Friday, October 05, 2007

Stuff To Do While Home Alone

Notes :
1. Sorry Dearest SheeNa the blog addict for the dead blog status.
2. Ken Darling I can't seem to view your blog.
3. Joshy Deary I hope you're doing fine in college, I'm so proud of you - SATs test !
4. And the very lovely Aileen! Don't do so many emo posts okie?
5. Joanne Loke Yi Hua please retain your sanity.

Today's topic - What can you do if you're home alone?

So the first time I was alone at home, while I was about 6 I guess, I slept through the whole afternoon. The only thing I can remember was saying "bye bye mummy" and the next thing I know she's back with a key chain as reward for me, for not breaking anything of course.

I knew there was something in that ribenna she gave me before leaving...

So the next time I was home alone, about 7 I guess, I tried my very best to stay awake. I tried to entertain Jo with my eggs juggling skills. Needless to say, I broke one on the carpet. Gosh it stank so bad later on no matter how much shampoo we apply on the stain to cover the egg smell.

This is all your fault dumbell Jo!

When I was 8,

jess are you gonna tell every single story til you're 19 *yawn*

Okays, so I will just give you guys a list to try out for yourself, Jess homemade entertainment, if you are bored at home.

1. Create your own slide
- drag your mattress over the stairs! Then slide down! Its super fun!

2. Create your own fragrance
- get whatever shampoo, lotion, soap you have and mix them together!

Hah! I've been doing this even before JLo became a background dancer!

3. Play taekwando with your siblings
- Please remember to use protection eg. tie the pillow around yourself

4. Try to break dance
- Please keep the phone nearby so you can get the ambulance if something happens

5. Go to toilet with the door open
- there is a feeling of liberty of some sorts in doing this, plus you can feel the breeze for once!

Don't be shy and send me what you enjoy doing while home alone!

You can stay anonymous if you want but I'll still know who you are!

And this concludes this desperate attempt of a post!

Thank you People!

Love, Love Me!

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