Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beauty of Life


It's a brand new day!

We should all wear a smile on our face the moment our feet touches the ground. Time flies by so fast that we can barely put a smile on our face to submerge ourselves in the moment we live in.

I just feel so happy.
I'm always happy.

I have an unusual hobby.

When stuck in a traffic jam, I would turn on blue-tooth and try to send a note saying " bad traffic " to anyone available. However, so far I haven't succeeded.

Hmmm... What would other people reply...

" WTF! Stupid! Must provoke me some more is it?! "


" Wanna get out of traffic for some lovin' ? *wink wink* "


" Go die la u! "

So today, once again, I failed.

So I decided to do this -

So I kept posing like this (without the 'orang-gila-wet hair') in the car hoping if someone saw me being so happy, it will cheer them up.

Then some motorcyclist took notice of me.

And kept staring at me like I'm some orang gila.

His motorbike was right beside the driver seat and I was getting really uncomfortable cuz' he seems to be smiling back...

" Look away! Look away! "

" Oh no, what to do? What to do?! "

So I did basically whatever a normal, usual person would do.

Start wiping the dashboard for dust, check my rear-view mirror, check my coin-box for enough change to buy me an ice-cream on the way back from drive-thru McD......anything but look at that 10 bucks pasar malam blue shirt, black dirty helmet, local-branded motorbike perverted smile fella..

If it was a Benz, I wouldn't even mind waving.


" Life's unfair, but it's unfair to everybody and that's what makes it fair. "

At least now I'm reassured that a smile is contagious.


Anonymous said...

gila... memang giler...

'orang-gila-wet hair'

really suitable for orang giler...


joiedevivre~jess said...

ur the giler one......
always creepily leave msgs on people's blogs...