Friday, January 26, 2007


Hate, is a very strong word.

Hatred according to wikipedia :

Hatred is an emotion of intense revulsion, distaste, enmity, or antipathy for a person, thing, or phenomenon, generally attributed to a desire to avoid, restrict, remove, or destroy the hated object.
this statement here perfectly describes the sixth-formers hate
for................ (filled in the blank yourself)

Lately while trying to explain the whole big social circle mojo to my beloved junior, she pointed out my hate for a certain few people as if I'm a bitter old woman who hates everybody on planet Earth.
Juniors have the curiosity of a cat and they say the darnest things.

Our conversation went like this -

Me : OMG! I can't believe you can stand worshipping that person's ass!

I'm sure you guys know your abc's of sucking up right?
It's like first come love then come marriage then comes big fat baby...
something like that...
For sucking up it's,
ass wiping---> ass kissing---> ass licking---> ass worshipping
The formulae that will guarantee satisfaction.

The satisfaction part doesn't sound right.

Anyway. Back to the story.

Me : OMG! I can't believe you can stand worshipping the person's ass!
(those were not the actual words though)
(can't be too sharp or juniors will cry)

X :'s not like that ok and she's not as bad as you said what..

Me : You just don't know her yet.

X : Nevermind. Later I'm going to help W finish some work.

Me : What?! W?! I hate that fella...

X : (looks as innocent as possible) Why you hate everybody one?

First things first. I don't hate everybody.
And do you notice that all the people you hate tend to befriend each other?

Hypothesis 1#
None of them have other friends so they are the 'rejected' ones.
They simply have no choices but each other.

Hypothesis 2#
They simply decided to gang up and make everybody hate them.

Hypothesis 3#
They are immune towards each other - the 'idiot-irritating-annoying-abhorrence-atrocious-repulsive-revolting-vile-vomit inducing-%$~!@#*&%#$%$^$%* attitude/shitface they carry around.
I hate them so much until I have to go wikipedia to find even more chunted bad words to describe it.

I used to not hate anyone at all you know?
That was when I was still the young innocent Jess who acts cute and jumps around in a field of luscious flowers (or lalang(s) here in M'sia) chasing after invisble butterflies while laughing out loud in a uber cute voice.

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I look so happy and innocent.
Why can't schools have these settings?

Like The Sound Of Music.
Not necessarily we have to sing Do-Re-Mi wert..
We can sing Negaraku.

Gotta pull myself back to my original topic again.
I keep deviating from my subject.
Deviate...Raoult's Law....Chemistry...Pn Looi....

Anyway, as I was saying, I didnt hate people before I started studying Form6. Exceptions to a couple of teachers but generally everybody just seem so happy going along with the flow. When there is a job to be done, we would all put our best to finish it. When someone in our class is unhappy, everybody would try to cheer that person up. Or when everybody didn't like the teacher who was teaching us, we would laugh out loud sarcastically together at her lame jokes.

People used to be so happy and friendly and we all talk love not hate, make love not war.
(Nowadays people make love AND war??!)

When I entered Form6, I started seeing the way some people just are. It's like they are born like that and you can't blame them for it. Some people are just downright annoying. While some idiots make you wanna pull their braces right out from their stinking teeth and snap it right back into their #$%^#$ face.
I learned more about not simply trusting anyone since I started Form6. About how some people are always LOA (lack of attention) and just need to be entertained with a couple of laughs, even if it is at them.

Conclusion. Next time if you meet somebody like this, get into a loud head turning guffaw, stare them straight with eyes wide and big. Then say -


Saturday, January 20, 2007


So it has been like what, two weeks of school. School has been pretty awesome actually. And I have no idea why my current status has been upgraded from noisy to annoying.
Could be my daily double dose of cafein before school starts.
(Yes. School is that stressful)
Or maybe it could be, just maybe, the side effects of being kiasu. Kiasu people are quite irritating people. That is if they happen to be kiasu and not the usual introverted type. They are always shoving difficult questions in your face proving how brilliant they are and always kissing the teacher's ass plus always snatching up every single post they can get their hands on in school clubs.

Okay. Freeze your thought right there.

First of all, I'm not bitter for not having a post or anything, because I do okay.
Nor am I jealous of these people.
Secondly, there's no one specific I'm talking about here.


So, the week of signing up and election for school clubs has come and go. Speaking on behalf of the form6 people, we are pretty happy with our 'hasil yang lumayan' so to say. However, there are some points that we felt we sort of 'oppressed' the form5. Hey. If it was me, I would be damn bloody pissed when these old people come back to school and hog all our post.

Worst thing is, some of them who hogs everything isnt even an original Seafieldien.

Let me teach you one really 'clever' but thick skinned way to get the post you want. Gather all your certs and go to the teacher. Kindly note down the post you want and some cheapskate reason why, then AMAZE her with your collection of certificates. Make it like a wonderful slideshow for her that makes her go 'Oooo and Wow...'

Gosh. I have been so annoying this week especially. Even I can't tahan my noisiness already and this is something really bad. Furthermore it's tiring to talk all day too you know. I think my juniors are getting so freaked out they don't wanna be a prefect anymore.
It's one thing to be outspoken and another to be down right irritating.
Another 'Words of Wisdom' session with Jess the Great.

Homework, homework, homework.

This is like the yuckiest part of the day. I have to call my friends, ask for the homework. Try to do a little myself. Get stuck at one stupid question which make no sense. Then procrastinate til' the time period between after everyone finishes and before due date to pass it up, then very, very hardworking-ly, copy everything. It aint an easy task.

As Pn L phrase it, I'm already a 'veteran' Seafieldien. (The image of a world war veteran old man who walks with a walking stick pops up everytime I think of 'veteran') I felt like I've been an old grandmother walking around the school telling the young ones all my adventures in Seafield since year 2001 this couple of days.
Once upon a time I was also one of the Form3s who walks around the school cluelessly with thick glasses, short nerdy hair and occasionally tripping over the longkang. (Okay, that was not true) Now I'm the old grandmother who walks around the school thinking she knows everything from the haunted second cubicle of the girls toilet to the lubang anjing yang diguna oleh pelajar yang tidak mempunyai maruah langsung untuk ponteng sekolah. Creepy thought right? Not the haunted cubicle. Me being a know-it-all grandmother.

First day of school - 2001.
Walking into the school.

Me :
Yerr..why the school so dirty one.
Flowers also look as dead as the teachers.

Shiny :
What do you think? This school where got as
rich as Lick Hung.

Me :
Dammit. I'm not gonna like this school at all.

Shiny :
Eh. Dont simply say. 5 years later you might cry
when leaving the school.

Freaky thing here is dearest Shiny and I begin our journey as a young stupid kid here in Seafield together and left as....erm...'mature young ladies'? together. Okaylah, mature young ladies dont suit us, maybe a more mature stupid kid will suit us.

Lately for my birthday she present herself as a brithday gift for me.
Yup, you can already picture some stupid girl who tied a red ribbon with a bow around her head then come to you saying - SUPRISE! I'M YOUR PRESENT!
Can you imagine although we have been close friends for the 14th year now, we have NEVER gave each other a birthday gift.

In other words, we are just very cheapskate.

Eh, Shiny if you're reading this, year 14th the number very sueh so don't buy this year la..

Okaylah. This has been a long whiny irritating disturbing and pointless post.
Yet another dose of cheap entertainment from Jess the Great.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

- Year for STPM examinations
- Year for countless PEKAs
- Year to grow up
- Year to learn to tie my hair
- Year to stop hating and start loving
- Year to stop dreaming and start doing
- Year to, for once, finish at least 50% of my homework

So I'm like pretty sure everybody has made up new year resolutions and everything which would be forgotten right on the day after new year's day. Many columnist in The Star wrote things that they couldnt or wouldnt do instead because of stereotype beliefs in our culture. Everything sounds so cliche. So familar. Something that shouts out loud - MALAYSIAN CULTURE!

Malaysians DO talk alot but do little.

Why do I sound like a bitter (still single) old lady who cares for 27 cats at home.
I have been like that for the past few days. Ish. Bad bad Jess..

One of my new year resolution includes sitting straight so I won't 'murder' my back and suffer from backache when I'm old and frail. However, sitting the front seat right in the middle of my class, that very new year resolution has taken it's toll on my classmates sitting behind as they could not see the tiny-pathetic thing we call a blackboard in our class. The situation is like those Bollywood movies singing scene where the couple look like they're playing hide-and-seek behind the trees, everybody that sits behind me is doing that. But it's good exercise what, right guys?

In effort of saving money, I've not had a haircut since May 2006. My hair still looks okay wert.. So in 2007, I acquired a new skill - tying my hair. The first day of school, Miss Shiny came up to me.

Shiny : Eh, you know who is Liang Po Po?
Me : Ya. Why?
Shiny : You look just like her.

Okaylah. It's my first attempt. Looking like Liang Po Po isnt that bad lah...
At least I don't have PhD - Permanent Hair Damage
Aiyah.. I can't tell the joke here le..
Anyone who wants to know the PhD joke can come see me personally in school.

DISCLAIMER : I did not 'discovered'/invented the joke.

Why have my post become so boring. I feel like I'm such a boring person. Where is my happiness? Gone in the math questions which are desperately waiting for me to attend to them. Sighs. I can barely understand what's going on when Pn C is explaining vectors. It used to be so easy when I was in Form5. I'm so lost. Meanwhile photosynthesis is now one whole chapter which used to be only a few pages.

People release stress in different ways.
KehLen release hers by complaining about things like why the hell did Einstein existed and who the heck invented the idea of "school".

My brain is so tired and so blur.

thylakoid became thykaloid.
sclerosis became osteoperosis.
plants store glycogen in them.
elephant lay eggs
-wow. Imagine the size of the egg.
Mr K keeps calling people 'brain damage'.

My sis, Jo is currently pulling children's pants/panties down for a living. No, she's not Michael Jackson's assistant. She is a so called 'assistant teacher' in a kindergarten. Her daily duties include bringing children to toilet and ........... too gross to be mention.
Jo didnt pull one girl's panties low enough once and the girl wet it. Yet the small 3 year old STILL insist on wearing them. Children nowadays know their rights. Sometimes they would even ask Jo to wipe their ass for them after doing their business. And again, children today DO know their rights. Jo comes back looking tired everyday from all the ass-wiping. Yet she still brags about her proud accomplishments in her blog. Now Jo is telling me she wants to use this few months of post spm holiday to stay up in the attic and meditate to be the modern Buddha.

This doing homework thing is taking a toll on my brain. I think I have to go fix my brain now. I will come back with my new year resolution list in Febuary so I won't be the 90% who forgets their new year resolution the week after new year's day.

Happy New Year 2007.