Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BRATs Year End 2007 - Across the Borders

This time around the BRATs camp meant something more to me than before.

It was more self-reflection.
It was more of becoming something bigger, rising up to the occasion.

It was more RAIN.

Raincoats became our best friend.
It rained every single day.
We looked like people from a cult as we went from town to town in colourful raincoats.

Put the emo-ness behind, Shyan Jin

But seriously,
I'm gonna carry this experience for a long time.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you guys who touched and molded me in any way.

It sounded way better in my head...

Yes Shiny, Trace, Lyame, PigCarol, Amelia, Smiley, FoongPing, and anybody in the following pics -

I was supposed to be in this :(

I don't like this botak man, Mr K, who called me the night before I left for camp and called me a dumb dumb for going for BRATs instead and missing an 800bucks dinner plus suite and many free meals he was paying for.

I was gonna be nice and said your hair grew a little!
But hmph!


And here's to Aileen & Sheena who was at KYC camp,


Not to forget Hiro Nakamura,

who missed this camp because he thought he wasn't 'adventurous' enough.

I don't like you anymore!

Joshy I still love you...

Ken wanted John all to himself.

The hottest guy from camp who happens to own the hottest ass

Kelvin aka hottest ass guy painful expression on the face says


It was great meeting you Langkawi BRATs again.

I really miss the chemistry we shared and how we stormed Langkawi.

Ken & I - BBF - Best Bitches Forever!!!

The Ipoh and Kuching BRATs weren't as shy as they first seem!

Gua Gajah or Gua Musang?

We wanted Gua Gasang while I wanted Gua Harimau

And if you get the chance, talk to them, they are some of the most sharp-witted people I know.

I woke up this morning wanting to put on a raincoat and head out to the canteen for breakfast with you bitches...

I was protecting my giraffe from Sam's bosom with mine.

The 9 leeches was one of my memorable experience from the trip!

I name this leech Fatty Patty.
It had a good meal on my leg.

A particular one enjoyed a feast on my butt.

When the skies finally cleared up the second night, we got a chance to go for a night-drive around the oil palm estate.

It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful thing to experience.
When the truck is moving and everything's quiet,
you're surrounded by rows and rows of oil palm,
diamonds in the sky,
simply enveloped by the beauty of God creations,
you just can't help letting everything go and just live in that moment.

We saw a whole family of wild boars, a nightjar and also a household cat!

I even got a chance to hold a firefly we named buzz lightyear!

And guys....

I didn't see a gajah lar...

It was like a very un-funny joke..............

Getting down to work with Mr Mustafar who owns the fish farm

During the last prefect camp while swimming in that filthy pond with the cat-fish which we were suppose to catch, I screamed and scattered away when the cat-fish came near to me.

the cat-fish did the same...

This time, Jess is brave!

Jess caught them with her bare hands like a jungle woman!

They felt like jelly + butter.

But smells like fish.

I didn't get the chance to do that corn-planting task.
But I did watch!
It seem so very tiring and leech-infested.
I promise to think of you guys' hard work the next time I eat corn okie?

Group 1 got to interview old man in Kg Merapoh!

He gave us milo okay?!

He might not be the oldest in Merapoh but definitely the nicest!

Old man Zakaria..
We're very sorry we terrified you...

The joyful, humourous - Karr Wei, Phui Yee, Azman from Star

I visited Gua Musang!

You have always seen it in the Malaysia map but never been there!

I did!!!

Not exactly the gua itself but the town,

it's train station,

and it's KFC!

Group 3 in the Marilyn Monroe Restaurant, Kuala Lipis

This is what happens when u buy cetak rompak - Maria tryin to be Monroe

We were at Kuala Lipis!
The original name of the place was Kuala Nipis.

Mother & Son reunited with stranger high on drugs out of nowhere

The people there are really friendly and most of them speak perfect english.

And Maria, please note this -

Siti Nurhaliza is from Kuala Lipis not Raub!

Proclaiming our love for maggi

We made a local recipe! Bayam masak lemak!

Okay lar, other groups' one also edible okay?



Kelvin looks hot no matter what expression he has

It's hard not to love John

It's also hard to not look weird with super high pants dragging a pet monkey either

This camp to meant to me much more beyond journalism.

People if you still have the chance, pick up a pen (or keyboard), JOIN BRATs.

Sorry you dumb form-sixers who missed the chance.

Pics courtesy of Sam, Yu Liang, Kavi, Shareen, Maria, Shiny, Sheena, STAR


liangZz said...

"Proclaiming our love for maggi"
i juz dunno y i seems to lurve this pic..hehe
every 1 is starting to miss the moment de..
if v hv jodoh...we shall meet agian...

EMO+NO LUCK said...

OMG, my nice condom pic is there!!
and my jin is jhin

EMO+NO LUCK said...

hey, i took Maria's pic

joiedevivre~jess said...

liangzz :
We'll meet again no doubt!

emo+GREAT luck:
hahaha i love your condom pic lar. made nationwide papers okay? sorry bout the name. i took all those pics from other as well. so grab away!

Alluring Sapphire said...

IM NOT a monkey lar....that is what journalism is all about ma Jess, "getting your FACTS right!!!"
Im his daughter lar.... XP....

joiedevivre~jess said...

hahahaha. from the pic u can see it looks very much like a monkey right? perhaps even king kong.

melissa said...

hey jess! actually I kind of miss dragging you away from Ken to do work. haha anyhoo I won't separate you two best bitches anymore! =P

joiedevivre~jess said...


hahaha. Actually I know it was so difficult trying to get me to do some serious work for the group. so so so sorry for making dearest melissa miserable. You seriously are one of the sweetest girls i met in camp.miss u lots! do come visit from kuching!

melissa said...

haha. er thank you? and you didn't make me miserable okay, I was stressed from something else at camp. Besides you and your best bitch are really endlessly entertaining! =) and honestly I was so proud to see you sit down and re-do the kindergarten work Josephine and I on semi-fried brains came up with for the assignment. It's true what Maria said, you really do write pretty brilliant stuff. So go say thanks to her okay!

And actually I'm going to Negeri Sembilan to study next, wait this year! So yeah I'll try to come by and visit you guys in KL sometime. =)

Happy New Year dearie!

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