Thursday, May 24, 2007

Humour in Class 6A ('s Teacher)

6A being terrorized by class teacher

the devil himself

So, sadly, this is my class teacher - Mr K.
He asked to take the picture from the angle which he has most hair.
But, sadly again, we tried our best.

Initially in January when he became our class teacher, we tried to ignore anything or any words related to hair as we figured it was a sensitive issue.


During class one day...

Mr K :
Government people are the most relaxed people. No worries, no stress one. If you want a work that is stress-free, WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. BUT, don't work as a teacher. Teacher's job worse than...

Me : *cuts in* Eh. Mr K. You very stress meh??!

Mr K :
*motions both hands at his head* * looking DAMN drama*

Class : *silence*

Another day...

Mr K :
Why you all don't hand up your passport photos one? Hand up your primary school pictures you will look very cute..

Class : *wtf*

Me :
Eh Mr K. How do you look like when you're in primary school huh?

Mr K : *thinks*

Me : More hair??

Mr K : *stares back*
Not more! P L E N T Y !!!

Since then, we have been making plenty of jokes behind his back.

For example :
1. Mr K gets 50% discount when he gets a haircut.
2. We wanted to present him a Yun Nan haircare centre voucher for Teacher's Day.
3. Then we thought it was bit too expensive, So we decided to buy him a comb and break off the extra 'gigi' since he didn't need so many.

Conclusion :
If you're bald. Just shave botak.

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