Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jessica has to Study!

Jessica has another 55 days to STPM trial.

Jessica still has :

14 chapters of Physical Chemistry
15 chapters of Organic Chemistry
5 chapters of Inorganic Chemistry

A total of 34 chapters of Chemistry to study

15 chapters of Volume 1 Biology
16 chapters of Volume 2 Biology

A total of 31 chapters of Biology to devour

16 hardcore chapters of Math to..........i ran out of terms

ALOT of general studies to know, about 10000 topics, being a responsible Malaysian -

Malaysia Boleh... says devour means to eat up greedily or to destroy as if by eating~

I want to devour Pn D with my freakin PEKA rat Betty as dessert.

So it's a grand total of 81 +++ another 10000 chapters to finish in this 55 days.

So don't message asking me to go out.

- I wouldn't ever reply anyway..

Don't talk to me about transformers.

- Hmph... I don't like robots anyway...

Don't ask me to celebrate MERDEKA !!!!

Don't tell me its Visit Malaysia 2007 !!!!!!!!!!

JUST LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I skipped school to study.

I woke up 7am.

Ate breakfast and sat at the dining table motionless til' 8am.

Typed my notes and review them til' 9am.

Then at 9am, I told myself I have a well-deserved break right?

I started playing coffee tycoon, I would play any lame game because people would do anything to procrastinate, even thinking that de-hairing themselves is a more important task.

So I click on the game, I exhale, I keep clicking to release my frustration while making sure I sell lots of coffee while contemplating my chances of succeeding as a kopitiam tycoon.

If I try my best to ignore the clock while playing, I wouldn't know how long it has been thus I can't be blame for playing games for a long time and should not feel guilty right?

Then at 9.05am......

How to describe the sound when the computer shut down?


No electricity.

Then my maid yelled -

" Jessica! Tak ada elektrik hari ini.. Surat ada kata dari 9pagi hingga 5petang tak de elektrik.. "

* WTF *

God wants me to study.
He hear my thoughts.



jAmEs said...

Since your STPM sudah mau mari... i wish u good the luck first la.... and see you shine shine with your results

jessLoke said...

thanks thanks.
and you are .........?

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