Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy October !!!

Dearest October,
one of my wallet's poorest months.

Happy Birthday Dhar Dhar!

Happy Birthday Hsin Sian!

Happy Birthday Shen Shen!

Happy Birthday Whit Ni!

Happy Birthday Kenalicious!

Happy Birthday Hiro Nakamura!

Each of you guys I've had terrific memories with.

* Warning! EMO ahead! *

Dhar Dhar

I've spent 5 great years with you as classmates.
We've been through SPM, PMR and now STPM.

There are lots of times I say stupid things at the most wrong times but you've always looked beyond that and been an amazing friend to me.

I remember the times when the whole bunch of us were so 3K (kedekut, kiam siap, ku hon) to photocopy papers or buy books thus 7 of us would squeeze and share one book together.

Ahh..sweet memories...

Thank You!

Hsin Sian,

I've known you since form1, been classmates in form 2 & 3.

We enjoyed the same sport - running.

I remember you teached me to slap myself to keep myself awake during history classes.

Good friend huh? hahahaha

And if you still remember, you promised to do backpack travelling with me!

Gentlemen, if you ever go out with this girl, NEVER FORGET the umbrella!

She's the kinda girl who runs from shade to shade to avoid the sun...

ShenShen + Whit Ni

ShenShen you have been like a mum to me.

And Whit Ni...

The sister of the mum.

ShenShen didn't teach me how to slap myself but slap me square in the face instead if I ever fell asleep during classes.

Somehow I got immune to it and sleep anyway...

We went to Port Dickson together. Had countless other funny encounters. And now both you guys are in college leaving me behind in Seafield.

See my friends so good right?


No matter how violent you may be, no matter how many times you threw my pencil box into the longkang, no matter how often make us ( me & kehLen ) shout - ICH BLUTEH! we still love you.

Ich bluteh simply means I'm bleeding only what..

Finally, dearest Kenalicious & Hiro Nakamura,

Although we've only spend 4 days at camp and a few other outing together, I really love and miss you guys so much.

Ken you will always be my byatch...

Back off Sheena!

Ken you better webcam with me later! I'm burning with jealousy!

Hiro Nakamura I'll always love you too!!!!

You're definitely more leng chai than Masi Oka!

Again, back off Sheena!

Don't worry Joshy and Aileen, I've never forgotten the kisses we share plus the chocolate orgy which never happened.

Actually, I can't remember exactly who I kissed..
Aileen or Josh?

Joshy you're also very leng chai!

[note : He's paying me to post this]

I don't know what came over me, I'm so freakin' emo, missing you guys tons!

*blow kisses*


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