaning i treat my best friends like lovers?...shiny dont perasan..)

4) What was highschool like?
Vervepipe - The Freshman (FYI : I'm (back in) STILL in highschool unlike u guys who ditch me there *hmph!*)
-no comment--period-

5) What is the best thing about me?
Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days (YES! This means - YOU WILL FIND BETTER DAYS AFTER MEETING ME!!! hehe)
Right guys? "I'm so jealous of you guys le...cuz you have such a great friend -- ME!"
(too much le you jessica loke...swt..)

6) How is today going to be?
Fall Out Boy - We're going down (Uh oh...bad bad sign...change song change song...)

7) What is in store for this weekend?
Imogen Heap - Speeding cars ( meaning? do i get to speed cars and get another saman? *choi! touch wood (ley yeem's head)* OR watch F1? OR dream about all that cuz I know its gonna be all studying...)
Jess fast fact : I dont watch F1. So nice to watch those cars go round n round in circles??!!

8) What song describe my parents?
Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes (What in the world.... My parents are like banana pancakes..) (Anyway it's a relaxing song and my parents are quite relaxed people)
Example :
Mum : Jess! watch this funny...hahahaha

9) How is my life going?
Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift (fast & furious) (err...think so kua...)

10) What song will they play at my funeral?
John Mayer - Dreaming with a broken heart (awww...I know how sad you guys would be when I'm gone...)
(damn SS man you jess !!!)

11) How does the world see me?
Shayne Ward - No promises (eh..I'm not so bad la...)

12) What do my friends really think of me?
OMG.... Pinky and the brain theme (knew i should have delete the song after mpt)
My friends think I'm pink with a brain...

13) Do people secretly lust after me?
hold it...let me answer first.. YES!!!!
And now the mp3 has spoken ----- Jim Brickman - Secret Love (see I told you!) hahahahahahaha

14) How can i make myself happy?
The verve - Bittersweet Symphony ( i guess i might cheer up after listening to this song )

15) What should i do with my life?
Fergie - London Bridge ( O-H--M-Y--G-A-W-D-D-D-D) (No thanks le..although after knowing you people secretly lust after me hehe)

16) Will I ever have children?
Howie Day - Collide (is it a yes or no? you guys decide le...too lazy to interpret)

17) What is some good advice?
Train - Meet Verginia ( meet Jessica should be more likely hehe )

18) What do I think my current theme song is?
Vanessa Carlton - White Houses (dont make sense..change song and see..)
Vanessa Carlton - Who's To Say (ermm..give up le...this song is pretty good)(dont let people judgements get to u)

" How much do what people say matters? "
" Well..that depends.. How much are they paying you? "

19) What does everyone think about my current life?
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (I'm bringing sexy back..YEAH!)
Gawd...I'm so in love with this song!!! JT IS LIKE SO HOT IN THE VID!!!
Anyway the answer to the question is :
Everyone thinks Jess current life is so HOT & SEXY !!!

20) What type of style men do u like?
Justin Timberlake.....
Fall Out Boy - A little less sixteen candles, A little more touch me
(err...No thank you larrr...)

21) Will you get married?
The streets - You're Fit But You Dont Know It (I'm fit for marriage but I dont know it??! What the %^*)
But the answer is yes, someday. hehe

22) What should I do with my love life?
Cat Power - I Found A Reason (alright..I'll take my mp3 advice and find a reason for my love life...*scoff*)
* I love you and I dont think there should be a reason because love simply is love*

23) Where will you live?
Josh Groban - Believe (Polar Express Soundtrack)
Seriously I will be looking forward to it...hehe

24) What will your dying words be?
Edwin McCain - I'll Be (awww...this is such a sweet sweet song...)
---* I'll be the greatest fan of your life *--- *I love you*
Don't worry guys..I'll still be around..

25) When i'm having sex i say...
O.A.R - Love and Memories (give it another try)
Leann Rimes - I need you (yerrr...sound so porn-ish) (another try)
Jim Brickman - I will remember you (.............................)

26) When i meet a guy/lady for the first time I say...
Eve6 - Promise (Is God trying to tell me something...refer to question 11..)

27) When my parents are angry I say...
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (great call...)

~End of ShenShen's tag~

hehe I think saying hallelujah now would be more likely cuz ShenNi is gonna bury me after calling her ShenShen so many times..

What should I say so Shen will spare me?
Josh Groban & Charlotte Church - The prayer (what incredible timing)

Will I do good in my end year exam?
Right Said Fred - I'm too sexy [?????????]

This has been pretty fun...hehe
Think I better get to work right now.
I'm gonna tag miss shiny, carol, jessLoi..

1. I'm too sexy to do good in my exam.
2. You guys secretly lust after Miss (SEXY) Jessica Loke.
3. Justin Timberlake is HOT.
4. I might be Mrs Claus one day.
5. This has been a very SS post.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Long story gotta spilt to few episodes.. hehe

Previously on Carpe Diem..
*jess you're so lame...*
Just get on with it.

Of course, there were times when people got nasty.

I think J Loi shown her mad face after Pn Looi minus her marks for getting ' too accurate ' results for PEKA. So people please take note, DO NOT GET TOO ACCURATE RESULTS FOR (CHEM) PEKA.

Anyway, this are some pics that will tell u a nice story of our BIO PEKA.

You will only get this scene once a year in SMK Seafield. The lower six bio students, under the bloody hot sun, looking for 10 different type of grass or in the right bio term - VEGETATION ( seriously, isnt grass, just grass? ) ( NO! You got different species, genus, family, whateverrrr...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz )

We got the " let's-go-picnic-with-yellow-umbrella people"' and the " what-the-*@#%-i-feel-like-dying people (people who actually do work)"

We got some people so privilege that EVEN THEIR ASS has to be covered, but some people left there ALONE under the hot sun trying so hard, just to scrape dirt off the ground.

And SO, I LOST IT and started STABBING mother nature.

So I guess that pretty much sums up the bio peka for last week. FYI, I'm still on it. If you ever past by Seafield at about noon, glance over at huge (filled-with-holes) field, I'm sure you would still be able to catch me there, LOSING IT.


Monday, September 25, 2006

WoW !!!
Previous week has been AWESOME !!!
Best Evening + Preparation for Best Evening + Bio PEKA + A Bunch of Boisterous Form Six-ers

*hope everyone's in this pic* *how come my dress looks like its coming off....*

So, the entire week was all WORK WORK WORK to prepare for our BIG DAY. The bilik pengawas has been used as our mpt factory. We work, sleep, eat, play, brainstorm, laugh, play some more in there. ( Pn Ung & fellow prefects - errm.. If you're reading this, we didnt really eat in there ) ( Thanks for letting us use the prefect room as our factory for the week ) hehe Really glad to say, it's all paid off !!

Dayemn.. We had SO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!! The night was a B L A S T !
Thanks so very much guys.'s hard to list down like everything we did the entire week. Basically, we spent practically every schooling moment in that room. Making the hand string bands thingy *thanks Jess Loi and gang*, invitations *thanks Keh Len and J Loi*, mementos *thanks Sophie!* *she went cuckoo doing it* Serious. Then we also help made the huge decor mask *Carol!* Along the way, we picked up many kemahiran hidup skills which has been abandoned for years. Includes, making the damn kuardrat from a scratch - okay so its for bio, then we had to do pateri cuz the cheapskate christmas lights wire putus - anyway on that day it broke down again and we resort to buying new lights *Sorry Audrey* Oh ya! We also aquired the skill of shopping for a hamper and wrapping it beautifully! *yalar..thank shiny & tracey la*

These are examples of some syok sendiri pics taken from the scene. But seriously, we really has enjoy every moment of our journey towards making that night a success.

It was quite a stressful and tedious journey but no matter what we were doing, we were ALWAYS and I stress ALWAYS laughing!!

J Loke : Eh..the invitation potong stim le.. Can redo?

Keh Len : OVER 100 INVITATIONS?!??! hahahahaha

And yes she did redo it with much laughter.

Of course, there were times people turn nasty.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Gosh.. I don't even know where to start. The whole day is like one jumbled up ball of yarn with all different sort of threads.

Well to start off, I didnt sleep well AT ALL thanks to my very smart-ass self who constantly anticipated the injection that's gonna happen. It was all I could think about for the entire day. Serious. The first thing I say to anyone in a conversation would be - I'm taking an injection tomorrow. 'Hey Jess, have you done the PA graph?' ' I got injection today.' 'Hey good morning! It's Kavitha birthday today!' 'I got injection today.' *pause* 'happy birthdayyy....* I know people reading this would say I'm really silly or something but c'mon, everyone has gotta have a thing they fear about most, and mine is jabs.

Gawd......... Just the sight of a needle can give me the chills.

So the faithful moment started when my very good friends ran to me looking so excited and INSENSITIVELY broke the news that the nurses has arrived. Instantly I can feel my sweat breaking out and knees growing weak. *drama le u jess* I took my brave steps towards the St John room without fainting ( although I would so want it to happen)( then the nurse can just jab all 3 doses straight and be done with). I could smell the disinfectant few feet away from the room. Really brings back the memories of the jabs. So N O T comforting. Anyway, it was when I start thinking more and more about it that got me OH SO EXCITED! (NOTE : I DID NOT CRY) It was just water forming in my eyes because I was so excited! People were like fanning me with the injection consent form telling me not to be scared. The more people tell me not to cry the more water is forming in my eyes. ( I DID NOT CRY GUYS! ) Can't believe it. I was totally in shock. Speechless. Cat caught my tongue. Stunned. Whatever you call it. The nurse asked me to take seat to calm down after seeing my 'veins-popping-out-everywhere' face and tears/'just water' coming everywhere while sniffing my nose. And I was like " HOLD IT MISSY. 'I aint gonna sit there and wait til everyone has done it!' So i step up, told myself it's gonna be alright. Walk to the line nearest to me. Until I heard my friend blurting out she's scared of the trainees. And I went HOLD IT MISSY again. 'I aint gonna let no amateur do this shit.' And made a bee line to the other side. Gosh. After she rub the alcohol on my arm it was like forever. This is it. I could just run out of the room like some student-gone-mad or stare at the 'langkah-langkah memberi CPR' and keep myself occupied with it for that ten seconds.

FINALLY. It was a tiny itsy sting on my arm and that was it. Shiny kept telling me its done already because I really didnt know. My eyes was fixed onto the words 'langkah pertama' like forever. If no one told me I would still be there standing til now, staring at the very same words - langkah pertama. So I reach the piece of cotton with my other hand and pressed down firmly together with the nurse's glove and started walking away. It snap back onto her hand after walking a short distance. Poor nurse. Poor ME.

And that's my story of injection. God I can't believe there's still two more waiting. They are like dancing in front of me haunting and taunting me. YES, THAT SCARY.

Aiyark..too cheong hei already. Not enough time for my perfect parking story.
For now I will just try my best not to think about the next jab next month.
*thanks zhun keat for the sweets!**yippee, i felt like a kid again*


Thursday, September 07, 2006

*scoff* *sigh* *spit* *sigh some more* *wrinkle my forehead* and then *sigh more*

This is what my previous two days have been. What a streak of HORRIBLE luck! You know the feeling you could find possibly everything have been going bad in your day.
For example,
1. taking the bloody wrong bus to KL which drove me to some ulu place
2. thus it got me late for tuition class
3. got stuck in a jam for almost 2 hours
4. reverse my car into a pillar ( or maybe, M A Y B E another car )

God...what could be worst...

Well, I've read before that your mind decides what you perceive of your day's outcome, whether it's good or bad, it depends on the way you see it yourself. (note to carol : yes. it's from one of the 'self-help' books) Like when I think I'm on a bad luck day, all I see is everything=catastrophe. And yes, perhaps it's true but I guess we are just all too depressed to wake up and smell the happiness.

Everytime I had a bad day, in the smallest way, I would actually be happy about it, cuz tomorrow will be better right? Cliche but it's like you cant run away from bad days and then finally when it's over..*phew...relieved*

Somehow today just didnt get any better... URGHHHHHHHH..
1. bad news right in the morning...INJECTION (my worst nightmare)(yes, worst than dying of flesh-eating bacteria)
Gosh..everywhere I go injections follow...
My hand shivers at the mere thought of an injection. YES. I couldnt sleep or study but think about that horrifying 30 seconds. What made this injection-for-privilege-group more torturing is it actually consist of 3 DOSES! If you are my friend and you're reading this, please just whack me unconscious and jab the thing into my butt or something..

I still remember my BCG jab during std 6. That ganas-seperti-harimau-lagi-gemuk nurse, grasped my tiny arm completely with her plump fingers, I turned my head away, it took forever for her to inject the needle into my arm..*shivers*...Then while the needle was in my arm, she kept saying in her raspy and ganas spt harimau voice, 'jangan gerak! dont move girl!' And in my mind I was screaming at her ' I'M NOT BLOODY MOVING! GET IT DONE ALREADY!' She repeated her 'jangan bergerak' a few more times before injecting the juice into my arm. I could feel her twisting the needle in my arm like she was trying to drill a hole into my puny arm. That one minute when I was 12 is still etch in my mind until today..*shivers* I guess now I know where my phobia came from. What a tragedy for a young and innocent girl with such a bright future ahead which requires many more jabs.

Conclusion, yes I believe in KARMA.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jessica is a name from the Hebrew Yiskah (יִסְכָּה), name of a daughter of Haran, meaning "the Lord beholds" or "the Lord's gift."

Jess : Wow..I'm the Lord's gift! <-- Evidence #1 - This is a very good prove that I'm the SS kinda person.

While doing this name checking thingy, I conveniently checked my sis's name - Joanne.

'Joanne is a common given name for females, being the feminine form of John.'

Jo flipped when I told her she was a feminine form of John. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Evidence #2 - Hmmm... I'm not a bad person, I just find people very amusing.

Now my side of the story, I totally AM the Lord's gift. Why I think so?
1. I bring laughter - ( part of the noisiest-crowd-in-KTM gang ) ( more on that later )
2. I'm a good cook! seriously!
3. I give the best advice. ( at least I think so...)
4. Ermm... ( put on my drama face ) *Looks somewhere afar* Wherever I go the wind follows.....
Evidence #3 - Bit of a drama queen.

Conclusion, Jessica Loke is a person you absolutely M U S T meet in your life!
*apologize for the repeatedly SS syndrome*