Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jessie Bells, Benji Smells, Joanne Laid An Egg

Life is good.

I got one last paper left!

Biology 2 - the horror of Daisies


3rd of August 2007

We just got scolded by Pn D for smiling during our practical.

Me :
This is ridiculous!
If I don't get A for STPM Biology my surname is NOT LOKE ANYMORE!

Shiny :
We throw the 'A' back into her face okay?!

9th of November 2007

Pn U : How's your preperation?

Me : Looks like I can't keep my surname already....

Pn U : Hahaha! Jessica Tan!

Me : Why Tan???

Pn U : Pn Daisy Tan!

21st of November 2007

Me : Shiny! How is your Bio?

Shiny : *sigh*

Me : But aren't you gonna throw 'A' to HER??

Shiny : I'm just hoping to throw a 'B' now.


Too long of a flashback.

Let's get back to our main topic of discussion today!

It's the holidays!

And you know what THAT means...heeheehee

(Jess + Jo + Ben) 's


And I do accept gifts on behalf of them you are welcome.

Don't worry they like what I like.

Last year somebody FULFILLED MY WISH!
Thank You Yu Li!

While the others cheap-skately took me out to dinner.

Thank you lah....

Item #1 - Zen V Plus

"Small is beautiful"

You hear or not, you stupid big butt sticking on my 'upper leg'.

Yes I know I just bought another MP3 not long ago.


How can you resist this beauty??

Omigosh while browsing I saw this -

Kama Sutra Lovers Board Game - The Journey Continues.... by Kama Sutra

How to play how to play how to play???

Item #2 - Krups FND111 Allegro Espresso Maker, Black & Silver

Anybody who knows me knows I love coffee + music!

Plus, you can save me the bucks I save from the HUGE STAR!

Get it?? Get it??

Jess' brain has been hugely affected by STPM.


God bless Yu Li for getting me Season3!!

I love you so much lar!

Psst.. James Lafferty I still love you more..

Item #4 - A Romantic Holiday in Italy that last at least 1 year

And it's best if you can get James Lafferty to go with me.

I dont mind you of course.

I just prefer James Lafferty.

And look, if you get me this, you don't have to get me the espresso machine.
The REAL coffee people resides there.


But too bad coffee drinkers, for now just admit Starbucks serve the best coffee outside Italy okie?

Item # 5,6,7,8,9,10....

Lots and lots of good books.
Lots and lots of toys.
Lots and lots of coffee.

Together with lots and lots of love.

My dearest, closest friends,

(yes Tracey, I'm talking to the non-existing ones)

I really, really, really do appreciate your friendship and all your patience, care and guidance you have always provided me with. No matter what stupid things I do, I still really do treasure you guys tons. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me last year, I didn't manage to express my thanks for some personal reasons.

But seriously. Like seriously, THANK YOU YOU IDIOTS.

Who else but an idiot can withstand such torture from Jess Loke yet treat her like a queen?


No matter what, I love christmas, with or without the presents.

Yes, yada yada yada... family what not.

I love my parents to bits together with Jo & Ben.
I love my family, Jo and Ben came as a bonus.

Although I enjoy being alone at home, I miss them very much while they were away.

There, I said it.

Now I'm gonna punch Ben in the face to get even.

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