Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jess is NOT Alpha Female

I saw this stupid test on Shiny's blog and although I think it's stupid, I still have to take it to prove to the world I'm NOT Alpha Female.

The story starts something like that -

We have this teacher, Pn D, who loathes me, Shiny, Tracey and Melissa.

There could be many possiblilities why she hates us,

1. We usually talk (whisper) during her class.
2. We always smile and laugh (very quietly).
3. We sit right in front of her class and have the tendency to fall asleep (only sometimes, we've already tried our best).
4. Melissa is black.

So, one day, she couldn't take it.
She asked for the entire class to rotate our seats.
So she could move us to the back and won't see us anymore.

But one day,
I was in the middle of my very urgent practical report,
I didn't bother to shift my seat for her class.

Thus -

Pn D : Jessica why didn't you shift your seat?

Me : No place behind.

Pn D : Why can't you just change your place? You're disrupting the whole class you know.

Everybody is damn happy at their original seats....

Me : Sorry teacher I'll shift later.

[5 minutes pass......]

Pn D :
Jessica why are you still here?
Because of you everybody seats are disrupted.
You're like the Alpha Female Wolf.
Studies show all the female wolves period will follow the Alpha Female.
You're disrupting everybody's period you know.

Me : *head gonna explode* relunctantly shifts place*

From then on, Pn D has been referring me as the Alpha Female.

Pn D : Where is the Alpha Female?
Pn D : Alpha Female look at your notes.
Pn D : Fire! Fire! Alpha Female!

That's how she attempted to wake me up

And then she laughed hahaha...

Sometimes I come back to class from my duties and I have important news for Shiny sitting behind me, so I kept turning behind to whisper to her.

Carol would scold me saying
" Eh, dont turn behind d le.. Later she call you Alpha Female again.. "

My mind would go
Is that a BIG THREAT??!! "

If naming me Alpha Female is not enough, she referred to me, Shiny, Tracey and Melissa as

the fantastic four

Pn D : Why is the fantastic four smiling?
Pn D : Why the fantastic four must always be together?
Pn D : Why does the fantastic four look so happy?
Pn D : Why is the fantastic four talking to the Alpha Female?

Great.. I'm talking to myself...

Conclusion -

You Have Many Alpha Tendencies

You're not a total alpha female, but you certainly know how to - and like to - get your way.
You're forceful without being intimidating. You're confident without being vain. A perfect mix.

Jess is N O T a bloody Alpha Female who DISRUPTS everybody's bloody period.


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