Friday, September 29, 2006

Long story gotta spilt to few episodes.. hehe

Previously on Carpe Diem..
*jess you're so lame...*
Just get on with it.

Of course, there were times when people got nasty.

I think J Loi shown her mad face after Pn Looi minus her marks for getting ' too accurate ' results for PEKA. So people please take note, DO NOT GET TOO ACCURATE RESULTS FOR (CHEM) PEKA.

Anyway, this are some pics that will tell u a nice story of our BIO PEKA.

You will only get this scene once a year in SMK Seafield. The lower six bio students, under the bloody hot sun, looking for 10 different type of grass or in the right bio term - VEGETATION ( seriously, isnt grass, just grass? ) ( NO! You got different species, genus, family, whateverrrr...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz )

We got the " let's-go-picnic-with-yellow-umbrella people"' and the " what-the-*@#%-i-feel-like-dying people (people who actually do work)"

We got some people so privilege that EVEN THEIR ASS has to be covered, but some people left there ALONE under the hot sun trying so hard, just to scrape dirt off the ground.

And SO, I LOST IT and started STABBING mother nature.

So I guess that pretty much sums up the bio peka for last week. FYI, I'm still on it. If you ever past by Seafield at about noon, glance over at huge (filled-with-holes) field, I'm sure you would still be able to catch me there, LOSING IT.


Monday, September 25, 2006

WoW !!!
Previous week has been AWESOME !!!
Best Evening + Preparation for Best Evening + Bio PEKA + A Bunch of Boisterous Form Six-ers

*hope everyone's in this pic* *how come my dress looks like its coming off....*

So, the entire week was all WORK WORK WORK to prepare for our BIG DAY. The bilik pengawas has been used as our mpt factory. We work, sleep, eat, play, brainstorm, laugh, play some more in there. ( Pn Ung & fellow prefects - errm.. If you're reading this, we didnt really eat in there ) ( Thanks for letting us use the prefect room as our factory for the week ) hehe Really glad to say, it's all paid off !!

Dayemn.. We had SO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!! The night was a B L A S T !
Thanks so very much guys.'s hard to list down like everything we did the entire week. Basically, we spent practically every schooling moment in that room. Making the hand string bands thingy *thanks Jess Loi and gang*, invitations *thanks Keh Len and J Loi*, mementos *thanks Sophie!* *she went cuckoo doing it* Serious. Then we also help made the huge decor mask *Carol!* Along the way, we picked up many kemahiran hidup skills which has been abandoned for years. Includes, making the damn kuardrat from a scratch - okay so its for bio, then we had to do pateri cuz the cheapskate christmas lights wire putus - anyway on that day it broke down again and we resort to buying new lights *Sorry Audrey* Oh ya! We also aquired the skill of shopping for a hamper and wrapping it beautifully! *yalar..thank shiny & tracey la*

These are examples of some syok sendiri pics taken from the scene. But seriously, we really has enjoy every moment of our journey towards making that night a success.

It was quite a stressful and tedious journey but no matter what we were doing, we were ALWAYS and I stress ALWAYS laughing!!

J Loke : Eh..the invitation potong stim le.. Can redo?

Keh Len : OVER 100 INVITATIONS?!??! hahahahaha

And yes she did redo it with much laughter.

Of course, there were times people turn nasty.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Gosh.. I don't even know where to start. The whole day is like one jumbled up ball of yarn with all different sort of threads.

Well to start off, I didnt sleep well AT ALL thanks to my very smart-ass self who constantly anticipated the injection that's gonna happen. It was all I could think about for the entire day. Serious. The first thing I say to anyone in a conversation would be - I'm taking an injection tomorrow. 'Hey Jess, have you done the PA graph?' ' I got injection today.' 'Hey good morning! It's Kavitha birthday today!' 'I got injection today.' *pause* 'happy birthdayyy....* I know people reading this would say I'm really silly or something but c'mon, everyone has gotta have a thing they fear about most, and mine is jabs.

Gawd......... Just the sight of a needle can give me the chills.

So the faithful moment started when my very good friends ran to me looking so excited and INSENSITIVELY broke the news that the nurses has arrived. Instantly I can feel my sweat breaking out and knees growing weak. *drama le u jess* I took my brave steps towards the St John room without fainting ( although I would so want it to happen)( then the nurse can just jab all 3 doses straight and be done with). I could smell the disinfectant few feet away from the room. Really brings back the memories of the jabs. So N O T comforting. Anyway, it was when I start thinking more and more about it that got me OH SO EXCITED! (NOTE : I DID NOT CRY) It was just water forming in my eyes because I was so excited! People were like fanning me with the injection consent form telling me not to be scared. The more people tell me not to cry the more water is forming in my eyes. ( I DID NOT CRY GUYS! ) Can't believe it. I was totally in shock. Speechless. Cat caught my tongue. Stunned. Whatever you call it. The nurse asked me to take seat to calm down after seeing my 'veins-popping-out-everywhere' face and tears/'just water' coming everywhere while sniffing my nose. And I was like " HOLD IT MISSY. 'I aint gonna sit there and wait til everyone has done it!' So i step up, told myself it's gonna be alright. Walk to the line nearest to me. Until I heard my friend blurting out she's scared of the trainees. And I went HOLD IT MISSY again. 'I aint gonna let no amateur do this shit.' And made a bee line to the other side. Gosh. After she rub the alcohol on my arm it was like forever. This is it. I could just run out of the room like some student-gone-mad or stare at the 'langkah-langkah memberi CPR' and keep myself occupied with it for that ten seconds.

FINALLY. It was a tiny itsy sting on my arm and that was it. Shiny kept telling me its done already because I really didnt know. My eyes was fixed onto the words 'langkah pertama' like forever. If no one told me I would still be there standing til now, staring at the very same words - langkah pertama. So I reach the piece of cotton with my other hand and pressed down firmly together with the nurse's glove and started walking away. It snap back onto her hand after walking a short distance. Poor nurse. Poor ME.

And that's my story of injection. God I can't believe there's still two more waiting. They are like dancing in front of me haunting and taunting me. YES, THAT SCARY.

Aiyark..too cheong hei already. Not enough time for my perfect parking story.
For now I will just try my best not to think about the next jab next month.
*thanks zhun keat for the sweets!**yippee, i felt like a kid again*


Thursday, September 07, 2006

*scoff* *sigh* *spit* *sigh some more* *wrinkle my forehead* and then *sigh more*

This is what my previous two days have been. What a streak of HORRIBLE luck! You know the feeling you could find possibly everything have been going bad in your day.
For example,
1. taking the bloody wrong bus to KL which drove me to some ulu place
2. thus it got me late for tuition class
3. got stuck in a jam for almost 2 hours
4. reverse my car into a pillar ( or maybe, M A Y B E another car )

God...what could be worst...

Well, I've read before that your mind decides what you perceive of your day's outcome, whether it's good or bad, it depends on the way you see it yourself. (note to carol : yes. it's from one of the 'self-help' books) Like when I think I'm on a bad luck day, all I see is everything=catastrophe. And yes, perhaps it's true but I guess we are just all too depressed to wake up and smell the happiness.

Everytime I had a bad day, in the smallest way, I would actually be happy about it, cuz tomorrow will be better right? Cliche but it's like you cant run away from bad days and then finally when it's over..*phew...relieved*

Somehow today just didnt get any better... URGHHHHHHHH..
1. bad news right in the morning...INJECTION (my worst nightmare)(yes, worst than dying of flesh-eating bacteria)
Gosh..everywhere I go injections follow...
My hand shivers at the mere thought of an injection. YES. I couldnt sleep or study but think about that horrifying 30 seconds. What made this injection-for-privilege-group more torturing is it actually consist of 3 DOSES! If you are my friend and you're reading this, please just whack me unconscious and jab the thing into my butt or something..

I still remember my BCG jab during std 6. That ganas-seperti-harimau-lagi-gemuk nurse, grasped my tiny arm completely with her plump fingers, I turned my head away, it took forever for her to inject the needle into my arm..*shivers*...Then while the needle was in my arm, she kept saying in her raspy and ganas spt harimau voice, 'jangan gerak! dont move girl!' And in my mind I was screaming at her ' I'M NOT BLOODY MOVING! GET IT DONE ALREADY!' She repeated her 'jangan bergerak' a few more times before injecting the juice into my arm. I could feel her twisting the needle in my arm like she was trying to drill a hole into my puny arm. That one minute when I was 12 is still etch in my mind until today..*shivers* I guess now I know where my phobia came from. What a tragedy for a young and innocent girl with such a bright future ahead which requires many more jabs.

Conclusion, yes I believe in KARMA.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jessica is a name from the Hebrew Yiskah (יִסְכָּה), name of a daughter of Haran, meaning "the Lord beholds" or "the Lord's gift."

Jess : Wow..I'm the Lord's gift! <-- Evidence #1 - This is a very good prove that I'm the SS kinda person.

While doing this name checking thingy, I conveniently checked my sis's name - Joanne.

'Joanne is a common given name for females, being the feminine form of John.'

Jo flipped when I told her she was a feminine form of John. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Evidence #2 - Hmmm... I'm not a bad person, I just find people very amusing.

Now my side of the story, I totally AM the Lord's gift. Why I think so?
1. I bring laughter - ( part of the noisiest-crowd-in-KTM gang ) ( more on that later )
2. I'm a good cook! seriously!
3. I give the best advice. ( at least I think so...)
4. Ermm... ( put on my drama face ) *Looks somewhere afar* Wherever I go the wind follows.....
Evidence #3 - Bit of a drama queen.

Conclusion, Jessica Loke is a person you absolutely M U S T meet in your life!
*apologize for the repeatedly SS syndrome*