Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Since You Went Away

Since you went away,
my days became long and grey.
I couldn't eat nor sleep,
only looking forward til' the day we meet.

JessLoke is a poet wtf

But the truth is even my dear pet fish has only its skeleton left after you went away.
The plants wither and die.
The house collects dust to fill its emptiness.

The guess is pretty simple....

No one making me french fries anymore.
No one washing my car anymore.
No one greeting me at home anymore.

I couldn't eat well because my parents keep burning my meals.

Steam chicken becomes barbeque chicken.
Chicken porridge becomes charcoal porridge.
Soup becomes gravy.

I couldn't sleep well because no one sing to me.

My pet fish really only got skeleton left.... :(

My dad discovered it day before yesterday, in the midst of the murky disgusting algae-filled water.

My dad fed the bones left to the stray cats.

hahahaha... no lar...

It's not funny!
I'm sad.
I emo.

I'm sorry I forgot I have to take care of you fishy.
Hope you will still bless me in fish heaven.


EMO+NO LUCK said...

WTF ur a poet!
I never thought poem could be so simple, but nice

joiedevivre~jess said...

I'm so flattered! u ARE joking rite....there's a hint of sarcasism somewhere.. hahaha

EMO+NO LUCK said...

no lah, the fish part was good

EMO+NO LUCK said...

Its better and simpler than the baba-nyonya poem we have to study k?

joiedevivre~jess said...

OH the fish part.... huh? haha
baba-nyonya poems? really?
we got dead crows peom for form1 literature.
-burung gagak mati dalam longkang-