Thursday, May 17, 2007

i'm lovin' it - random thoughts

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Teacher's Day

I hope one day they have Happy Jessica's Wallet Day.
I'm so broke.

And you will never know the trouble we went through to make our teacher's present.

It's already 9pm plus and we're still in school uniform.

Honestly, celebrations are great. I mean, when else do you have a reason to gobble down extra-fat food and spend more money at Starbucks.
Which reminds me about my Malaysian University English Test aka MUET examinations.

One word - sigh

What topics would you prepare for a speaking test?

1. What is the main causes of the increasing rate of road accidents?
2. Crime prevention.
3. What can be done to improve our education system?

Instead, I got this -

Eating is Malaysians favourite past time. What is the main factor of it?

To make things worse, the factor I have to speak on was because



School is good. I went to school today. No class at all (for my class lah...) . I think the teachers were burnt out from yesterday's Teacher's Day celebration. After watching all the traditional dances, singing and endless shuffling and break dancing, they still have to go for a 'friendly' bowling game at 2pm. Shuffling is over-rated.

We spent the whole day talking crap. Laugh and talk, talk and laugh, eat and sleep...still, the time was only 9am. So we laugh and talk, talk and laugh, eat and sleep again...still, the time was only 11am.

So we started singing. Not American Idol songs. But the songs we sang during our primary school years. It's weird that we are still able to sing the songs out loud.

We can remember songs that we sang 6 years ago but not the math we learned just yesterday???

And I will continue supporting Melinda Doolittle!!!
I will buy your album! Not the pasar malam one!

How can you vote her off America??!!
I know her neck is a little shorter compared to the other two.

Some more some sites so bad. They said -
"Goodbye neckless woman!"

Lastly, here are some 'cute' pics of my favourite teacher.

our blood, sweat and tears. seriously.

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