Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beauty - Skin Deep?

Every week Shiny and I, together with a bunch of yahoo's, will go to Petaling Street, KL, for tuition. Yes.. We deserve an award for being so bloody hardworking... During the 40 minutes bus ride, we will talk about just any kind of crap/gossip going on in school.

During this one day while we're stuck at the horrible rush hour jam, Shiny and I thought of this question -

"If you were given a chance to determine your inner and outer beauty, given only 10 points, what would the ratio be?"

Shiny picked - 7 : 3 - 7 on the outside. 3 on the inside.

Tracey and I both picked 6 : 4 - 6 on the outside.

Before you scoff and judge us, ask yourself, sincerely, what would be your pick?

Do you really value inner beauty more than your physical one? Or more importantly the bigger question is do we ALL value what's inside more than what can be deceiving to the eye?


Now a few of my pictures for your entertainment.
-courtesy of Jo-

kakak saya macam retarded sikit.hehe

kakak saya yang muka sudah hitam gelitam itu kata:

kayu ini akan bernilai 1000 juta 10 tahun nanti.

lepas tu dia tari-menari dan tak henti kata

"ngiek ngiek ngiek"

-Someone's been spying on me-

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Historical Day for SMK Seafield

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Finally! After 7 years of waiting under the bloody hot sun, a fire FINALLY HAPPENED!" - Ragu

Sigh. I don't know where to start. It's my school. My damn school for God's sakes. I'm the God damn Head Girl. DAMMIT.

Give me a minute to clear this depression and give you the story you're anticipating.

It was a lovely Thursday. I had some 'business' to do on that particular morning and there wasn't any classes before recess, thus, I only arrived school at 9.50am. I went upstairs to my classroom - the classroom you see beside that smoking toilet is empty, awaiting arrival of lower-sixers, the one right beside it is my classroom - to put my bag and then went back downstairs to do some work.

Being the kiasu fellas my class was, everyone was quietly completing our math homework without a care in the world. It was until few of my friends, Hsin Sian and Foong Ping stepped out of the class to go to the toilet, that they saw the black, black smoke emitting through that abandoned toilet which serves as a storeroom now.

Without hesitation, they ran down to the discipline room and notify the first discipline teacher they saw there!

HS : CIKGU! CIKGU! *shaking her shoulders vigourously*
*points* ADA API!!!!

Pn V : *started gasping loudly* Hah...... Keluar! Keluar!
PERGI....PADANG.... *started breathing loudly*

Pn V was clearly showing signs that she might faint any moment and needed the pregnant lady's first aid - the one where you breathe through a paper bag.

Next Hsin Sian became my class hero when she rushed upstairs to notify my class about the fire. As our class was closest to the fire, and being form-sixers, our precious life was at stake and SMK Seafield can't afford to lose kiasu(s) like us!

Hsin Sian ran with all her might back to our classroom only finding the whole class was still oblivious to the thick black smoke as everyone was deeply enthralled in our math homework.

HS : CLASS....GOT FIRE! RUN..............................

Class : *blink blink*

HS : REALLY ONE AR................

Class : *few girls walk out of the class*

A few form4 guys who have been awaiting the chance to break that fire emergency alarm glass finally got a chance to show their macho-ness. However, that thing ain't as easy to break as we thought it was.

Guy 1 : *punches it with the hand* WALAO! DAMN PAIN!

Guy 2 : Who ask you so dumb.
* grabs a stone and start whacking the thing like mad*

Different people react differently towards emergencies like that. When I heard an explosion then the alarm rang, I was right outside another toilet waiting for my friend at the ground floor.

*alarm rings*
First thought - Fire drill ar..

*looks up* OMG! SO MUCH SMOKE!

*looks up at the stairs* People running down.
A sounds comes out of nowhere - "API! API!"

For half a minute, I was just dumbfounded. Seriously. I just stood there and stare at the smoke and people coming down the stairs. It's like everything feels so surreal.
My brain is saying - C'mon..this can't be real.. Wah..the school is really going all out on training our students to do the fire drill seriously...

Another voice came out of nowhere - "EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!"

Then it struck me, this is real.

Brain :
Jessica Loke Jessica Loke....
Why didnt you just place the bag inside the discipline room when you just came to school..
Why why why...
My books...
*sobs* *sobs*

Third thought - flash back to last week
Class Monitor - Chee Hee :
Class today during WBS (waktu belajar sendiri) we have to do the fire drill.

Shiny : Don't want la.. This is the only time we get to do our homework you know..

Me : Yalah...I'm here for 7 years d la.. Not like a fire is gonna happen


And all this while I'm still standing at the same spot staring at the thick black smoke emitting from the building. Then I suddenly realised my friend is still in the toilet! Quickly, another prefect and I, notify all the clueless people in the toilet. Their expression on the face was like - wtf.

And I guess the worse way to die is when a disaster struck while you're in the toilet. Seriously! It's one of my fears at home like when I'm doing business no.2 in the toilet then a plane crashes onto my house! That's why I never spent too long in the toilet and squeak whenever I hear a plane flying by my house while in the toilet.

After getting the toilet people out to the field came my forth thought.
-flash back to day before yesterday-

Dearest MunLok and I was on a mission to find out about stolen hand phones. So me and him went around the most secluded corners of the school. That's when we discovered that room - the one which is on fire as even more useless thoughts flash out my mind. The room was supposed to be locked but the chain that was around the grill door was loose, thus, even MunLok who has the club bouncer body could slip through the grill and go inside.

The toilet was rumoured to be haunted many years ago. As we inspect what's inside I was scared as hell and was ready to jump into MunLok's arms any moment. There was old wooden tables stacked up high inside, bundles of past year buku ponteng(s) AND THINNER! LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRA STRONG THINNER - the ones inside tins not bottles! All of those stuff was placed together at the sink area. We walked to the cubicle area and the toilet bowl was black in colour. haunted haunted haunted.....

Me : *damn scared*
MunLok.. Why are the toilets black in colour?
It's like something exploded inside...

ML :
Aiyah nothing one la.. Could be just cuz' no one used for a long time d..

There was also cigarette butts inside the cubicles which suggest students have been going inside regularly to smoke. I made a mental note to remember, remember, remember to notify Pn U. And then the bell rang and I got an important appointment, so I made another mental note to remember, remember, remember to notify her first thing in the morning.

Walking around doing work as usual for teachers.... Aiyah! Nearly forgot! Went to see Pn U. Then she told me to see Pn C to do something bout' the matter... I went to look for Pn C 3, 4 times, couldnt find her.. And then school ended once again...


Shut up. I feel guilty enough already okay so don't even mention this in front of my face.

Back to the story. As I said, different people react differently during emergencies. Now we shine the limelight to Shane and his two posse.

Shane : *points*
Look! There is a fire! Looks like it's a job for Shane the Mane!

They manage to obtain one of those fire extinguisher hanging outside classrooms and ran to the scene.

Guy #1 : Oh no! The door is jam!

Shane : C'mon! Kick it! *aims fire extinguisher*

Guy #2 : It's not working!

Shane : I don't care! We must put out the fire!

They were then evacuated by prefects at that area.
[Note to Shane : Eh. Later the door blast open with the fire out onto your pretty face, it'll be disfigured one ar..]

Another ex-form5 who happened to be in school ran upstairs upon hearing there was a fire and was stopped by a prefect.

Simon :

OMG... Guys.. Please control your hormones...

-6A Emergency First Thoughts-



WeiJie : MY BUNS!


The fact that our class was so close to the fire, 90% of us were worried that our math homework would be destroyed by fire or destroyed in the process of saving the fire by water. JLoi couldn't imagine the pain of having to redo her math work as quoted in her blog. WeiJie seriously left the place with his buns and the same goes for RongYao with his calculator.

Conclusion :
6A tidak mementingkan diri sendiri tetapi makanan dan kerja sekolah mereka.

To let you in on a secret. While evacuating students, I went back to class and move my bag to 6B. I know it's dumb but there are worth few hundred bucks okay! And some notes are priceless!

Lucky for us, Pn N's husband who works in MPSJ caught a glance of the smoke from our school even before we noticed it and called the fire department.

Mr X :
Hmmm.. What is my wife doing now?
*picks up binoculars*

So romantic.....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The good news is the fire didn't spread to my classroom. And bad news is everybody's hating me now for not moving their bags and math homework for them.

The few Heads got to went in the room yesterday to clear some things. The condition of the toilet is very bad. Toilets also melted along with the doors which only have the metal frame left. Asbestos from above cracked and collapsed down. Steel frames from the ceiling also fell. The place really gave me goosebumps. Creepy....Still haunted..... I'll show you the pictures later, for now alot of things is still in confidential matter.

What would your first thought be in an emergency like this?

dumb jo thinking

Friday, April 06, 2007

-Excerpt from Jo's blog-

i feel sad. :(
i never had a barbie doll :(
okay that was a lie. i had one, but jess cut all her hair off. she said that it will grow back but it never did :(((((((((((( liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar. she also cut my bunny soft toy's hair. :(
Yup. I used to believe that my teddy bears and dolls' hair would grow.
Thus, my room now is filled with freaky looking botak dolls and bears.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Life still back in school

This post is dedicated to all my beloved friends who went off happily to college and laugh at us who still do wear school uniform yet fret everyday for half an hour in front of the mirror wondering what should they wear to school.

Yes. People do notice if you wear the same jeans back to college for two days in a row.

Everyday I wake up at 6, dress up, eat then drive to school. Morning briefing for prefects starts at 7.05am, that's when the long day begins.

I would sound like a old hag when I say " What's happening to the world today? " But it's very true. With each new batch of students that enter school, the worse students have seem to become.
Television? Computers? Here in school we got discipline files in action!
We got girls spreading rumours that she's pregnant cuz' she's LOA or LOL (lack of love). She even confessed that she did it happily. We got guys taking pictures of other guys in the toilet.

Son : Daddy. I got suspended.
Dad : Huh?! Why?!!
Son : I got caught snapping pics in the toilet of other guys.
*mum faints*

I bet you ain't got that entertainment in college huh!

Other times we get to conduct spot checks on people who manage to keep coming up with incredibly creative ideas on keeping their hand phones.

1. Inside underwear. Very uncomfortable though.
[note : People who do so walks like penguins. They also grab their crotch every now and then]

2. Wrap in layers and layers of paper. Throw it out of the class window and wish that it lands safely.
- I rather let the prefects take it.

3. Randomly pass it to some afternoon session girls.
- Needless to say, that girl never came back with his phone.

I guess the best place is still in the bra (or in between the you know where). Of course this can only be applied to girls with a 'fully developed' bosom. Next thing you see, their 'fully developed' bosom becomes rectangular in shape.
Or square bras for sale...

There's just so much drama in school.
My discipline teacher sounded so happy when she called cuz she missed school for one day for medical reasons.
No need to hear students lame excuses...

Why you skipped school on the 4/2/07 ?
- Period pain.
Why were you late to school?
- Period.
Why weren't you in class?
- Period leak.
Why always got period?

The wonders of period. Only girls can understand so.

Over here in school, we have air-conditioning too okay. We have it in the library, Makmal Bestari, APD room, Headmaster room and last but not least, the school hall.

(In toilets we got wall fans. Ya I'm serious. Dont know what is it for. Air the stinky toilet??)

After many, many, many years of fund raising Carnival Days, we finally have a fully air-conditioned school hall. Eh, I tell you it's not cheap and easy okay, unlike you rich college brats who have your parents pay your air-conditioning in college, we earn these air-cond ourselves, our sweet, sweet, sweet fruits of labour.

-Drift memory back to 3 years ago-
-While still a very semangat-ted young, cute, adorable school girl-
I put on my school t-shirt and walk out my house with a bag of carnival day coupons, with high spirits deciding that I could sold all of them. (Okay lah, was 10 booklet of coupons) So came this man holding this big, black dog. Like the one from Harry Potter with three heads. With much caution I approach this nice man to buy my coupons. With much delight, he smiled and say OKAY! It was when he reached into his pocket for money, his grip on the dog collar slipped!

OMG. I got the fright of my life. I was nearly eaten by this big black beast while attempting with much kindness of my heart to raise funds for my beloved school. I should be given some kind of award or something. And that was pretty much my few last attempts to sell coupons to strangers.

So back to now. You guys in Seafield got air-conditioning in the hall because of ME!

However, after today's experience, many sixth-formers would be quite afraid of taking examinations in the air-conditioned hall.

No air-cond you complain damn bloody hot.
Got air-cond you complain freakin cold.

It was so cold that students start squating outside the hall like beggars (even though the longkang smelled like kari) upon completing their examination paper. Sadly I didn't have a camera with me or you would laugh out loud watching this scene. Some of us were cuddling our body tight desperately trying to warm ourselves up in the hall while many others quietly shift their table bit by bit during the exam away from the direct contact from the air-cond. Hahaha...

One of our friends was really nice though and rushed home to get sweaters during the 20 minutes break. In the end, people's attention was diverted into searching for warmth instead of our so very important trial paper.

And I'm still heart-broken over the essay which I didn't have enough time to complete.
When Mr G announced that there was only 4 mins left, I was only at the third paragraph.
So sad lah.....
So, so, so, so sad lah.....

Quick people.
Cheer me up by sponsoring me to go to college.
but need to buy me jeans also cuz I only got 1