Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Have An Apple

I have an apple,

and you have two,

you give me an apple,

and I have two.

I eat one apple,

and give one back to you,

I don't have any apple,

but you still have two.

Have any of you guys came across this nursery rhyme?

Well I know none of us has the privellege of growing up watching ' dora the explorer or blue's clues' but I'm sure you guys still know your nursery rhymes right?

I can still remember this one til' now.
Everytime I sing it Shiny will ask what's the point of this rhyme??!

I don't know either.


It's like when you only had one apple,
and you tried to create a delusion of having two by taking one from your friend,
just so you can eat yours without feeling guilty.

But at the end, you still have to return the apple to your friend.

If he was your true friend, he would have stop you from eating that apple in the first place.

What a bloody hypocrite.

Speaking of hypocrites.
I just got fitnah and backstabbed today.
I hate inserting unhappy things in my life memories but I really couldnt take it.

Innocent Me :
Oh. I feel like eating an apple, but I only have one.
If I eat this one, I will have none left.

Hypocrite Friend :
Don't worry Jess.
You can have mine.
I have two anyway.

Innocent Me :
Wow. You're such a great friend!

Hypocrite Friend :
nyek nyek nyek...........

Innocent Me * finish eating *

Hypocrite Friend :
Oh sorry. My other friend from Africa has never tasted apples before.
I'm afraid I have to be buruk siku to be generous.

Eminem once said " The best way to avoid being backstabbed is to not turn your back. "


enough said

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