Monday, September 25, 2006

WoW !!!
Previous week has been AWESOME !!!
Best Evening + Preparation for Best Evening + Bio PEKA + A Bunch of Boisterous Form Six-ers

*hope everyone's in this pic* *how come my dress looks like its coming off....*

So, the entire week was all WORK WORK WORK to prepare for our BIG DAY. The bilik pengawas has been used as our mpt factory. We work, sleep, eat, play, brainstorm, laugh, play some more in there. ( Pn Ung & fellow prefects - errm.. If you're reading this, we didnt really eat in there ) ( Thanks for letting us use the prefect room as our factory for the week ) hehe Really glad to say, it's all paid off !!

Dayemn.. We had SO MUCH FUN !!!!!!!! The night was a B L A S T !
Thanks so very much guys.'s hard to list down like everything we did the entire week. Basically, we spent practically every schooling moment in that room. Making the hand string bands thingy *thanks Jess Loi and gang*, invitations *thanks Keh Len and J Loi*, mementos *thanks Sophie!* *she went cuckoo doing it* Serious. Then we also help made the huge decor mask *Carol!* Along the way, we picked up many kemahiran hidup skills which has been abandoned for years. Includes, making the damn kuardrat from a scratch - okay so its for bio, then we had to do pateri cuz the cheapskate christmas lights wire putus - anyway on that day it broke down again and we resort to buying new lights *Sorry Audrey* Oh ya! We also aquired the skill of shopping for a hamper and wrapping it beautifully! *yalar..thank shiny & tracey la*

These are examples of some syok sendiri pics taken from the scene. But seriously, we really has enjoy every moment of our journey towards making that night a success.

It was quite a stressful and tedious journey but no matter what we were doing, we were ALWAYS and I stress ALWAYS laughing!!

J Loke : Eh..the invitation potong stim le.. Can redo?

Keh Len : OVER 100 INVITATIONS?!??! hahahahaha

And yes she did redo it with much laughter.

Of course, there were times people turn nasty.


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