Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Joy or Happiness or Perbalahan ?

Today Pn C asked me,

" What's the different between Joy and Happiness? "

I didn't know how to answer.

Well, technically, happiness happens from external factors like when you get A++++ for an exam or when I see Shiny roll down the stairs. Joy however, happens by internal factors, " like when you find peace within yourself " as quoted by Pn C.

I need to find peace within myself???
Stop being so self-centred JessLoke...

Maybe I really do need to find peace...

Although it's really embarrassing and most of you guys reading this already know this but I'm still gonna enter it to the biography of JessicaLoke.

I'm really nervous talking when everybody is listening.
I always fumble somewhere through my speech on stage.

I keep telling myself to go slow, go slow, but my mouth wouldnt listen.

What to do??

Thus, this cause me a HUGE mistake last Monday while I was reading misi sekolah on stage.

When I finish declaring our beloved ikrar pelajar, I exhale and let out my sweat.
I thought to myself...here come's the easier part...

So I read -

Mempunyai 'crictical inquiry'
yes, yes, we need crictical inquiry

blah blah.. mempunyai 'self-esteem' yang tinggi
one stupid boy near the stage keeps laughing..
wait til' I get him later...


untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan PERBALAHAN dunia..


Later, no matter how much I avoided, I still bumped into Pn Ch...

Pn Ch : JESSICA! You cannot pronounce PERUBAHAN IS IT??!!

Me : Sorry teacher, sorry teacher.

Pn T : Yalah...PERBALAHAN is DISASTROUS you know!

Me : Yes, yes I know teacher. Sorry, sorry. *quickly run upstairs*

Then back in class when I just enter...
the blackboard got BIG BIG


So, I tried to explain to the class...

Me :
Class listen! You will think that I'm right someday...

The war is at world!


Forget I ever spoke.

*sits down quietly and cry and be depressed*

Shiny : Eh, maybe someday they will change the misi sekolah you know!

Carol : Ya! Because the WAR IS AT WORLD!

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