Friday, May 04, 2007


Did you miss me?

I was having mid-term exams.

I didn't really study though, til' the very last minute.
And I really meant LAST MINUTE.

Monday was my biology exam. Paper2. Paper1 has past and it was a test for my 'shooting skills'. Thus, I felt pretty bad for not studying. Thinking what my would my teacher say if I failed the exam.

Teacher : Why FAIL MY PAPER?

Me : I also didn't want it to happen, yet it did. So how?

Teacher :
I'm going to give you EXTRA HOMEWORK from now on!

Me : BUT... NO...............................................

With that in mind, I decided to at least memorize answers from a book my teacher usually pick exam questions from. And it was 12.05am the day of my biology paper.

I have no idea since when I became so lazy. My mum used to keep me entertained as a baby by playing me taped commercials, only commercials. I was somewhat fascinated by them. If only my mum has played me 'Dora the Explorer' and 'Blue's Clues'. I might be so much more hardworking.


Exam has became such a happy time for me.
I enjoy watching people fret and study yet can't manage to answer the exam questions. Hahahahahaha.... Damn wicked...

Shiny : How was your paper? Okay ah?

HengLi : Normal lah.. Don't know how to answer lah..

Me : Haiyoh. At least don't sleep la! Make an effort to copy somebody's else answer!

HengLi : No point. Nobody know how to do.

I know ShangShi is gonna hate me for repeating this so many times.
But I'm doing it anyway.

Me : Eh. How was the chemistry paper?

ShangShi : So easy!

ShukChing : What?! Not enough time to finish!!!

ShangShi :
So easy what.. Just write my name on the paper then go to sleep d...

Shiny :
Oh. Then when the teacher announce there's 5 more minutes, wake up and write the date.

Exams, exams, exams

Before you leave, feel free to take MY exam.

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Like Carol said - "Happy Banging!"


Josh said...

Hey Jess! It's Josh here. I just created a new blog, thus! You have to check it out.

Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

jess said...

okay joshy...for u only...