Saturday, December 15, 2007

End of A Chapter - Thank You Seafield

My (long) years in SMK Seafield has came to an end.

*long emo boring post ahead*

*you've been warned*

Don't really know where to start actually, I never really see myself leaving Seafield, my comfort zone. I just knew I enjoyed staying there, and wanted to stay as long as possible.

I don't wanna grow up!
I don't wanna make new friends!
I don't wanna be in a new school!

I want Seafield!

I remember my earlier days in Seafield. Back in 2001, hahaha, wasn't that long ago lar...
Where I made fun of every single teacher who taught my class.
Where I watched Shiny cried cuz she got 98 not 100 for her math test.
Where I was the young immature kid who got surat amaran every month or so.

And I still am the young immature kid....

I remember you guys told me the second cubicle of the toilet is haunted cuz it locks by itself.
I remember I didn't wanted to be a prefect but Shiny made me.
I remember we call Pn F old newspaper just cuz she was old and made her cried.

Thank you for forcing me to be a prefect in form 1 just because I car-pool with you dumbo Shiny..

Fellow prefects if you're reading this I really appreciate all you guys' contribution throughout my service. The smallest things you do mean alot to me and changed me in many ways. If, (IF), anyone come by and say 'hey jess you've grown more mature!', it will be because of you guys.

For all the faith you have in me, for the friendships, for the support, even when I was a complete dufus, THANK YOU. I never really said it but I'm so proud of you guys, especially during moments in meeting where you guys semangat betul !!!

YuanShuang, JiaYi, LynnShane, MeganLim,

I'll never ever ever forget you guys. You guys taught me a spirit I never had. The determination and unyielding faith in no matter what you're doing. When there's a job in mind, I can't think of anybody who can do it better than you guys. If I had the chance, I would definitely sign up to be a scout!

MunLok, WaiLoong, ShangShi,

I love you 3 musketeers. Hardworking, religious, lame, you guys got it all! It's been a real blessing working with you guys. You guys taught me what dedication and commitment truly is. And beware of my black wira okay? I'll be going around hunting for some cars to dent!

Prefects of Seafield!
Keep going and keep learning.
Keep your ties up!

Never forget it's the experience and the person you are that matters in the end, not the 50cent certificate that says you were a prefect okay??

Pn Ung Lee Lan,

I know you don't like your full name but the temptation of making you pout is too hard to resist!

You taught me that life is not based on text books but real life experience. During times where I have been difficult you never fail to show unconditional support and much appreciated guidance. I learned more in the last 2 years than the combined 5 years in Seafield before. Whether it's a smile or smirk you are carrying you never fail to make others feel comfortable in your presence.

Rock on Pn Ung!

Sukhdave Singh, Horny Meng, Pei Ting, Pei Chin, Ong Loong,

Words can't describe how much I love you guys! You guys have always pulled me up whenever I was stuck in a ditch. And you guys damn kedekut lar, photocopy one extra also cannot, 6 person share one book damn fun is it??? But if it weren't for you guys JessLoke won't be getting As for her exams but merely passing. That's why after you guys left me in form6 my result became so horrible!

It's all your fault hmph.. *in denial*

ShenShen, KehLen,

I love you guys to pieces! If it weren't for you Shen, I would be still be dozing off in the physics lab right now. I remember how we keep ourselves awake by racing to count Pn J HUGE buttons on her funny looking dress. Keh Len, thanks for always being so righteous. You have taught me lots and we had TONS of fun defending ourselves against the violence of Shen, although I've already suffered so much damage beyond repair.

Shen I'm kidding!
Please don't hit me!

Sophie Lau,

Who can forget dearest Sophie Lau! You have always been there! Always! A true Seafield veteran with the Seafield-boleh spirit! Anyone will turn over a new leaf with you by their side. And it's because of you that I have faith, that I learn to walk with God. Sophie Lau you are one very special girl. I thank Lord to have met you in life because you're truly Godsend. You are a true inspiration for me and I'm sure for many more in Seafield.

Dearest Shiny, Trace Half Brain, Lyame the Wood, Melissa the fair one, Hsian the nice one, Smiley the happy one, Carol the Pig, Loi the forehead, Amelia the clueless, FoongPing the apple,

Most of you guys have known me since form1 in fact the piece of Wood and Shiny object has been my buddies since standard one. You guys have always been my best consultants and mentors throughout my years in Seafield. I can never say thank you enough for the annoyance and pranks you guys have layan-ed for 7 years.

Loi and Carol. hahahahahahahaha

I don't know what to say lar..
Why the hell am I so emo..


Thank you CheeHee for being the monitor who babysat all of us including Mr Kang. Yes you deserve more bonus points for your koku and I will help you fight for it okay? Thank you for catching that 50 cockroaches in the smelly back alley and still got scolded by Pn Daisy. Thank you for laughing at my perbalahan dunia which caused me to be depressed and suicidal thus study for STPM.

Pn D,

Thank you for teaching me Biology which I don't think I manage to learn. But you made very good effort already. You even yelled 'FIRE FIRE' to wake me up when I dozed off in class! How many teachers are willing to do that? I'm sorry for being the Alpha Female of the Fantastic Four who brought horrors to your classes. Sorry lah.... Please try not to remember us because you will only bring back painful memories, painful for you lah....

Mr K being his (bald) usual self

I'm too tired and lazy to type anything else lar...

Terima Kasih banyak banyak Seafield...

I promise I will donate alot of money once I earn my first million....


liang said...

dun b sad...
life still go on..
take care

joiedevivre~jess said...

yu liang :
thanks! =D