Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Discoveries

Biology PEKA


Been through several super tiring ordeal this couple of days. My STPM is coming to town.
You better watch out, you better watch out,
you better watch out I'm telling you why,
STPM is coming to town..
He knows when you are dating,
He knows when you are sleeping,
He knows if you are watching tv or playing computer
So just STUDY for goodness sake!
Friday 22nd June

7.25 - 9.50 am Rat Dissection
9.50 - 12.30 noon PEKA Report Due

This is the second time we're dissecting in two weeks time. This coming Friday have to cut again. *sobs sobs* My rat was named "Betty I & Betty II"

Yes, I'm very un-creative, next one gonna be Betty 3.


1. Never pick a rat with a big stomach - PREGNANT.

2. Quoted by Pn D " Be brave, break the bones ! "

3. Try your best to resist the temptation of kissing the rat for a photo.
- My nose felt like it's gonna drop off like Michael Jackson's nose after (accidentally) touching it.
plus I can't afford a new one

On the same day -

Prefect Camp 2007

2.30pm Board bus heading to Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang
It was the same place I went for my very first jungle trekking in form1, also a prefect camp. My group had so much fun spending 8hours trying to figure the way out. Woohoo............

Spent last 3 days there.

Highlights -
1. Watching the teachers pray while on the flying fox.

2. Watching Filla, (a girl's name), cry while we shook the hanging bridge.

3. Watching all the guys' expressions while listening to ghost stories in their dorm.

4. Bathing in numbing cold water everyday, in the presence of gigantic ant - as big as 50 cent coin, together with bats hovering over your head every 3 minutes.

5. Experiencing the feeling of being in a sinking ship.
- the raft that we built.................those guys with me too heavy lah!
6. Having to catch cat-fish in a pool with a tiny basket.
- Whenever I spotted a fish, I screamed and scrambled away.

- The Best of All -

Not having to wash my plates after meals. The wonderful juniors who are running for election will automatically offer to wash for the 3heads.

1. I'm NOT scout material.
- I remember I was so close to being a scout since campfire night.
But turns out at camp, the scouts will sing all night after dinner til' 12midnight.
I can't handle all that singing. Period.
2. Guys are more of a scary cat than girls.
- They all slept two by two in bunks after the 'stories'.
Damn gay........

- The one who looks the most macho is usually the most afraid one.

We decided he needs some toothpaste to be awoken.


Not enough toothpaste pulak...
Anton can brush teeth with sand le...


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