Thursday, January 11, 2007

- Year for STPM examinations
- Year for countless PEKAs
- Year to grow up
- Year to learn to tie my hair
- Year to stop hating and start loving
- Year to stop dreaming and start doing
- Year to, for once, finish at least 50% of my homework

So I'm like pretty sure everybody has made up new year resolutions and everything which would be forgotten right on the day after new year's day. Many columnist in The Star wrote things that they couldnt or wouldnt do instead because of stereotype beliefs in our culture. Everything sounds so cliche. So familar. Something that shouts out loud - MALAYSIAN CULTURE!

Malaysians DO talk alot but do little.

Why do I sound like a bitter (still single) old lady who cares for 27 cats at home.
I have been like that for the past few days. Ish. Bad bad Jess..

One of my new year resolution includes sitting straight so I won't 'murder' my back and suffer from backache when I'm old and frail. However, sitting the front seat right in the middle of my class, that very new year resolution has taken it's toll on my classmates sitting behind as they could not see the tiny-pathetic thing we call a blackboard in our class. The situation is like those Bollywood movies singing scene where the couple look like they're playing hide-and-seek behind the trees, everybody that sits behind me is doing that. But it's good exercise what, right guys?

In effort of saving money, I've not had a haircut since May 2006. My hair still looks okay wert.. So in 2007, I acquired a new skill - tying my hair. The first day of school, Miss Shiny came up to me.

Shiny : Eh, you know who is Liang Po Po?
Me : Ya. Why?
Shiny : You look just like her.

Okaylah. It's my first attempt. Looking like Liang Po Po isnt that bad lah...
At least I don't have PhD - Permanent Hair Damage
Aiyah.. I can't tell the joke here le..
Anyone who wants to know the PhD joke can come see me personally in school.

DISCLAIMER : I did not 'discovered'/invented the joke.

Why have my post become so boring. I feel like I'm such a boring person. Where is my happiness? Gone in the math questions which are desperately waiting for me to attend to them. Sighs. I can barely understand what's going on when Pn C is explaining vectors. It used to be so easy when I was in Form5. I'm so lost. Meanwhile photosynthesis is now one whole chapter which used to be only a few pages.

People release stress in different ways.
KehLen release hers by complaining about things like why the hell did Einstein existed and who the heck invented the idea of "school".

My brain is so tired and so blur.

thylakoid became thykaloid.
sclerosis became osteoperosis.
plants store glycogen in them.
elephant lay eggs
-wow. Imagine the size of the egg.
Mr K keeps calling people 'brain damage'.

My sis, Jo is currently pulling children's pants/panties down for a living. No, she's not Michael Jackson's assistant. She is a so called 'assistant teacher' in a kindergarten. Her daily duties include bringing children to toilet and ........... too gross to be mention.
Jo didnt pull one girl's panties low enough once and the girl wet it. Yet the small 3 year old STILL insist on wearing them. Children nowadays know their rights. Sometimes they would even ask Jo to wipe their ass for them after doing their business. And again, children today DO know their rights. Jo comes back looking tired everyday from all the ass-wiping. Yet she still brags about her proud accomplishments in her blog. Now Jo is telling me she wants to use this few months of post spm holiday to stay up in the attic and meditate to be the modern Buddha.

This doing homework thing is taking a toll on my brain. I think I have to go fix my brain now. I will come back with my new year resolution list in Febuary so I won't be the 90% who forgets their new year resolution the week after new year's day.

Happy New Year 2007.


Joanne said...

ahahahhahahahahahhahahaha nice smell la the attic!!you should try!! and "DISCLAIMER : I did not 'discovered'/invented the joke.
" you always make this mistake wan. "did" already past tense, so "discover" and "invent" need not be in past tense. SHE WAS FOUR YEAR OLD OKAY. FOUR. AND YOUR TEACHER'S FRIGGIN DAUGHTER MUST POO IN SCHOOL. WORSE, SHE NOT EVEN MY CLASS, PLUS SHE LIED SHE SAID SHE WAN SHH SHH K. EFF. i decided to hate her for the rest of my life ^^

Chong said...

Feeling good to discover an Upper Sixth former's blog, I love to know what people at the age of mine are doing.

2007 is also the year that we are going to be injected for Hepatitis B Vaccination for the last time. February 2007, if I'm not mistaken. ;-)

jess said...

yes.i know.

the dreadful vaccination.