Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Life still back in school

This post is dedicated to all my beloved friends who went off happily to college and laugh at us who still do wear school uniform yet fret everyday for half an hour in front of the mirror wondering what should they wear to school.

Yes. People do notice if you wear the same jeans back to college for two days in a row.

Everyday I wake up at 6, dress up, eat then drive to school. Morning briefing for prefects starts at 7.05am, that's when the long day begins.

I would sound like a old hag when I say " What's happening to the world today? " But it's very true. With each new batch of students that enter school, the worse students have seem to become.
Television? Computers? Here in school we got discipline files in action!
We got girls spreading rumours that she's pregnant cuz' she's LOA or LOL (lack of love). She even confessed that she did it happily. We got guys taking pictures of other guys in the toilet.

Son : Daddy. I got suspended.
Dad : Huh?! Why?!!
Son : I got caught snapping pics in the toilet of other guys.
*mum faints*

I bet you ain't got that entertainment in college huh!

Other times we get to conduct spot checks on people who manage to keep coming up with incredibly creative ideas on keeping their hand phones.

1. Inside underwear. Very uncomfortable though.
[note : People who do so walks like penguins. They also grab their crotch every now and then]

2. Wrap in layers and layers of paper. Throw it out of the class window and wish that it lands safely.
- I rather let the prefects take it.

3. Randomly pass it to some afternoon session girls.
- Needless to say, that girl never came back with his phone.

I guess the best place is still in the bra (or in between the you know where). Of course this can only be applied to girls with a 'fully developed' bosom. Next thing you see, their 'fully developed' bosom becomes rectangular in shape.
Or square bras for sale...

There's just so much drama in school.
My discipline teacher sounded so happy when she called cuz she missed school for one day for medical reasons.
No need to hear students lame excuses...

Why you skipped school on the 4/2/07 ?
- Period pain.
Why were you late to school?
- Period.
Why weren't you in class?
- Period leak.
Why always got period?

The wonders of period. Only girls can understand so.

Over here in school, we have air-conditioning too okay. We have it in the library, Makmal Bestari, APD room, Headmaster room and last but not least, the school hall.

(In toilets we got wall fans. Ya I'm serious. Dont know what is it for. Air the stinky toilet??)

After many, many, many years of fund raising Carnival Days, we finally have a fully air-conditioned school hall. Eh, I tell you it's not cheap and easy okay, unlike you rich college brats who have your parents pay your air-conditioning in college, we earn these air-cond ourselves, our sweet, sweet, sweet fruits of labour.

-Drift memory back to 3 years ago-
-While still a very semangat-ted young, cute, adorable school girl-
I put on my school t-shirt and walk out my house with a bag of carnival day coupons, with high spirits deciding that I could sold all of them. (Okay lah, was 10 booklet of coupons) So came this man holding this big, black dog. Like the one from Harry Potter with three heads. With much caution I approach this nice man to buy my coupons. With much delight, he smiled and say OKAY! It was when he reached into his pocket for money, his grip on the dog collar slipped!

OMG. I got the fright of my life. I was nearly eaten by this big black beast while attempting with much kindness of my heart to raise funds for my beloved school. I should be given some kind of award or something. And that was pretty much my few last attempts to sell coupons to strangers.

So back to now. You guys in Seafield got air-conditioning in the hall because of ME!

However, after today's experience, many sixth-formers would be quite afraid of taking examinations in the air-conditioned hall.

No air-cond you complain damn bloody hot.
Got air-cond you complain freakin cold.

It was so cold that students start squating outside the hall like beggars (even though the longkang smelled like kari) upon completing their examination paper. Sadly I didn't have a camera with me or you would laugh out loud watching this scene. Some of us were cuddling our body tight desperately trying to warm ourselves up in the hall while many others quietly shift their table bit by bit during the exam away from the direct contact from the air-cond. Hahaha...

One of our friends was really nice though and rushed home to get sweaters during the 20 minutes break. In the end, people's attention was diverted into searching for warmth instead of our so very important trial paper.

And I'm still heart-broken over the essay which I didn't have enough time to complete.
When Mr G announced that there was only 4 mins left, I was only at the third paragraph.
So sad lah.....
So, so, so, so sad lah.....

Quick people.
Cheer me up by sponsoring me to go to college.
but need to buy me jeans also cuz I only got 1

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