Sunday, August 26, 2007

Exam + Merdeka

A good combination??

So this is Jess Loke again,
reporting from the midst of all the stress and desperation of SMK Seafield's upper-sixth students.

So tommorow is the very first STPM trial paper - PA
Perhaps the easiest subject if anyone dare admit it but I'm pretty sure no one would dare say anything is easy even though IS IT at times.

Oh how I hate hypocrites....

Let's see.
I have PA (Pengajian Am) 1 & 2 tommorrow - Monday.
Then, Math T 1 on Tuesday.
Then, Bio 1 on Wednesday.

And on Thursday -

We have MERDEKA 50!

I don't know what the school is thinking into making us celebrate this glorius event of Malaysia in the midst of our stress and desperation of trials but YES WE HAVE TO.

We'll be sitting in the assembly area, putting on our super duper fakey smile, waving our beloved jalur gemilang, singing our patriotic songs -

WHILE thinking about reproduction or what happens when alkanes mix with carboxylic acid mix with alcohols mix with Linsay Lohan mix with one day in jail.........KERANAMU!..........mix with a whole lot of Math 2 then some more reproduction from Bio 2 then.......

You get the idea.

So when Friday comes, every single Malaysian will be out celebrating their love for our own country while all of us will be home, lonely, celebrating with Mr Krebs cycle & Mr Krantz anatomy who are not even Malaysians.


I'm sorry Malaysia...
I can't celebrate your 50th birthday because my school want us to take her exams.
And I can't turn her down because my future depends on her and your future depends on me,
So... We celebrate 50 years later okay??

' wo dui bu qi ni.... ' (KenLam style of chinese blogging)

Hopefully by then with my fake teeth still can shout MERDEKA okay?

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