Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beauty - Skin Deep?

Every week Shiny and I, together with a bunch of yahoo's, will go to Petaling Street, KL, for tuition. Yes.. We deserve an award for being so bloody hardworking... During the 40 minutes bus ride, we will talk about just any kind of crap/gossip going on in school.

During this one day while we're stuck at the horrible rush hour jam, Shiny and I thought of this question -

"If you were given a chance to determine your inner and outer beauty, given only 10 points, what would the ratio be?"

Shiny picked - 7 : 3 - 7 on the outside. 3 on the inside.

Tracey and I both picked 6 : 4 - 6 on the outside.

Before you scoff and judge us, ask yourself, sincerely, what would be your pick?

Do you really value inner beauty more than your physical one? Or more importantly the bigger question is do we ALL value what's inside more than what can be deceiving to the eye?


Now a few of my pictures for your entertainment.
-courtesy of Jo-

kakak saya macam retarded sikit.hehe

kakak saya yang muka sudah hitam gelitam itu kata:

kayu ini akan bernilai 1000 juta 10 tahun nanti.

lepas tu dia tari-menari dan tak henti kata

"ngiek ngiek ngiek"

-Someone's been spying on me-


jessieloi said...

Ooi.Budak giler.

jessLoke said...

hehe.u are the giler one.
btw u stil haven't answer my question when i asked u in school.

Anonymous said...

memang giler... biasala kan...


lindley © said...

lol..omg do you look like that in school....=)

joiedevivre~jess said...

if i ever find out ur jo i'll stuff ur comforter down the toilet......


Joanne said...

anonymous tu siapa?that wasn't me la in not joanne..

Anonymous said...

memang giler....