Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beauty of Life


It's a brand new day!

We should all wear a smile on our face the moment our feet touches the ground. Time flies by so fast that we can barely put a smile on our face to submerge ourselves in the moment we live in.

I just feel so happy.
I'm always happy.

I have an unusual hobby.

When stuck in a traffic jam, I would turn on blue-tooth and try to send a note saying " bad traffic " to anyone available. However, so far I haven't succeeded.

Hmmm... What would other people reply...

" WTF! Stupid! Must provoke me some more is it?! "


" Wanna get out of traffic for some lovin' ? *wink wink* "


" Go die la u! "

So today, once again, I failed.

So I decided to do this -

So I kept posing like this (without the 'orang-gila-wet hair') in the car hoping if someone saw me being so happy, it will cheer them up.

Then some motorcyclist took notice of me.

And kept staring at me like I'm some orang gila.

His motorbike was right beside the driver seat and I was getting really uncomfortable cuz' he seems to be smiling back...

" Look away! Look away! "

" Oh no, what to do? What to do?! "

So I did basically whatever a normal, usual person would do.

Start wiping the dashboard for dust, check my rear-view mirror, check my coin-box for enough change to buy me an ice-cream on the way back from drive-thru McD......anything but look at that 10 bucks pasar malam blue shirt, black dirty helmet, local-branded motorbike perverted smile fella..

If it was a Benz, I wouldn't even mind waving.


" Life's unfair, but it's unfair to everybody and that's what makes it fair. "

At least now I'm reassured that a smile is contagious.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Discoveries

Biology PEKA


Been through several super tiring ordeal this couple of days. My STPM is coming to town.
You better watch out, you better watch out,
you better watch out I'm telling you why,
STPM is coming to town..
He knows when you are dating,
He knows when you are sleeping,
He knows if you are watching tv or playing computer
So just STUDY for goodness sake!
Friday 22nd June

7.25 - 9.50 am Rat Dissection
9.50 - 12.30 noon PEKA Report Due

This is the second time we're dissecting in two weeks time. This coming Friday have to cut again. *sobs sobs* My rat was named "Betty I & Betty II"

Yes, I'm very un-creative, next one gonna be Betty 3.


1. Never pick a rat with a big stomach - PREGNANT.

2. Quoted by Pn D " Be brave, break the bones ! "

3. Try your best to resist the temptation of kissing the rat for a photo.
- My nose felt like it's gonna drop off like Michael Jackson's nose after (accidentally) touching it.
plus I can't afford a new one

On the same day -

Prefect Camp 2007

2.30pm Board bus heading to Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang
It was the same place I went for my very first jungle trekking in form1, also a prefect camp. My group had so much fun spending 8hours trying to figure the way out. Woohoo............

Spent last 3 days there.

Highlights -
1. Watching the teachers pray while on the flying fox.

2. Watching Filla, (a girl's name), cry while we shook the hanging bridge.

3. Watching all the guys' expressions while listening to ghost stories in their dorm.

4. Bathing in numbing cold water everyday, in the presence of gigantic ant - as big as 50 cent coin, together with bats hovering over your head every 3 minutes.

5. Experiencing the feeling of being in a sinking ship.
- the raft that we built.................those guys with me too heavy lah!
6. Having to catch cat-fish in a pool with a tiny basket.
- Whenever I spotted a fish, I screamed and scrambled away.

- The Best of All -

Not having to wash my plates after meals. The wonderful juniors who are running for election will automatically offer to wash for the 3heads.

1. I'm NOT scout material.
- I remember I was so close to being a scout since campfire night.
But turns out at camp, the scouts will sing all night after dinner til' 12midnight.
I can't handle all that singing. Period.
2. Guys are more of a scary cat than girls.
- They all slept two by two in bunks after the 'stories'.
Damn gay........

- The one who looks the most macho is usually the most afraid one.

We decided he needs some toothpaste to be awoken.


Not enough toothpaste pulak...
Anton can brush teeth with sand le...


Sunday, June 17, 2007


* Warning : Long Story Ahead ! *

Now that you guys have been warned. I will go ahead and sing my heart out.

My new found respect for The Scouts.

to be more specific

The 104 scouts of Petaling Jaya Scouts Association from SMK Seafield.

I'm the kinda person who dislike any activity which involves people yelling into my face.
Like scouts for example.

The troop leader will blow the 'whistle?' or some thingamajig and count to 10 and wherever you are, you're suppose to come running lintang pukang to line up in front of the troop leader.

And he/she will most probably yell into your face.

I guess that was the only side of scouts I've know.

Others include -

1. Marching under hot sun almost everyday.

2. Running lintang pukang to troop leader or any senior.

3. Having to complete their thick, thick Log Book with all the details of being a fantastic scout which is a bad idea for me cuz it's like completing my non-existence homework.

To make things not so boring for you guys.
Let me post your favourite pic.

This man.

Is the scouts' teacher advisor.

He was just placed in this year.

*inhale* It was because he was first the golf club advisor but everyone was getting full marks for koku for it and all he did was had one general meeting for the entire year but he replied that was the only meeting and everybody came so of course he have to give everyone 100%. *exhale*

So they place him with the scouts.
Scouts have strong survivor skills. Their body wont die without a teacher advisor's strong presence.

Surprisingly that man, the very same man who recently asked my class to comment on our own report book -

Class : Aren't you suppose to do this?

Mr K : Do yourself la! My time is very precious!

Class : But.....what are we suppose to write???

Mr K :
Write! I fail! I'm a failure. I'm a disgrace to my family. I should commit suicide. I will jump down the building right now.

- that very same man, stayed in school from morning 7am til 12 midnight. And rehearsal on the night before also til 12midnight plus.

7th Annual Campfire Night of the 104 scouts from SMK Seafield

16th June 2007

They made it a school day.

To add salt to the wound.

It rained, drizzled. From approximately 4.30pm til midnight.

At first when it rained at 4.30pm.

Yeah! Rain now rain now!!!!

Means at night no more rain!!!!

5.30 : Still rain still rain...

6.30 : Please stop please stop!!

7.30 : hahahahahahahahahahaha

8.30 : everybody crying..........

Well. Not everyone le. But you know the chain reaction.

The agenda went haywire. Everybody running everywhere. Like chaos in 28 weeks later. The walkie talkies was also going crazy cuz everybody's yelling in it. The stage that was setup the previous night was drenched outside. The PA that was setup hours before at the car park is clueless on what to do.

And every once in a while, you see someone crying.

Until 9pm, when the event started, YuanShuang, the Organizing Chairperson, was still wearing what she wore 6am that day. She was running everywhere in the rain armed with a walkie talkie those 5 gruelling hours.
Lynn Shane was everywhere with an umbrella cuz her station was outside the school. JiaYi the Troop Leader, needless to say was more frustrated and worried than ever.

The 3 of them - True Best Friends.

It's so difficult to find people now who are this honest, this true to each other, this real yet at the same time this capable, this responsible, this leader-like.

It makes me re-think so much about my own position.
How superficial things has become and how fake the person I'm slowly turning into.
Alot of times I wonder if things would really work out.
Whether would it be worth sacrificing for is still another story.

I'm really at a lost of words here.

Sophie Lau. This girl here, I have my upmost respect for.
Without her, the event wouldn't have being able to go on.
She gave such uplifting impromptu speech.

"Please. I'm not asking for your pity, I'm asking for your support. My juniors here, they have prepared since the last campfire night itself. They came every single day during the two weeks school holidays. When you guys were happily on vacation, they were in school everyday. Painting the banner, preparing the backdrop, practicing their performance..."

" The OC of the event cried just now. I mean, who wouldn't? If it's your event, your IU night, and the lights and air-cond got shut off all of a sudden, you would cry too right?"

" So do you think it's right that you guys boo-ed the people up here? C'mon people! This is not the spirit Seafield has taught us! This is not how we're raised! So can we have some support for the people up here? "

This was a small part of it.
Honestly, I really am touched.

When finally everything flow properly until the end, it just felt right.
I know the Fire Performance was cancelled.
I know the Tunnel of Love game was cancelled.
But look at the bright side!
The event was still a success!

The show ended at 11.30pm. And most of the scouts only went home midnight.
And while I'm typing this now 9 in the morning.
They are in school clearing the mess everybody made.

I salute you scouts!

Especially Sophie Lau, Pan Jia Yi, Lim YuanShuang and Foo Lynn Shane.
Thank you for so very much for so very much that you've taught me in a mere 2 days time.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Funny Family

[This part is from Jo's blog]

A few random words from my funny family.

Inspired by Ben :
- at cousin's house -
Watching nephews run around.

Me :
Ben, look!
They are so cute!
Didn't you want a baby brother? It's still not too late now!

Jo : Ya.. Aren't you jealous you don't have one?

Ben : You have what...

[Me : Jo, you're lucky. I have the DOUBLE PACKAGE.]

Inspired by Me :

Ben: You know my friend, a girl, got a bit mustache.

Me: Like you, got a bit boobs.

Inspired by Dad :
- In living room -

Watching E! Entertainment.

Hot Eva Mandes on red carpet on tv.

Dad walks in.

Dad :

Wow! Who's that?

Alba Simpson!


Just like I said.

I'm surrounded by the
funny people.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Very Very Special Funny Friend

Happy Birthday Shiny !!!
* this post is specially for you my darling*
Now don't say you don't love me.
I know you DO!


I just came home from your birthday celebration!
I even sent you home!
I haven't even change yet!
I sat down straight at the computer to type this for you!

Aren't you touched?
*wink wink*

We have known each other since Standard 1.
We have been in the same class for 13 years already.

- 13 W O N D E R F U L years -

Even after SPM also we worked together.

It was all not planned!
We are destined to be together.

After STPM also we will work together.

> Go to the same Uni.
> Study the same course.
> Become hostel roommates.
God tell me one.

Let's see all that we've gone through together.

- just this two years alone -

We caught many bugs together for our project.
More like I did...

Celebrated many (other people's) birthdays together.

Took many horror rides in my car while camwhoring.

Did groceries shopping together all the time.

Went on a HIGH PROTEIN diet together.

In the end, you got thinner.
I got a tummy...
I still forgave you

Was my loyal supporter - the bright side
[My beloved secratary & side-kick]

yes plus kayu & frizzy too...

Went for ALL tuition classes together

Got all ZEROs together as well

What more can I say...

Remember tonight 3 am I'm coming with a ribbon around my head!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sibling Rivalry Sudden Disappearance

My family consist of 5 members.
2 parents. 2 demons.
And me.

I was happy being the only child in the family. Very, very, very happy in fact. Until one day, when I was 2, out came Jo's idiot face.
So I tried my best to share everything the best I can with her.

When I have 2 sweets, I gave her 1.
When I have 2 stickers, I stick both on her butt.
When I have only ONE story book,

I burnt it. So we wont fight over it.

What a good sister...

Things went great. Until 6, out pops Ben.

I remembered clearly when my mum was at the hospital, my dad was clearly handicapped with the whole cooking thing. Poor Jo and I had ketchup with white rice for dinner everyday.
My dad wasn't willing to admit he couldn't cook.
He burnt every dish except the rice (thank Lord)

Me : What's for dinner tonight?

Dad : Rice

Me : With what?

Dad :
Be thankful you still have rice for dinner.
When I was younger, we only had porridge water for meals.

Jo : Why only got rice with ketchup again? Daddy are we poor?

So 3 of us grew up together. Until 2007, Ben left to study in Singapore. While Jo's leaving to MMU in Malacca.

Me :
Hey. My younger siblings are leaving the house before me you know?

JessLoi : Wow. They're much more capable than you.

Me :
Eh. Don't simply say.
Now I get to enjoy the house all to myself, and the service of the maid too.
I'm back being the only child.
The way it should be.
*evil laughter*

LeyYeem : Just admit you're stupid.

I don't have to share the computer. I don't need to watch the remote like a hawk while I'm watching television. I don't have to lock the bathroom toilet when using it.
It's fun.

But. On second thought, no one will laugh with me when I call the fatty on tv a fat byatch. No one to scare at night. No one to cry when I throw their teddy bears out the window.

Sigh. Life's tough.


future hottie