Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joy To The World!

MERRY MERRY Christmas !!!

I want to write you a long touching post.

A post about the celebration of our King.
A post about the joyous tingling sensation when we all wish each other -


A post about the warmth of Christmas and the magical within.

Wanted to now.

Prague Christmas Market

Hehehe....thanks for reading my retarded post you sial people...

I had people sending me text saying

" I'm sial...."

It's as if they think it's a terminal disease which can't be cured.
Then come look to Jess the Great for treatment.


Imagine instead of the jolly ol' ho ho ho,

santa goes


That would be so cool right?

Merry Christmas Jude Lau!

Actually I had this really cool idea to dress up as Santa and go around during Christmas!

Spread the joy of Christmas in a jolly red suit and do some good with the fat butt that has been hanging on me for the past year.

I wonder has anyone wanted to feel Santa's butt?
I mean.
Everybody wants his belly to jiggle like jelly but does anyone wanna see Santa butt jiggle?

That's enough intellectual discussion for this time.
We all know you guys can't take so much in a day.

In the spirit of giving, we all hope to lift the spirits of another by a gentle act of kindness.

Pass the cheer to those who're celebrating without their family.
Pass the cheer to those who don't have warm clothes and nice gifts.
Pass the cheer, just pass the cheer no matter where you are, what you do.

Pay the toll for the car behind you.
Send a random message wishing someone Merry Christmas.
Hold the door a little longer.

Be thankful for all you're having today.
Smile with your eyes.
Randomly sing aloud any Christmas carols!


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joiedevivre~jess said...

hehe yes i know!
i know u love star wars!
that's why that's for u!!!

sorry will do ur tag later.