Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Funny Family

[This part is from Jo's blog]

A few random words from my funny family.

Inspired by Ben :
- at cousin's house -
Watching nephews run around.

Me :
Ben, look!
They are so cute!
Didn't you want a baby brother? It's still not too late now!

Jo : Ya.. Aren't you jealous you don't have one?

Ben : You have what...

[Me : Jo, you're lucky. I have the DOUBLE PACKAGE.]

Inspired by Me :

Ben: You know my friend, a girl, got a bit mustache.

Me: Like you, got a bit boobs.

Inspired by Dad :
- In living room -

Watching E! Entertainment.

Hot Eva Mandes on red carpet on tv.

Dad walks in.

Dad :

Wow! Who's that?

Alba Simpson!


Just like I said.

I'm surrounded by the
funny people.

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