Friday, April 06, 2007

-Excerpt from Jo's blog-

i feel sad. :(
i never had a barbie doll :(
okay that was a lie. i had one, but jess cut all her hair off. she said that it will grow back but it never did :(((((((((((( liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar. she also cut my bunny soft toy's hair. :(
Yup. I used to believe that my teddy bears and dolls' hair would grow.
Thus, my room now is filled with freaky looking botak dolls and bears.


Agloco Center said...

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jessieloi said...

You EVIL sister!!!!
You wanna cut also cut lah your own one.

jess said... i really did believe it would grow back,or i just made myself believe it lah.
if we were childhood friends i would probably have convince you to have let me cut ur dolls' hair too.

jessieloi said...

if we were childhood friends, and I let you cut my barbie doll's hair, we'll be sworn enemies now.

Anonymous said...

Crazy 'Naive' *young* girl... *cough cough*

jess said...

hey. i STILL am naive n young.
who are u...........

jess said...

jessieloi we wont be sworn enemies. im too nice.and being the very good, loyal friend you are you would bring me more barbie dolls' hair to cut.i once thought of a career as a hair stylist.weird.long long time ago.