Saturday, March 31, 2007


Hmm... I just feel so blah this couple of days. Blah as in relaxed. Blah as in nothing-ness. Blah as in aimless. I've been missing school this week. Twice. Having 4 ulcers and a swollen salivary gland was my excuse. It was complete bliss. No teachers asking me to do work. No acting all stern and goody goody. No need to listen to Pn D lame jokes. No need to reply to anyone cuz' I don't have a voice to. No school. Bliss.

When we see someone, we only see the side that they want to show us, not the side that they hide.
"We lie to others because we're afraid that people will find out who we are faster than we do." - One Tree Hill

I'm currently listening to Rachel Yamagata. It's something really, really good to listen to at night when u just want to think about everything you ever want to think of in bed. No, I'm not talking about fantasizing about people but simply just thinking of life. When you get the sense that you can unfold a story you have in your mind needing absolutely nothing but just pieces of memories captured long ago.

If you have a choice to know a person your entire life, starting from the moment you're born, have your whole life wrapped around that person and likewise, having the person the same way, would you want it? You don't have to seek for a soulmate or seek for love, it's just gifted to you, the moment you're born just like how you were gifted to the other person. Would you choose a life like that? Would love or life be any easier if you weren't given the choices to pick from?
- Read - Jodi Picoult - The Pact

So. Since I can't think of something funny to post. I'll just resort to completing Ken's tag.
Easy way out.

First Quiz

List three things you see when you look to your left
1. toolbox - i've been meaning to clean the desktop fan cooler.
2. my ancient handphone - Nokia 3315
3. toilet door??

Now list three thing to your right
1. ancient canon printer
2. the mouse?
3. curtains?

-this is aimless....

List the last three place you've ate out at
1. food court in court 6
2. kfc in taipan
3. disgusting school canteen
- out of desperation and starvation

List the last three things you bought
1. a pair of ear rings - 2.50 each
2. Norwegian Wood by Hiroku Mukarami - good novel
3. 6.99 seedless grapes at Giant - i LOVE grapes..

List the last three songs you've listened to
1. Rachel Yamagata is still playing - I'll find a way
2. Rachel Yamagata - Be your love - personal favourite
3. Fergie ft Ludacris - Glamarous
- What's the deal with Fergie and spelling all the words out in her songs??

What are your favourite beverages
1. Kiwi juice
2. Green tea
3. COFFEE....................

- Sadly my mum has recently set me a new diet. No more coffee in the morning before school. I'm now required to drink a glass of fresh milk every morning. I've been going without coffee for 2 weeks now. That explains my lack of enthusiasm....

What are your favourite TV shows
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. CSI

What are your favourite desserts
1. Green Tea Ice Cream
2. Lemon Cheesecake
3. Jello...........

- I miss being able to have jello after every meal at BRATs camp!!! Jello plus the so sweet pineapple.. *drools............*

What are your favourite hobbies
1. Writing
2. Watching a good, meaningful movie
3. Music

Who are your favourite musicians
1. The Fray
2. The Corrs
3. The Flintstones??

- Nah.... There are so many musicians that I love who play such great music. Personally, I really enjoy jazz and bossa. Stan Getz is SO talented. And Nina Simone is phenomenal. Diana Krell has an amazing voice.
Gosh. You guys must be dozing off reading this post. I wonder who created this tag.
[note to Ken : your secret admirer (stalker) tag you to know every single creepy little detail about you]

Second Quiz

Type your first name and the word 'needs' in Google and copy the first ten result.

1. Jess Needs Sexual Healing
- I so do not.
2. Jess needs a bit of shock treatment.
- what in the world is shock treatment
3. Jess needs a fucking miracle.
- who doesn't?
4. Jess needs activity, and lots of it.
- WOW. What kinda activity are we talking bout here
5. Jess needs kleenex???
- Just thank God its not Jess needs Kotex, and lots of it.
6. Jess needs to go to the toilet frequently.
- Officially speechless

Alright. I'm too lazy to go to ten. That's all you need to know about Jess.
Jess needs a shocking, fucking, sexual miracle healing with lots of activity and lots of tissue paper for the lots of toilet activity.


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