Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Love My Friends

Since today I dont have any 'ilham' for stories today.

I'll just do the simple thing every blogger does to satisfy it's readers.
Post a bunch of pictures and scrutinize them with you.

LeyYeem. That's the only picture of you in this entire post.
The last one in black.

I searched and searched but there wasn't any picture I could find with you looking vulnerable.

Same goes for Carol.
I hate people who takes bloody good pictures.
THUS I hate you both.

The rest of you here I love.

But I just thought of a story of LeyYeem aka Kayu.

There was one day, Carol and I were racing down the streets of Subang Jaya.

LeyYeem & Tracey was with Carol.
Shiny & Loi was with me.

They raced past us once.
All of them turned and wave and make funny faces at us.


We raced past them,

Shiny & Loi :

" They show us finger! Five fingers!!!

(this is how my stupid friends describe waving)

Faster! Show them the middle finger!! "

And they were shocked THUS hit some trees nearby.

Recently when we discuss about the incident...

Shiny : blah blah blah blah blah.....

Me : Ya! And LeyYeem was so shocked we flashed the third finger!

LeyYeem :

*looking puzzled*

third finger...



If you still dont get the joke, nevermind. At least I satisfied myself by embarrassing LeyYeem aka Kayu in my blog.

I'm not so sure of the actual reason we name her Kayu but I know once when we were chasing the rapid KL bus for tuition,

she ran and slam her face right into a signboard.

That is Shiny, Frizzy and JessicaLoke.

Shiny was named by many teachers who couldnt pronounce her chinese name.

And she'll show this ugly face everytime she gets irritated with me.
Which is like every single day.
THUS she became Fugly Shiny.

Whereas Frizzy aka Tracey aka half-brain....
story too long to be told here..

But it has something to do with her hair cuz approximately after 6months she straighten her hair each time, the hair will curl back THUS she will become frizzy.

Even her moustache is frizzy.

This is ET baby.
Check out the size of that forehead!

It didn't stop growing, still growing right now as I speak.
One day this baby had some un-identified growth near her eyes.
Something like this....

Me : Hey Loi! You okay? Studying too much?
Loi : I'm okaylah.
Me : You sure? Watched porn last night is it?
Shiny : No la! She looked into the mirror!
I think after Loi sees this, I will be absent for a couple of days.
She sits right beside me.
Loi. You know I do love you right?
We have the same name!
That has to mean something!
Oh which reminds me another story...
I sat behind her once during the 200people PA tuition..
So being the annoying person I was I kept pulling her hair from behind.
Then Loi got angry.
Loi :
*trying to look as angry as possible*
Jessica Loke. One more time you pull my hair I'm gonna shout your name out loud in the middle of the class.
Me : But.. It's your name too!
I'm sorry Loi.
Please don't headbutt me with your big forehead (7.5cm) when I come back to school.

19th July - Tracey Lim's Birthday!

I know we tease you alot and call you half brain and all,
but we only did so so that you could have a seat in the crowded LRT at the "special allocated place".

Actually there's still HsinSian, Melissa, MingSze, FoongPing, DharDhar, KehLen, ShenNi, Suki, Ting, Chin, Horny...............many many more..............

But "masa tidak mengizinkan"

So until next time,

Love Love Jessica.


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