Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!

Ah... It's that time of the year again. The time of the year when we actually enjoy watching television ads, the time of the year when Mandarin oranges becomes a staple food AND when your neighbours inconsiderately belt out Chinese oldies on their karaoke machine with their 'malaysian-idols-rejects' friends at 1 in the morning hoping their melodious voices would bring in 'choi san ye' (God of Prosperity) .

Ask me how I slept that night. I packed up my pillow and comforter and spent the night in the attic. Although a hot, humid night without air-conditioning, I would much prefer that than listening to cows belching gas into the face of a donkey which goes ' HEEEE-HAWWWW HEEEE-HAWWWWW '.
YES! That was what their singing sound like.

But c'mon, let's not be so negative this festive season shall we..

Every kid loves Chinese new year, or any festive celebration for that matter. We get ang pows, endless source of cookies and sweets, plus we always get compliments from relatives -
1. "Wah..Dai go zho lo..." which means
Wah...grow big already lorrr...
(grow big as in the growth in general okay..)

2. "Wah...Dai zho, bak zho yau leng zho lo..." which means
Wah...grown, fairer and prettier/handsomer already lorrr which also means
Wah...used to be so short, black and ugly one also can become good looking now.
Miracle lorrr...

But then again...let's not be so negative...

Chinese New Year always meant good food. It is because during this festive season, everything is considered prosperous. An expensive meal - RM 888, no problem... Very 'ong' (auspiscious) number mer.. Good to kick start the new year!
After this meal, we are all going to be 'ong'.
That is after we settle the credit card bill worth RM 8888.

Now here's some good news.

According to Chinese astrology, the dragon and the tiger are the two zodiacs which will be the luckiest for the year. Here's what I found on Yahoo!

The Dragon is supposed to be a lucky sign, and you'll prove it! Several lucky stars shine on your every endeavor, and both Pig and Fire favor you.
Dragon Rating
69% (1 neutral, 1 unfavorable and 10 favorable months)
Dragon Career
Smooth sailing. Sales people and anyone on commission could be in for a nice bonus.
Dragon Relationships
Lucky in love. If you've been looking for a new love interest, this could be the time you find it. It's a great time for a wedding.
Dragon Health
Not likely to experience any new, health significant problems. If you're really lucky, an existing one might even be cleared up.
Dragon Wealth
A significant amount of money could come your way, perhaps an unexpected inheritance.

There is one unfavourable month though. It isn't stated but I really hope it isn't December. All I wish for this year is my 4As.... Please please please.....

Without fire crackers to play with, it has been quite a quiet cny. Very empty without that 'Gong Hei Fatt Choi' noisiness spirit. I remember when I was younger, everyday after dinner me and my cousins would play with fire crackers across the streets in this open hall space. We would make a mess everywhere then send our maids to clean it up. Spoiled brats... Sometimes we would try to light the fire cracker inside those huge bamboo basket for disposing garbage and see what would happen. Most of the time the garbage will catch fire and sent the whole basket in flames, sending our maids yelling and waving frantically.

Alright. This has been very whiny and sarcastic.

Conclusion - One day Jess is gonna be the Grinch who stole Chinese New Year.

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