Monday, December 25, 2006

Thank You People!

Happy 18th birthday!

Sad 18th Birthday.

Unforgettable 18th Birthday.

18 is a wonderful year. (says the Chinese - 18 is auspicious to them)
18 is the official clubbing age. (says everybody - but who really goes)
18 is freedom. (says the law of the United States - its 21 here)

So what the heck is so great about being 18?

Guys. Seriously, thanks so much for taking the effort to celebrate my birthday. I really, really appreciate you guys doing it for me. *wipes water off eyes* So touched. And thanks to my bragging about how I dont have a watch and how cheap are they are from Petaling Street, I now am the proud owner of 3 beautiful watches.

I got everything I wanted this year and so much more.
Even things I didnt want.

So you want to know what is so great about my 18th birthday?

Imagine being really happy celebrating with your friends and then getting hit by a drunk driver.
Or maybe just someone you really care about stop caring for you that moment and then and there was no way you could plea for forgiveness.

Imagine planning how to celebrate your birthday for weeks with someone you really love and just have all your plans sabotage in the snap.
Imagine your favourite collections of barbie dolls got burnt when someone just gave you a whole new set of barbie clothes.

Imagine not only having to do everything you dislike on your birthday but also having the love of your life ignoring you by talking to someone else for the entire day as well.
Imagine it's Christmas and someone kidnap Santa.

Imagine being trapped in a box.
And someone just keep poking at you.
Laughing at you.
Spitting at you.

Imagine getting the best gifts in the world on your birthday but it was the things you presented to someone else before.
Every single little thing.
Even a tiny calendar we share together.
Not even a birthday song.
A giant package of sorrow.

Imagine doing nothing but cry. 3 days 3 night. Non-stop.

So what is so great about my 18th birthday again?

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