Thursday, September 07, 2006

*scoff* *sigh* *spit* *sigh some more* *wrinkle my forehead* and then *sigh more*

This is what my previous two days have been. What a streak of HORRIBLE luck! You know the feeling you could find possibly everything have been going bad in your day.
For example,
1. taking the bloody wrong bus to KL which drove me to some ulu place
2. thus it got me late for tuition class
3. got stuck in a jam for almost 2 hours
4. reverse my car into a pillar ( or maybe, M A Y B E another car )

God...what could be worst...

Well, I've read before that your mind decides what you perceive of your day's outcome, whether it's good or bad, it depends on the way you see it yourself. (note to carol : yes. it's from one of the 'self-help' books) Like when I think I'm on a bad luck day, all I see is everything=catastrophe. And yes, perhaps it's true but I guess we are just all too depressed to wake up and smell the happiness.

Everytime I had a bad day, in the smallest way, I would actually be happy about it, cuz tomorrow will be better right? Cliche but it's like you cant run away from bad days and then finally when it's over..*phew...relieved*

Somehow today just didnt get any better... URGHHHHHHHH..
1. bad news right in the morning...INJECTION (my worst nightmare)(yes, worst than dying of flesh-eating bacteria)
Gosh..everywhere I go injections follow...
My hand shivers at the mere thought of an injection. YES. I couldnt sleep or study but think about that horrifying 30 seconds. What made this injection-for-privilege-group more torturing is it actually consist of 3 DOSES! If you are my friend and you're reading this, please just whack me unconscious and jab the thing into my butt or something..

I still remember my BCG jab during std 6. That ganas-seperti-harimau-lagi-gemuk nurse, grasped my tiny arm completely with her plump fingers, I turned my head away, it took forever for her to inject the needle into my arm..*shivers*...Then while the needle was in my arm, she kept saying in her raspy and ganas spt harimau voice, 'jangan gerak! dont move girl!' And in my mind I was screaming at her ' I'M NOT BLOODY MOVING! GET IT DONE ALREADY!' She repeated her 'jangan bergerak' a few more times before injecting the juice into my arm. I could feel her twisting the needle in my arm like she was trying to drill a hole into my puny arm. That one minute when I was 12 is still etch in my mind until today..*shivers* I guess now I know where my phobia came from. What a tragedy for a young and innocent girl with such a bright future ahead which requires many more jabs.

Conclusion, yes I believe in KARMA.

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Death said...

Does anyone surf this blog?! O well, Jess, ur blog is unpopular, but i think it's gonna have gained a popularity of 3.