Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sibling Rivalry Sudden Disappearance

My family consist of 5 members.
2 parents. 2 demons.
And me.

I was happy being the only child in the family. Very, very, very happy in fact. Until one day, when I was 2, out came Jo's idiot face.
So I tried my best to share everything the best I can with her.

When I have 2 sweets, I gave her 1.
When I have 2 stickers, I stick both on her butt.
When I have only ONE story book,

I burnt it. So we wont fight over it.

What a good sister...

Things went great. Until 6, out pops Ben.

I remembered clearly when my mum was at the hospital, my dad was clearly handicapped with the whole cooking thing. Poor Jo and I had ketchup with white rice for dinner everyday.
My dad wasn't willing to admit he couldn't cook.
He burnt every dish except the rice (thank Lord)

Me : What's for dinner tonight?

Dad : Rice

Me : With what?

Dad :
Be thankful you still have rice for dinner.
When I was younger, we only had porridge water for meals.

Jo : Why only got rice with ketchup again? Daddy are we poor?

So 3 of us grew up together. Until 2007, Ben left to study in Singapore. While Jo's leaving to MMU in Malacca.

Me :
Hey. My younger siblings are leaving the house before me you know?

JessLoi : Wow. They're much more capable than you.

Me :
Eh. Don't simply say.
Now I get to enjoy the house all to myself, and the service of the maid too.
I'm back being the only child.
The way it should be.
*evil laughter*

LeyYeem : Just admit you're stupid.

I don't have to share the computer. I don't need to watch the remote like a hawk while I'm watching television. I don't have to lock the bathroom toilet when using it.
It's fun.

But. On second thought, no one will laugh with me when I call the fatty on tv a fat byatch. No one to scare at night. No one to cry when I throw their teddy bears out the window.

Sigh. Life's tough.


future hottie


yeem said...

hey, i don't remember saying that to you..hehe. I take back what i said k?

jessloke said...

EH.I REMEMBER...............
hehe hi kayu.long time no see d.