Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday ShenShen !!!

A post dedicated to :
-My 5'10' sharp-into-your-face chic, tendency to be violent, with an unfathomable fanatic-ism for Harry Potter buddy-
By the way, HP new movie is coming out in July2007 -shen threaten into writting this-
Just joking..hehe...

me and shen

Okay.. So I dont have a pic taken with Shen.. This is photoshop and obviously the original girl have long hair which I dont.. My neck is too yellow and my face cant be bigger than Shen's.. However, a believable pic right guys? hehe

I chose the blood red and ugly green colour because they are Shen's favourite, at least those are the colours she always use for msn no matter how much me and KehLen express our disgust towards it.

Shen : EH! EH! EH! Got one new HARRY POTTER site! Go see faster !!!

KLen : Dont want le Shen.. (obviously uninterested in any HP materials)


KLen : (sits up straight immediately) Yes yes Shen! I'm checking it out right away!

Shen : If you had went the minute I told you to then I wouldnt have to shout at you right ?!!

KLen : Yes Shen! I apologize for expressing my lack of interest in such a magnificent HARRY POTTER website.

KehLen and I have always been victims of Shen's fanatic-ism for Harry Potter. We have also learn a couple of magic spells that according to Shen might help us get out of trouble with the teachers.

Teacher : Jessica! Why didnt you finish your essay?

Jessica : I... I.... lumos!

Teacher : What the... Ahhhh....... (balloons up and float up to the sky)

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Well.. Of course now Shen will go on saying lumos is for creating light on the tip of the wand or whatever crap, but that's the only spell I can remember.

Shen always nag me for not finishing my homework. While KehLen.... KehLen will start singing songs with lyircs altered from Backstreetboys songs like incomplete matched with ALL my English homework.

Shen, KehLen and I spent two years sitting together. In our office like seating of tables.

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I can never doze off during a class or Shen will practice her 'Buddha Palm Slap' right onto the back of my head. Either that or she will keep poking at my ribs making it impossible to sleep in class. With her height and long arms, its extremely easy to reach to the front where I'm sitting.

Frankly, when we see Shen, a very confident person, almost cocky but in a better way. Shen is just a girl who is very sure of herself and stands on her ground no matter what.

Shen : I told you idiot! Do it this way!
Jess : NO! My way is better you dumb girl!
KehLen : Uh oh.. Jess do you need me to call the ambulance now?

Over the years, we have suffer our share of trauma. Pencil box flying into the drain, big 'blue black' mark on my leg, lopsided head....just to name a few here considering the weak hearted....

Our favourite words are :
- Do you need an ambulance?

Or in more serious cases,
- Jess, what kind of coffin you want?

Other more mundane ones are,
- Ich Bluteh...... (which in German means " I'm bleeding......" )

However, of course, there is a softer side to Shen besides the one which greet me with the word 'IDIOT' whenever she sees me. Shen loves shoes. Especially strappy ones. If you ever crossed-path with Shen, take her shoe shopping and pay for it. She will be too in love to get you anymore. In love with the shoe of course.

Deep, deep, deep down inside, Shen is really a sensitive soul who actually cares. She is just as good a listener than as a HP FAN. If you want to meet a 100% real, true person, meet Shen. Everything that comes out of her mouth, comes straight from the heart. somehow that doesnt sound right. If she hates something, she will say it right into your face. And if she loves it, it's just the same thing she'll do.

Sincerely, I really thank you - Ng Shen Ni, for listening to me and motivating me to study and listen in class and nagging me like a mom and just truly being a friend. Thank you! *sniff sniff* *tearing up*

We really truly love you ShenNi !!!

And thanks for being YOU !

Sorry the post came so late, my com is having some adware problem. Porn [pops out] every 5 seconds. I have to go wash my eyes now. No not for crying. For the porn.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick Report on Jess's Life..

Hmmm.. If you read that right, you have to pronounce it as Jazzus Life...Jazzus..Jesus...
JESSICA! You're not comparing yourself to God right...

News item #1-The desperation of Form Sixers for F-O-O-D

Form Sixers are a whole lot of hungry people. We eat all the time. It's VERY true. Just head to 6 Elok of SMK Seafield. Whenever the class is without teacher, we will be munching away. ( No wonder I've gain weight...)

This crime scene was set last week. The week where only the Form Sixers are required to attend classes for each and every of the five days during PMR examinations. As it was ramadhan month, food was scarce. The koperasi is closed. The Form Sixers are starving and aggravated by the smallest thing.

So rumours has it, a few student stood up for justice!
No they did not bang on the principle's door and demand for food. We are not that barbaric / uncivilised.
Three particular students, namely A B & C made a dash to the nearest petrol station during recess.

Let me introduce these people to you.
A : the pretty one
B : the prettier one
C : the prettiest one

Crap..I can't decide who's prettier.. I'll just use X Y & Z to resemble A B & C..

X : (on the phone) Wei, we are going to the petrol station, you want anything?
W : (alarmed that her phone ranged during recess when she's in the middle of the canteen) (looks around)
WAH..YOU GILA AH??!! I want chocolate, Kinder Buenos.

So X & Y went to other Form Six classes out of courtesy to provide them with some food so they wont turn into a grouch.
Y : (seeing poor Z lying on the table lifelessly) Z, you want anything? We're heading to the petrol station.
Y : (looks up to the sky) (hands on hips) Another life saved, thanks to the MASKED FOOD WARRIOR!
Z : Can I come with you guys please please please?
X : That shouldnt be a problem. Our FOOD MOBILE sure can fit another.

And so the three musketeers head off in the made-in-Malaysia food mobile.
The entire journey the radio was singing, I want you back, want you back, want you back....
Z : (background music - want you back, want you back....) Wah this song very long hor..
X : (getting uneasy) Yalor...

Once at the petrol station, they hungrily grab every snack they could possibly afford.

Meanwhile back in school,
Pn U : Where are the two Jennifers*? (*name changed to protect privacy)
Student L : (turned back and mouthed to the back row) Not back yet??
Student K : (mouthed back) Nooooooo.....(waving both hands frantically)
Student L : (turned back to the front) They are at the toilet teacher. (wipes of sweat on forehead)

The FOOD WARRIORS are back. But how are they gonna sneak the food past eagle-eye Pn U?
Y : Alright. This is the plan. I will diverge Pn U's attention while you, X run in the back with the food.
X : CRAZEEE AH YOU?!! How to go in with these?!! (waves the 3 bag of snacks and junk food in front of Y)
Z : Yes, yes. Just ask her about some prefect stuff.
Y : Like maybe got students smoking at the back...
Z : EH, no..dont lie la..

SUDDENLY, out comes En E out of nowhere!
All three X, Y & Z froze their tracks.
X Y & Z : (nervous) (trying to hide the food) Good morning teacher.
En E : Good morning girls. (stare at us suspiciously)
X Y Z quickly brisked walk up the stairs.
X : You think he heard us ah?
Y : Who cares.. We got food...

They somehow manage to escape Eagle-Eye Pn U and generously pass their food around to other Form Sixers. And they all lived happily ever after.
Once again! The day is SAVED, thanks to THE MASKED FOOD WARRIORS!

And then once again, these are just rumours I've heard.

News item #2 - Exams

Yes boys and girls, THAT time of the year has come again. Yours truly wrote two essays which she could barely understand what-the-hell she was writting. Heck.. At least I got the graph right this time.

All I can remember ringing in my head was -

Student : Cikgu, macam mana nak tulis bahagian itu dan ini dan sebelah sana?
Cikgu A : Er...erm.. Sebenarnya saya sendiri pun tak berapa faham.. Lepas saya hadiri seminar, baru saya tau semua yang saya ajar dulu salah la...
Student : OMG CIKGU! (faints)

News item 3# - INJECTION

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica...tsk tsk tsk...
I think there's nothing much I can say about this section other than

3 MORE DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reported from the haze-stricken town of Subang,
The girl who is petrified by any sharp pointy objects,


Sunday, October 01, 2006

~tagged~ by shenShen

Alright. I know I'm suppose to be studying instead of blogging aimlessly now. (jess..jess... tsk tsk tsk)
Carol is gonna call me anytime on the phone again to get me off the com.
Gotta make this fast. *scoff* hehe

.:start to:.
1.) Put your music player on shuffle.
2.) Press forward for each question.
3.) Use the song title as the answer to the question.

Warning: The match of questions and answers may not make sense...

1) How am I feeling today?
Blink 182 - I miss you (hmmm..I think so...maybe...) *get off the com to check for msgs on my hp* msg...

2) Where will I get married?
Vertical Horizon - Everything you want (so i guess it depends on other person..personally i would want Italy..)

3) What is my best friend's theme song?
Butch Walker - Mixtape (eh..this is a love song title doesnt make sense..meaning i treat my best friends like lovers?...shiny dont perasan..)

4) What was highschool like?
Vervepipe - The Freshman (FYI : I'm (back in) STILL in highschool unlike u guys who ditch me there *hmph!*)
-no comment--period-

5) What is the best thing about me?
Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days (YES! This means - YOU WILL FIND BETTER DAYS AFTER MEETING ME!!! hehe)
Right guys? "I'm so jealous of you guys le...cuz you have such a great friend -- ME!"
(too much le you jessica loke...swt..)

6) How is today going to be?
Fall Out Boy - We're going down (Uh oh...bad bad sign...change song change song...)

7) What is in store for this weekend?
Imogen Heap - Speeding cars ( meaning? do i get to speed cars and get another saman? *choi! touch wood (ley yeem's head)* OR watch F1? OR dream about all that cuz I know its gonna be all studying...)
Jess fast fact : I dont watch F1. So nice to watch those cars go round n round in circles??!!

8) What song describe my parents?
Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes (What in the world.... My parents are like banana pancakes..) (Anyway it's a relaxing song and my parents are quite relaxed people)
Example :
Mum : Jess! watch this funny...hahahaha

9) How is my life going?
Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift (fast & furious) (err...think so kua...)

10) What song will they play at my funeral?
John Mayer - Dreaming with a broken heart (awww...I know how sad you guys would be when I'm gone...)
(damn SS man you jess !!!)

11) How does the world see me?
Shayne Ward - No promises (eh..I'm not so bad la...)

12) What do my friends really think of me?
OMG.... Pinky and the brain theme (knew i should have delete the song after mpt)
My friends think I'm pink with a brain...

13) Do people secretly lust after me?
hold it...let me answer first.. YES!!!!
And now the mp3 has spoken ----- Jim Brickman - Secret Love (see I told you!) hahahahahahaha

14) How can i make myself happy?
The verve - Bittersweet Symphony ( i guess i might cheer up after listening to this song )

15) What should i do with my life?
Fergie - London Bridge ( O-H--M-Y--G-A-W-D-D-D-D) (No thanks le..although after knowing you people secretly lust after me hehe)

16) Will I ever have children?
Howie Day - Collide (is it a yes or no? you guys decide le...too lazy to interpret)

17) What is some good advice?
Train - Meet Verginia ( meet Jessica should be more likely hehe )

18) What do I think my current theme song is?
Vanessa Carlton - White Houses (dont make sense..change song and see..)
Vanessa Carlton - Who's To Say (ermm..give up le...this song is pretty good)(dont let people judgements get to u)

" How much do what people say matters? "
" Well..that depends.. How much are they paying you? "

19) What does everyone think about my current life?
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (I'm bringing sexy back..YEAH!)
Gawd...I'm so in love with this song!!! JT IS LIKE SO HOT IN THE VID!!!
Anyway the answer to the question is :
Everyone thinks Jess current life is so HOT & SEXY !!!

20) What type of style men do u like?
Justin Timberlake.....
Fall Out Boy - A little less sixteen candles, A little more touch me
(err...No thank you larrr...)

21) Will you get married?
The streets - You're Fit But You Dont Know It (I'm fit for marriage but I dont know it??! What the %^*)
But the answer is yes, someday. hehe

22) What should I do with my love life?
Cat Power - I Found A Reason (alright..I'll take my mp3 advice and find a reason for my love life...*scoff*)
* I love you and I dont think there should be a reason because love simply is love*

23) Where will you live?
Josh Groban - Believe (Polar Express Soundtrack)
Seriously I will be looking forward to it...hehe

24) What will your dying words be?
Edwin McCain - I'll Be (awww...this is such a sweet sweet song...)
---* I'll be the greatest fan of your life *--- *I love you*
Don't worry guys..I'll still be around..

25) When i'm having sex i say...
O.A.R - Love and Memories (give it another try)
Leann Rimes - I need you (yerrr...sound so porn-ish) (another try)
Jim Brickman - I will remember you (.............................)

26) When i meet a guy/lady for the first time I say...
Eve6 - Promise (Is God trying to tell me something...refer to question 11..)

27) When my parents are angry I say...
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (great call...)

~End of ShenShen's tag~

hehe I think saying hallelujah now would be more likely cuz ShenNi is gonna bury me after calling her ShenShen so many times..

What should I say so Shen will spare me?
Josh Groban & Charlotte Church - The prayer (what incredible timing)

Will I do good in my end year exam?
Right Said Fred - I'm too sexy [?????????]

This has been pretty fun...hehe
Think I better get to work right now.
I'm gonna tag miss shiny, carol, jessLoi..

1. I'm too sexy to do good in my exam.
2. You guys secretly lust after Miss (SEXY) Jessica Loke.
3. Justin Timberlake is HOT.
4. I might be Mrs Claus one day.
5. This has been a very SS post.