Saturday, July 14, 2007

Check Jess Out!

Someone has been stalking me.

I asked the person to.

Look how cool is Loke!!
jess you're damn lame...

This couple of days I've been craving for all the attention in the world.

I wanna look, feel prettier.

I think it's only normal right?

Everybody craves for attention once in a while.
Everybody wanna feel pretty some point in their lives.

Should i straighten my hair?
Should i get some fake eye-lashes?
Should i get contacts?
Should i diet?
And throw in some fake boobs so i will still actually have one?
or two

I mean I'm 18 right?
I have the right to look good and feel the best!

Money and time shouldn't be a restriction!

Majlis Perpisahan Tingkatan 5 & 6 (MPT5) is coming.

Who needs a date?

I promise I will dress to impress!

But frankly I don't enjoy events like this.

You pay a good deal of money for -
1. food your maid can prepare better.
2. mediocre performance.
3. having to dress to impress your date.
4. having to dress to impress everybody.
5. having to compare how good (expensive) you can dress.

So, yes. I hate to dress up.

Even if I may actually look good in the dress,
I will keep tugging at some part of my dress,
feeling as awkward and uncomfortable as ever.

Confidence is the key to.....whatsoever right?
blah.. As if anyone would remember what Oprah says at moments like -
Look at X 500 bucks dress!
mine is 15 from pasar malam...
*makes sure the price tag is off*
Have you seen X, she looks drop dead gorgeous!
= ( I look pretty also.......
X look so different with her 200 bucks make-up!
='( my mummy make up for me very nice also....

During events like this I think we need to be reminded that no one is actually looking at us, everybody is so busy fussing over how they look nobody will actually take their mind of themselves.

And yes, I'm jealous of guys who feel comfortable no matter how they look.

ChietChun picture is next.

Even he got bigger boobs than me.


Guys are dumb.

Cis bedebah...

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