Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Jess!

Jess I grant you one wish now!

Quick, quick blow the candles!


Omg.. Jess gone mental....

You know, I love celebrating my birthdays.
I celebrate it, then 10 days later I get to be another year older!


This post was meant to be another one of those sad, sappy, crappy thank you I love all my friends post.




I have to.....

So here goes,
I was happy awoken on the 19th of Dec to go for dim sum with my math tuition teacher, Mrs Gooi.

[note : Jess' birthday is on the 20th. Some 'friends' already wished me happy belated on the 15th, so weird right? Why lar I have such friends.......]

Then, as I dressed myself in the same black t-shirt I always wear because I love it, it makes me look slimmer, hide my belly, makes me look hotter, makes me look cooler, makes my boobs look bigger.
I stood in front of the mirror and rehearsed how-tough-the-math-paper-was-you-cannot-blame-me.

Then as I ran downstairs because I was excited, I rolled down the stairs.

Haha no lar just joking...

I came downstairs and couldn't find my car keys.

Long and boring story please scroll down now if you dont wanna read cuz I just need to explain why was I late not because I overslept like I always do....

So I found my car keys 30 mins later because my house is so big and I love to brag about it.

Hahahahaha this post is full of nonsense I don't know why are you still reading....

Anyway we ate dim sum like normal human beings. I like dim sum. It makes me feel chinese like I'm from China.

Then we were suppose to gather at Mrs Gooi's house afterwards. The dim sum man came and calculated our bill and God bless Mrs Gooi for paying our China meal. Then dim sum man yelled, " MPSJ LEI CHORR " ( MPSJ COME ALREADY)

So a whole bunch of cheapskate people who didn't pay that 50cents ran to their car.

My goodness I feel so retarded typing this nonsense post...

Then I wasn't familar with the place and needed someone to guide me to Mrs Gooi's house although I've drove there for one and a half years for tuition.

Me :
Carol, follow my car please....

Carol :
Cannot lar me and leyYeem need to go somewhere, we're not going to Mrs Gooi's house..

Me :
* Sial punya budak, what is more important than Mrs Gooi *

Mrs Gooi are u reading this? I love you most...hahahaha

Me : Shiny, can come with my car or not???

Shiny : Cannot lar I need to teman HSian first...

Me : * Sial punya perempuan, what is more important than me *

Me : But.... I don't know the way....

Tracey : You just go here and go there then reach already..

Me : Okay..... * Sial betul sial, peegi sini peegi sana saya pun tau *

In the car.
Turn here, turn there.

Me : hehehe..Cheh! Without them also I know the way!

Me : Wait. This doesn't look like the road to Mrs Gooi's house.

Me : DIE. Why got so many factories one????


Me : OH NO OH NO! * sialjalansialshinysialcarol*

In the end. I had to stop. Asked a stray cat for directions. I had no other choice because there was not even a bangladesh in sight.

In the end. I saw a billboard which says ' PENGGUNA BIJAK ' pointing towards the other direction. I drove towards there.

In the end. It was the wrong direction.

Anyway I reached nonetheless.

Saya benci semua sial!

And then all the sials came eventually with a cake and surprised me.

I'm touched.

But I have to practice my angry face and tell them I damn angry cuz' I'm too stupid and got lost.

But I'm too touched.

So I reserved the story and rant all about it in my blog.


The End

Thank you

1. shiny object
2. trace the half brain (she straigthen her hair! no more frizzy!)
3. piece of wood
4. pig cousin carol ( it's in the genes. can't be straighten)
5. dhar dhar
6. Shen Shen
7. Kelian
8. Whit Ni
9. shit no more I don't have many friends...

*Makes up more names....*

Loi the forehead - Happy forehead growing!

Amelia always laughing -
Keep laughing like a crazy Malaysian!

MingSze the smiley - I miss you SOOOOOOOOOO much too!

CheeHee the dumb dumb -
You're gonna get 4As so forget bout me wishing you good luck.

ChiaWen the best PEKA partner -
I wouldn't have survived form6 without you!

ShookYee the super duper cute one - Happy being cute!

I'll never forget the birthday song you sang me!

Beat that 3 wives!

YenNee dearest whom I love so much -
Go to sleep earlier and don't chat with bf but me!

Nicole the good one - Keep that great spirit!

Eric aka Hiro Nakamura!!!!
Omigosh I love and miss you so much!

YuLiang the very nice one! I love your smile!

Adrian the fatherly figure - Keep being handsome!

Ken + EuJoe who wished me Happy belated.........

XiaoPyng the gorgeous babe!

Shaun the Sunway kid whose birthday is 22nd - Happy Birthday!

JasEEMIN my dearly beloved whom disappeared from my life but coming back soon!

KarMern the Ketua Pengawas - Happy schooling without me!

Horny Meng - Thank you for always being there!

Ong Loong my dear friend - Smile lar!

Suki in winter wonderland - Please spend some money!

PeiChin is getting prettier - Happy growing prettier!

PeiTing is collecting more boyfriends - Happy boyfriend-ing!

Hui Theng long lost one - I will miss you!

BenjaminSim the clueless - TAKE ACTION!

Wow see I so creative can come up with so many names.


From the bottom of my heart,

Those who read every single word until the end -

You memang sial.


«ª~° [ ≈Já§MíÑ≈ ] °~º» said...

Ish! Jahat sial! I read till the bottom and you said "you memang sial".

Evil, evil... LOL! Anyhow, you are most welcome for the wishes LING XIN!!! (^_^)

I'm sure you had a great time and I'm happy for you. =D

EMO+NO LUCK said...


jessieloi said...

eh how come I'm not the one who is 'growing prettier'?!?

heh sorry i couldn't come. i really wasn't well.
at least i wished you on time.

joiedevivre~jess said...

jasmin :
hahahaha. so nice to 'cha' people lar.
thank you thank you. i had a blast and i know u did too! haha

hahaha course i remember you! unforgettable bday song!

hehe.u don think ur pretty enough already? of the first people who wished me at midnight. *touched shed tear*

Anonymous said...

oh my god..i suprised to hv my name in ur article lol..haha..but wait u r writting eu joe or yu joe??? said...


yes lar its your name. so so sorry its YU JOE!!! hehe