Friday, November 23, 2007

An Update On My Awesome STPM

" News item #2 - Exams

Yes boys and girls, THAT time of the year has come again.
Yours truly wrote two essays which she could barely understand what-the-hell she was writting. Heck..

At least I got the graph right this time. "

If you have a feeling you've seen this before, no you're not going crazy from studying too much nor you are psychic you perasan pig, it's just an excerpt from my previous post.


Where should I start.

Oh ya!

Probably start bitching about the second day of exams - Pengajian Am 2, where i drew the wrong bloody graph !

The previous post was done long long ago, the exam where I finally got the right graph, unlike the one before where I drew a graph which needed to be framed up for a "TAK NAK" kempen afterwards.

Long story short - I failed that paper that faithful July.

And the bad streak of wrong graphs stopped happening that July,



[1.45 pm] November 20th

Me :
Carol, I'm gonna place my graph on the edge of the table.

Please help me look see look see,

cough if I got the wrong graph....

Carol : What if I cough by accident?

Me : Sneeze to cancel the effect.


Pelajar - pelajar diminta jangan meniru...............


*starts drawing graph*

*invigilator stands beside and stares at my graph*

Me : This is not a good sign... What should I do? What shoud I do?

*trying to get a glimpse of what Carol's graph looks like*

Me :
Crap! She's sitting too far away!
Maybe if I slowly slide my table and chair towards her I can finally see!


*colouring my graph*

Me :
Please God, give me a sign, give me a sign!

Oh, not enough paper for essays.

*raise hand*

Invigilator : Would you like graph paper or test pad?



*a dramatic gust of wind blew into the classroom*

*my beloved graph went flying across the class*

*everyone turned and STARED*

Me :

No. Scratch that.



I will wake up!
I will wake up!
I will wake up!

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