Monday, August 20, 2007

What's the Deal ??

I wanna know.
I wanna know.
I wanna know.

I'm asking -

What's The Deal about High School Musical??

I mean,
I might secretly be watching Totally Spies or Hannah Montana,
but I dont get why everybody's so crazy over High School Musical?!

Disney owns a $100 million franchise worth of High School Musical Products.

High School Musical books.
High School Musical sun glasses.
High School Musical dance mat.
High School Musical figurines.

High School Musical panties???

I didn't make that up.

There are High School Musical PANTIES!!!

Flash back...

I used to have a friend who enjoys knowing what panties we are all wearing.

[ Yes Nikki. If you ever read this I can still remember the details]

We would be sitting together and just chatting then out of a sudden she would ask all of us what panties we are all wearing.

Nikki : Eh. What panties you all wearing ar?

Humans : Err....

Nikki : I'm wearing green panties. Got frog one!

Humans : *wtf*

Nikki : Really! Wanna see? *lifts up skirt*

Humans : *blinded* then *faint*

So maybe the primary school children are still playing the
" What's Your Panties " game.

X : What panties you wearing?

Y : Kim Possible!

Z : Totally Spies!

X : Mine's the best! HighSchoolMusical! Muahahaha... I win....

And YES!
What's the deal also with panties???

It's inside all the time so why bother buying panties with beautiful patterns?

Maybe you wanna show your boyfriend but I bet your boyfriend is more interested in what's beneath it right??!

But at least we STILL WEAR panties le..
Sorry Britney Spears and Jay Chou.

Back to High School Musical.

Yes, I admit I may steal an extra glance of hot Zac Efron with his brand new six-pack.


High School Musical Napkins?!?!
High School Musical Paper Cups??!

Check if apply -
Do you -

1. Know all the lyrics of HSM

2. Make the HSM 2 premiere event of the year

3. Try singing along to Zac Efron

4. Plan to name your son Zac

5. Plan to have Zac's baby

6. Have HSM panties

If you check even one of them,
you have Musical High not down Syndrome.

I bet many of you do right...

Dont worry!
I have the cure to free you from the grasp of MusicalHighnotdownSyndrome!

Listen to -


Jess you're so lame I dont know you...

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