Saturday, January 20, 2007


So it has been like what, two weeks of school. School has been pretty awesome actually. And I have no idea why my current status has been upgraded from noisy to annoying.
Could be my daily double dose of cafein before school starts.
(Yes. School is that stressful)
Or maybe it could be, just maybe, the side effects of being kiasu. Kiasu people are quite irritating people. That is if they happen to be kiasu and not the usual introverted type. They are always shoving difficult questions in your face proving how brilliant they are and always kissing the teacher's ass plus always snatching up every single post they can get their hands on in school clubs.

Okay. Freeze your thought right there.

First of all, I'm not bitter for not having a post or anything, because I do okay.
Nor am I jealous of these people.
Secondly, there's no one specific I'm talking about here.


So, the week of signing up and election for school clubs has come and go. Speaking on behalf of the form6 people, we are pretty happy with our 'hasil yang lumayan' so to say. However, there are some points that we felt we sort of 'oppressed' the form5. Hey. If it was me, I would be damn bloody pissed when these old people come back to school and hog all our post.

Worst thing is, some of them who hogs everything isnt even an original Seafieldien.

Let me teach you one really 'clever' but thick skinned way to get the post you want. Gather all your certs and go to the teacher. Kindly note down the post you want and some cheapskate reason why, then AMAZE her with your collection of certificates. Make it like a wonderful slideshow for her that makes her go 'Oooo and Wow...'

Gosh. I have been so annoying this week especially. Even I can't tahan my noisiness already and this is something really bad. Furthermore it's tiring to talk all day too you know. I think my juniors are getting so freaked out they don't wanna be a prefect anymore.
It's one thing to be outspoken and another to be down right irritating.
Another 'Words of Wisdom' session with Jess the Great.

Homework, homework, homework.

This is like the yuckiest part of the day. I have to call my friends, ask for the homework. Try to do a little myself. Get stuck at one stupid question which make no sense. Then procrastinate til' the time period between after everyone finishes and before due date to pass it up, then very, very hardworking-ly, copy everything. It aint an easy task.

As Pn L phrase it, I'm already a 'veteran' Seafieldien. (The image of a world war veteran old man who walks with a walking stick pops up everytime I think of 'veteran') I felt like I've been an old grandmother walking around the school telling the young ones all my adventures in Seafield since year 2001 this couple of days.
Once upon a time I was also one of the Form3s who walks around the school cluelessly with thick glasses, short nerdy hair and occasionally tripping over the longkang. (Okay, that was not true) Now I'm the old grandmother who walks around the school thinking she knows everything from the haunted second cubicle of the girls toilet to the lubang anjing yang diguna oleh pelajar yang tidak mempunyai maruah langsung untuk ponteng sekolah. Creepy thought right? Not the haunted cubicle. Me being a know-it-all grandmother.

First day of school - 2001.
Walking into the school.

Me :
Yerr..why the school so dirty one.
Flowers also look as dead as the teachers.

Shiny :
What do you think? This school where got as
rich as Lick Hung.

Me :
Dammit. I'm not gonna like this school at all.

Shiny :
Eh. Dont simply say. 5 years later you might cry
when leaving the school.

Freaky thing here is dearest Shiny and I begin our journey as a young stupid kid here in Seafield together and left as....erm...'mature young ladies'? together. Okaylah, mature young ladies dont suit us, maybe a more mature stupid kid will suit us.

Lately for my birthday she present herself as a brithday gift for me.
Yup, you can already picture some stupid girl who tied a red ribbon with a bow around her head then come to you saying - SUPRISE! I'M YOUR PRESENT!
Can you imagine although we have been close friends for the 14th year now, we have NEVER gave each other a birthday gift.

In other words, we are just very cheapskate.

Eh, Shiny if you're reading this, year 14th the number very sueh so don't buy this year la..

Okaylah. This has been a long whiny irritating disturbing and pointless post.
Yet another dose of cheap entertainment from Jess the Great.

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