Sunday, December 17, 2006

Missing you. Wanting you. Dismissing thoughts of you.

I'm simply blogging to kill time and to keep my mind occupied. Jo has taken the camera and currently on her way to Penang. Probably happily chatting and laughing with her bf. So I won't be having any up to date pics in this post. DON'T BE MISTAKEN. I DON'T MISS HER AT ALL.

So Friday was the last of my tuition classes for the holidays. Somehow I've already gotten use to the rhythm of the whole tuition thing, I'm inevitably turning into a kiasu pig. I look forward to seeing Mrs Gooi and listening to her 'stories' every week. She scares us every week about how very tough, susah, sesak nafas upper six is gonna be. Frankly, I'm freaking out and close to having a panic attack. Not to mention when you have to miss someone so much for a whole 6 days 5 night camp!

Thus, my beloved friends, here's your chance to cheer me up!
As you all know, my birthday and Christmas is coming, very very sooooon.
And most of the kiam-siap fellas I know always give the 2-in-1 gift.

Kiam Siap Guy : Nah Jess, here's your present.
(notice how he conveniently failed to mention birthday or Christmas)

Me : Wow! Thanks so much. memang kawan yang baik le..
(starts complimenting my friend upon receiving a gift)

KS Guy : Haiyoh..don't mention it le...*starts to blush*

Me : So huh...what are you getting me for Christmas? *smiles brightly*

KS Guy : *stunned* *smiles silly back at me and shrugged*

Me : *burst into laughter* HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH joking only le..

KS Guy : Err..ha..ha..ha

Me : *whispers* Cheapskate

Anyway, let me make your job of picking me a gift easier by pointing you at the right direction.
If I had the camera right now, I would have taken pictures of my 'close-to-falling-apart' car. At least that's what my friends call it. I just call it my made-in-Malaysia mobile saviour. I've had about 6 accidents up to date (I lost count) . Last Saturday went mamak after bug catching duties and hit the curb of the parking so can add one more become 7 lah.

Here are some pics from our bug catching trip for your entertainment.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ley Yeem aka Kayu was like, OMG! How can you hit the wall in front of your car?
And I was like, Aiyah...cannot see mer..
And she was like, now you know why I parked at the opposite lane far far away from your car hor..
(the whole parking lot was empty)
And I was like, (nothing to say) (because it's so true).

Yes, I gotta admit I don't have the best parking skills, but boleh tahan wert.. Only 7 after I got my license in mid March, so it's like 7 devided by 9 = 0.7777777777777778 accidents per month. My beloved-friends-who-are-gonna-give-me-TWO-presents, even took the novelty to memorize my number plate so they wouldn't park beside me. Maybe I should like buy one of the 'NO PARKING' signs and embed it on my car's rooftop.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Then all of you will know to not park beside me right?! Jess is a genius. Of course I'm not stupid enough to put my number plate online le.. Given you a clue already. See? My car is black in colour. Hehe. Like my phobia for needles, all of you reading this shall have phobias of black cars! Muahahahhahahha... I certified tak waras already...

Back to the main topic. If anyone is willing, the bestest present for me is to,
Or we Malaysian can call it,

Or the least you can do is buy me a left side mirror for Proton Wira's, cuz' mine is broken when a stupid tak tau pandu kereta punya lori knock it off and shattered it to pieces.
This one seriously not my fault okay.

Next stop. The best gift for me would be a new handphone. Any handphone will do!
Anything other than.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So 'geng' right. In this modern era, a girl like this can tahan using this phone for about a year now, should be highly rewarded. Even my 70 year old grandmother is not using this model. I'm serious. C'mon's not that difficult.. An average normal people phone would cost only an average of RM800. Got 80 person each person pay RM20 can already mer..
Understood my fellow buddies? Good.
I really wanna hear another ringtone other than the 'mary had a little lamb' my bro composed on my phone. Preferbly mp3 okay.

If you don't think you wanna blow your life-savings on those gifts above for Jess the Great, don't worry, I have cheaper alternatives for cheapos like you. (joking joking..hehe..where got are gonna give me 2 presents after all right?)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know I've watched it, but I really REALLY LOVE ONE TREE HILL AND MUST HAVE THIS DVD BOX (to prove my loyalty and fanatic-ism for the series!!!)
And you guys can get it from the pasar malam or Summit for a good price!
By good price I mean ONLY RM50!
If the fella trying to sell you for RM 60 tell him next door selling at RM50.

And I also want this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sleek and slim. Suit me right?
Forgive me for blasting my original headphones until it went 'BOOM'. Now I'm resorting to using my computer speakers for entertainment.
Kesiannya budak ni...

I think this is one of the longest post I wrote. Being the good girl I've been for the whole year, Santa, I want my prezzies! Anyone who just happen to bumped into my blog and feeling generous can send my the gifts signed secret admirer to make me happier okay?

It's the season of giving people. So give with all your heart and soul.
*feeling dramatic already*
Thank you people. Thank you all.
*wipes (fake) tear/water off eye*
*waves like a pageant queen*

The End.

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