Monday, August 06, 2007

And So, Life Goes On

Here Jessica is again letting you know how great her life has been since she last posted.

Pn D was obviously prejudice when she yelled at some non-fantastic4 and blamed the fantastic4 for talking in front of the lab while the fantastic4 were just standing right beside her acting innocent and all.

And it's just TALKING in front of the lab.

[note : Orange = Melissa, she has a thing towards anything black.]

[note : Remember, Melissa is the fairest of us all.]

Besides having to attend the craziness of Pn D,
Life has been treating me pretty good.

My bro and sis will be back this entire week.

They are back meaning I have to keep an eye on all my wonderfull food storage.

The dark chocolate in the freezer.
My sunkist orange juice.
My koko krunch and honey stars on the kitchen counter.
My cheezels in the kitchen cabinet.


All my maids have pretty peculiar names.

Her name was something like darwiyah.
We call her Auntie Dar.

Sumiyati = Auntie Sumi

Somthingyaya = Auntie Ya

Yomima = Not Auntie Ma = Auntie YO

When Ben and Jo is back,
the maid will have to be shared EQUALLY.

I will only have 1/3 then... :(

I'm not making much sense til' now in this post...

Have you ever felt that you really miss something or someone but you just don't know what it is?
I'm having that feeling now.
There's just this thing I feel like I really need to do but I don't know what it is.
Is it something I need to eat?
A song I need to listen to?

Don't you miss me being less emo and more funny?


I guess this blog will have to take a brief hiatus until I get my funnies back.

Until then,

Life Goes On.

From the girl who thinks she is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world,

Jess Loke.

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