Thursday, February 08, 2007

When your palms are sweating, feeling a billion tons of pressure upon your brain, glancing at the watch every five minute, anticipating (or not) the next Chemistry paper while faced with a zillion of mind boggling Chemistry/Biology questions, did you say -

I can't do this anymore! I must be more hardworking, not procrastinate and study last minute like this!!

Did you???
hehe. Just admit you did.

And then. Did you really do as you said?
hehe. Just admit you didn't.


For Jess Loke. Somehow, no one believes when I say I don't study for exams. People will go, lie one la you.. Only my most beloved knows that I never do study for exams. Gosh. Only when I reach the school, I will go, eh, what paper are we having today?

I really don't get why some people are so kiasu. C''s just a paper. With couple of numbers on it. Numbers that might be in red. Boldly written in your report book. That will be seen when examined by your parents! Ahhh....


I really thank God for giving me parents who doesn't push me like hell to study. They give me the freedom to play and run around the house in circles until I'm tired and decided to sit down and study. However, most of the time when I'm tired of playing I'll just lie down on my bed, reading a novel then doze off with the lights on, salivating on the novel next to my head.

That is how I spent this exam week. Every night without fail, the same thing.

Sorry about the library's novel people. Some of my precious DNA is on it.

Somehow I'm more rajin when there isn't an exam. I don't know why. It's like when exam is here you get that 'study later lah' syndrome. Then when you finally sit down you realised there's SO DAMN MUCH more to study! OH NO! LORD HELP ME! Then at that point, you vowed to never procrastinate again. But, the process just keeps repeating itself. It's just so amusing to watch.

I've been wondering if we can just somehow store the feeling of being so pressured without ample time to finish our studies, that exact condition, then we will know how it feels back at usual times and won't repeat that process again. One day I shall invent that technology and become the most kiasu fella on earth. But I guess by that time I'm already old and grey, instead of who will get the highest marks for Biology, the race will be who will die last. We will then all be kiasi (scared to die) instead of kiasu (scared to lose).

Pn P once told me, in this life, you have to kia three things.
1. Kiasu
2. Kiasi
3. Kiabo ( scared of wife)

Interesting theory. Pn P's husband must be really scared of her.

There are just some things in life you can never change. Your height for example.
To people who call Jess (5'4'') short,
1. I've done skipping twice a week continuously.
2. Drink all kinds of chinese herbs which claims that it helps growth.
( perhaps sideway instead of vertically)
3. Hypnotize my legs to grow.

At least my hypnotize techniques works on my brain because it believes that I'm 5'4''.

Defending the short people in the whole wide world -
Stop telling us we're short la okay. It's like telling 'fei mao' he's fat. You think 'fei mao' doesn't know he's fat meh? You dont' think we acknowledge that's we're a few inches shorter than you is it?! Must rub salt in the wound some more. Cis! Bedebah! You think damn fun to pay 10 bucks to sit in the cinema watching only half the screen is it?! You think damn fun to try so hard to reach my hands out towards the touch & go toll booth for few minutes and then give up, getting down from the car to be able to touch then go is it??!!

I'm very ee-mo now.
And shall stop blogging this instant.

Yours truly,
Jess 5'4''

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