Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Proudest Moments of Jess' Life
- In her sixth-form life
- So far...
- Mostly last week pictures....

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This is my class. 6A/2007. If you ask me to take up a challenge in life, this would be it, form 6. Frankly there is no one in this class that came in not gripping a hard fist vowing to study like they have never before. I've never felt more pressured in my life to actually study for an exam and taking the effort to actually understand something taught in class. Nobody talks about foundation or mascara or even dota here. I'm dead serious. All we ever talk about is tomorrow's PEKA, today's math homework and yesterday's Chemistry test.
There you have it - the kings and queens of the kiasu(s).

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MPT5&6 2006. What more can I say?

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I'm proud of having the willpower to keep my hair long for the first time. While also saving money for not having a haircut for 8 months. Killing two birds with one stone. Chun leh...

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My beloved biology project.
- We were required to collect and identify 25 plants and 25 insects sample.
- Plus preserve everything according to the manual - so that the dead bugs wont rot and stink up the entire school.

Gosh..words can't describe how much torture it gave us. Well, truthfully it was partially caused by our procrasting nature. Saying partially here is an understatement... What other groups took 3 months to complete, 3 long persistent, hard-effort-working months, my group took 3 days. Ya..we wanted to show off what people could do, we can do it with superhuman speed.. But you see, in the technology-savvy age, we manage to complete it on msn until 5 in the morning that our project was due.

Shiny : Crap! What stupid plant is this?
Me : Sigh...I help you with one la..
(My head was already filled with images of man-eating bugs from identifying bugs the entire day)
Shiny : (Shows it to me through the webcam) Nah.
Me : Looks like morning glory..just put that name lah
Shiny : Fine...Wait wait... One more one more!
Me : Alright. One more...
Shiny : (Sends a digital picture of one plant)
(then another) ( then another) ( then another)
Me --->

Of course I didn't really fell asleep or I wouldn't be talking to you here today for I would be buried 6 feet under Shiny's house.

The next proudest thing I always do in the Chemistry Lab is conducting my own experiments.

Fortunately, my Chemistry teacher, Pn L, shares the same curiousity for science alike mine. I would mix any excess chemical I have left from my experiments and see whether I can create an explosion or something. Or other more creative ideas like - Will Shiny face still be looking like that (retarded) if I splash the ribena-coloured-very-oily solution onto her?

However I believe in life, it's the people around you who's constantly molding you into the person you are now. Like what they say ' People come and go, but they will always leave footsteps in your heart ' It's something like that, c'mon give me a break. Therefore, the proudest thing ever in my life is having all of you guys in my life. I know I'm always a brat who's always coming up with evil schemes to prank you guys, but deep deep DEEP down, I'm a good soul with overflowing love from my heart for you guys...

Wow...I can almost imagine the overflowing vomit coming out of you guys' mouth...

Without further ado, these people are 'my people'
-This is not for the faint-hearted

our dumbness. auto-timer.

We would do anything for each other.

Even hold the phone for Tracey when her hands are dirty.
For half an hour.

When someone is sleepy during class.
We would try to look excited to perk him/her up.

Or sometimes more violent.

If you've watched closely, the impact of the hit was pretty big. My head moved from middle of that black line to front of it. And that Buddha's palm slap came from Shiny. The other thing I'm proud of is being able to sleep so stably. And Tracey is always messaging during tuition classes.

Time's up.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Official Proudest Moment of My Sixth Form Life -

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