Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A New Friend Found

" You walk to the left and you walk to the right, and you walk, and you walk, and you walk all night........... "

Ahh.... Sweet memories....

During the BRATs camp, we even did 'cha cha' to the right and 'fly' to the left.

I wonder if you walk like that in the park, would you really find a new friend.
A rapist more likely.
Or another drunken homeless beggar that walks to the left and right and decided that you're his new friend.

This post is very special. It's dedicated to a new friend I found.

Lately I kept feeling that something is following me. It follows me wherever I go. To the toilet, to the cinema, even into the boys toilet.

FYI - I'm not talking about the 'retarded-yellow-digi-man'.

When I drive my car, sleep in class, or lie down on my bed, it's still there.
I can feel it....growing.....

FYI - I'm not PREGNANT either.

Thus, I decided to investigate the matter. I held a mirror to wherever I went, it failed. I went to a bomoh, she asked me to pay her my life savings.

When I jump, it jumped with me. Like titanic.
When I act cute, it called me fugly. Like Michael Jackson.


IT was an extra chunk of meat on MY ASS!!!

Solutions -
1. I went to a plastic surgeon.
- failed. IT wanted my life savings as well.

2. Negotiate with IT.
- failed. IT wanted me to not eat carbs for a week.

3. Sit on IT hardly and pray it'll go far, far away. Like into the chair.
- the chair also concaved

So no choice lorr.. Now I bounce with it, walk with it and still act cute with it. Fugly already lorr..

Conclusion :

You dumb or ugly?
-Ben's fav line-

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