Sunday, November 26, 2006

Miss Jess Loke


1. On school holiday with lots of extra classes
2. Addicted to computer games
3. High on cafein
4. Has a pet insect named 'Dengue' by shin yeen
(it's not even a mosquitoe, shin yeen's gonna name her daughter toolbox or sth)
5. plannig to take over the world..

Let's talk about One Tree Hill. It's SO FREAKIN AWESOME! Words can't describe how FREAKIN AWESOME it is!!! It's really not your average teen-drama crap! If you haven't caught the One Tree Hill Fever, NOW IS THE TIME! Satisfaction guaranteed!
(I should get paid for promoting the drama with burning passion!and then i'll get to meet the cast and maybe GUEST STAR in one episode!! or two.. )

So I was suppose to post the story about my beloved summary. But... You know the feeling where you wanna do something then eventually you start losing the drive to do it. It's kinda like that. So now that post is like dangling in mid air waiting for a miracle to happen.

writer's block. enough said.

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