Sunday, July 29, 2007

Loneliness of Studying

I've been taking time off to study, study, study, study, study, study, study...........

Studying is quite a lonely thing.

You sit there for hours.
Reading text discovered by people who are already dead.
Wondering why did they ever existed.
If they didnt, you wont be sitting here for hours.

Krebs cycle. Krantz anatomy. Malacca bacteria.

If Mr Krebs and Mr Krantz could have just met and have each other company and diminish both their loneliness by going to Malacca together for chicken rice and gula melaka everyday, these three things wouldnt happen.

Life can be unfair.
Mr Krebs and Mr Krantz never met.
They both dedicated their life to science.
Dedicated to a life of loneliness.

Which brought loneliness to the entire world when they have to study about their discoveries.

Keh Len once asked,
" Who invented the idea of school???? "
" The idea that we have to attend school 5 days a week. "
" Cant the school just be there and we come whenever we like??? "

Usually to beat the loneliness, I would run to my sis room and disturb her.
I would sit on her pillow.
Put her teddy bear under my armpit.
Then throw her teddy bear out the window for some fresh air.

Nowadays, Jo is not home anymore.
I'm even lonelier.

So I would run to my maid's room.
Jump on her bed.
And ask her to prepare snacks for me.

" Auntie saya mau hot dog! "
" Auntie saya mau roti bakar! "
" Auntie saya mau apple! "
" Auntie saya mau french fries! "

I do that on the average of 3 times a day.
If any of you seen any extra fat on me,

Soon my maid is leaving too because my mum said there's nothing for her to do at home.
So sad....

Who's gonna entertain me now?

Since Auntie is still here.
I better take advantage asking her to cook for me now.

Mr Krantz and Mr Krebs.
Feel free to join me.

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