Thursday, February 15, 2007


As you would have know, Valentines has came, conquered, and went by. I was late to school in the morning, and I actually heard the radio calling Valentines the singles' awareness day for all singles in the world. So very true.

You can label my relationship as 'it's complicated' but I had really enjoyed today. For me, just being able to spend time with someone special is already awesome.
Valentines - the perfect excuse to sink my teeth into those guilty pleasures. Dark chocolate with marshmellows washed down with Starbucks coffee...
I also learned how to bake cheese cake from Yik Peng! Thanks Y.Peng!
Now I can bake my own, then indulge in the calories when I'm sad and lonely the next valentines. hehe

Although many people call Valentines a rip-off totally commercialize celebration created by the filthy-rich Hallmark, I still think there has to be some special meaning in this day for many. It need not be an expensive dinner or rip-off 'valentines special rings' with a RM1000 price tag. It can be a burnt self-made dinner and a pretty (cheapskate) broomstick.
Yes. You heard me right. (Cheapskate) Broomstick.

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Not the Harry Potter one. Whatever Nimbus-3000.
Not the Sabrina teenage witch one also la.
But I thought the last episode she was using a vacumn cleaner instead of a broomstick already. Witches nowadays also know how to be canggih okay..

So pretty right the (cheapskate) broomstick in the pic? The 'burnt dinner & broomstick' are one of the few stories featured in R.AGE V-Day's issue. But mind you, all of those mentioned above are gift options for GIRLS ONLY.

If you are a girl, you give him a (cheapskate) broomstick, he will laugh and say thanks.
If you are a girl, you wanted to make him a nice meal but burnt the house down instead, he will laugh forcefully and say tak apa lah..


If you are a guy, you give her a bloody cheapskate broomstick, she will freakin' whack the crap out of you with the freakin' broomstick.
If you are a guy, you burnt her house down in the process of making her a romantic dinner,

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J : "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?".

R : "Oh thy fair Juliet, thy have torched down our cottage. We now have nothing but clothes on our back."

J : "Oh thou foolish man! What do thou think thou art doing trying to cook?"

R : "My fair Juliet, a nice dinner was what thy want to give thou for Valentines."


And Romeo never saw Juliet ever again. Romeo spent the rest of his life begging on the street while Juliet married another fat, bald and rich man who have gourmet chefs to cook her valentines dinner.

Never say we didn't warn you first, guys.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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