Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Very Very Special Funny Friend

Happy Birthday Shiny !!!
* this post is specially for you my darling*
Now don't say you don't love me.
I know you DO!


I just came home from your birthday celebration!
I even sent you home!
I haven't even change yet!
I sat down straight at the computer to type this for you!

Aren't you touched?
*wink wink*

We have known each other since Standard 1.
We have been in the same class for 13 years already.

- 13 W O N D E R F U L years -

Even after SPM also we worked together.

It was all not planned!
We are destined to be together.

After STPM also we will work together.

> Go to the same Uni.
> Study the same course.
> Become hostel roommates.
God tell me one.

Let's see all that we've gone through together.

- just this two years alone -

We caught many bugs together for our project.
More like I did...

Celebrated many (other people's) birthdays together.

Took many horror rides in my car while camwhoring.

Did groceries shopping together all the time.

Went on a HIGH PROTEIN diet together.

In the end, you got thinner.
I got a tummy...
I still forgave you

Was my loyal supporter - the bright side
[My beloved secratary & side-kick]

yes plus kayu & frizzy too...

Went for ALL tuition classes together

Got all ZEROs together as well

What more can I say...

Remember tonight 3 am I'm coming with a ribbon around my head!


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