Thursday, November 02, 2006

Procrastination 101

*poses in a deep-in-contemplation manner*

Dear WebLog,

I've been quite reluctant to give you an update on my life without pictures. Life has been pretty much the same. Routines. Television. Politics. Car accidents. Gosh I make my life sound so dead.

Let's see what's been going on,
1. Been tv binge-ing - spent practically 80% of my time aimlessly surfing the channels
2. Been 'thinking' of picking up my exercise regime again - note : I typed 'think'
3. Been 'thinking' of studying - And note : I typed it yet again
4. Been 'wanting' to get out of bed - Note : Here it's 'wanting'
5. Been 'considering' about getting a shower soon after 2days
- Note : 'considering' - NOTE : i'm kidding

Are you one of those people trapped in the 'wanting', 'thinking', 'going to'...... loopholes?
C'mon.. I know 99% of you guys reading this will go


And guess what guys? This is your lucky day!
If you dial 1-800-Jess-is-so-beautiful right now and order, you'll also get an extra FREE signed poster of me thrown in for you !! And it's all only for RM 99999999999. 99!

Akibat asyik dengan televisyen! Man.. I miss watching those smart tv advertisements... hehe

Okay. Serious.


Since when is Jess S-E-R-I-O-U-S ?

So, let's start Procrastination 101. Trust me when I say, I've tried a zillion ways of trying to get rid of procrastination in my life. Truth is, you can't totally get rid of it. You gotta constantly fight it. I've tried reading about it (yes people, another self-help book), praying to God about it, chants and even trying to hypnotise myself. haha Don't mock me. Yes, it's true.

"Procrastination is the thief of time"
"A good habit is as hard to break as a bad one"
"Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer YOU"

These quotes are on my bedroom wall. They haunt me sometimes, reminding me the crazy load of work waiting to be done. But, not really motivating me to go do it.

I think one of the best quotes I've heard for all the procrastinators out there is,

Don't think, Don't try, JUST DO

So far, this is the one that works best for me. Try it yourself. Don't think about what's gonna happen in the next one tree hill episode. Oh! By the way, I just watched the latest episode and it's freaking awesome! It turns out that guy who claims to be Peyton's bro isn't really her bro but a psycho who's obssess about her ass and other body parts. Freaky huh.. Wonder whether Lucas and Peyton will get back together.. Maybe if I pray real hard and go to sleep now, I will dream of what's gonna happen in the next episode.

There, see that's what happens when you think too much.
And your plans of studying biology will be - later lah..... nanti lah....
Bio books wont grow legs and run away one lah..

So the next time you 'think' wanna do some math work or read up on your biology, just grab your books and sit at your study table and start. Stop thinking. Start embracing the wonderful world of biology.

Guidelines for building timetables. When it comes to this part, I know everyone will go, ' later sure won't follow oledi one lah... ' Here is one important tip to help make timetables a success - Prioritise.
Elaboration :
Say in your life, your priorities are eat, sleep and poo poo. And study of course.
So only insert your priorities inside your timetable. Leave the other time slots free.
The timetable become much easier to follow this way. Hence, you won't get frustrated about not being on time to throw smelly eggs at neighbour, thus abolishing your whole timetable plan.

Another way is to visualize your goals every night before bed. Visualize it with details. Feel the emotions from it. Hear what is in the scene. Main thing is just totally immerse yourself in it until you can almost taste sweet success yourself. It's suppose to motivate you to just do what you really gotta do. Yup. Cheesy.
But it just might be crazy enough to work.
Rumours has it that even Arnold Swarzenneger (spelling?) does it.
Think he might have pictured the hasta la vista baby scene millions of times.
*squint maniac-ish face* hasta la vista baby... No no no.. hastaaa la vista babe...
No.. Pasta la vista baby?

Gosh.. I'm getting delirious...seeing pigs fly...toilet cry...Jesus giving me pasta....

Alrighty. That's all the word's of wisdom Jess can offer you for now. She has run out of mana and became cuckoo. Not that she is not cuckoo normally. hehe

So that's RM 99999999999999.99 people. You may pay me in form of cash or credit card or touch and go, just flash it pass my forehead. Great doing business with you.

Hasta La Vista Baby...

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Joanne said...

you forgotten about chee kueh la dong head..and your biology book so fat you think can runaway arh? i always thought it was astalavista bebeh..yesh i'm right..